Full Item Description

The Cestus Etherium is a thin, light leather glove, of whatever hide is locally available, while golden threads weave an intricate pattern of blessing over the backs.

Concealed in the wrists and in the first two knuckles of the glove, however, are small metal weights, lending force to blows delivered while wearing them.


As preachers of peace and unity, the priests and monks of the One God are forbidden, by the laws of man, to openly carry a weapon. Yet, in these dark days, The One God seems only to help those who help themselves, and there are many dark corners where His acolytes must go. To aid in their survival, several orders of these acolytes have begun to slightly modify the traditional gloves of the priesthood, creating the Cestus Etherium, easily concealed weapons that work well with the routines of the One God’s Moving Meditations.

Magic/Cursed Properties

The Cestus Etherium counts as a lightly blessed fist weapon, adding a modest amount of damage to hand to hand combat, and they are especially effective against those creatures that would be harmed by the presence of the One God.

In times of great crisis, it may be possible for the exceptionally faithful to place all of their need into a prayer and a strike, and have the prayer answered in a burst of the One God’s power, channeled through the striking hand. This is commesurate to need, and is not in anyway reliable or consistant.

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