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November 7, 2013, 7:15 pm

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"That's old lady Serisia's house... We don't go in there anymore." the children looked forlornly through the iron fence to their lost ball, deep within the overgrown gardens of the massive front yard.
From deep in the foliage, a menacing 'Yowl' sounded, followed by an eerie droning.

This sub is a little bit silly.

Young Billy Robson was having none of the other kids warnings. That was his ball, dammit; he got it for his birthday, and he wanted it back! Bravely, the boy climbed the iron fence and dropped into the shrubs.
Boy, he thought, Old lady Serisia really ought to tend to her garden! The trees and shrubs provided a sparse canopy over the small-framed boy, and it seemed the sunlight could not fully penetrate its leaves. It made the whole place feel gloomy and miserable!

Young Billy Robson forced his way through the trees, feeling quite like the Jungle Explorer! From time to time he heard a rustling in the bushes and he used his imagination to envision tigers and bears, come to accost the brave explorer!
Finally, he reached his ball and stopped to pick it up. "MYOW!" suddenly the face of a large house-cat pushed through the bush in front of him and hissed threateningly.

Billy got the fright of his life, but soon calmed, laughing to himself. His laughter was cut short though, when the cat leapt from the bushes! Large, insect wings aided the cat's flight and the vicious tabby swung its tail at Billy while thrashing its claws violently. The tip of the tail had a large stinger ob it, which penetrated the boy's neck!! It broke free of the cat and the feline slumped to the ground, yowling in agony. Billy screamed and fell also: the end of the cat's tail remained in his neck, a poison gland still pumping poison into him! Just before he blacked out, his eyes focused on the branches of the tree above him: six more CatBees clung to the branches, and leapt down.

Outside the gates, the last thing the other children heard of Billy was his blood-curdling scream...

That night, the neighbours could hear digging. In the dark, they could make out Old Lady Serisia's Silhouette digging up something i her garden. What a crazy old lady, they thought. Doing gardening at this hour of the night!


Old Lady Serisia hated children with a passion. Their grubby hands; their cheeky lack of manners; their greedy disposition; the fact they all called her a crazy cat lady, just because she enjoys the company of a few (dozen) felines. She hated how they always trespassed on her yard to take shortcuts or retrieve balls and frisbees, and her frustration grew to a point where she decided to find a way to stop them doing this!
There was something that the children did not know about Old Lady Serisia (although they made enough jokes about it): she was a witch! She knew of magic and how to work it to her will. So one day, she decided to experiment. She created a creature capable of scaring away the children! By mixing the genes of Cat and Bee, she created a protective animal which would stay around her house and give her the attention she wanted, yet still ward off intruders. Of course, once the CatBee had stung a person, the stinger and its tail is pulled off, usually killing her beloved pets, but this sacrifice was one that had to be made!

She never expected her beautiful pets to run away, but a few did! Taking to the wind, they became strays. They were able to mate with normal cats to create CatBee litters, and the creature was spread across the land.

The Catbee, though it is mostly cat, takes on a hive-mind mentality occasionally, banding in groups of up to a couple dozen to take down large animals for meat. Though the poisonous stinger attack often kills the CatBee, it is still a flying fury of tooth and claw and in large numbers are formidable.

An incredible sight is spotting a CatBee take down a bird mid-flight. Now even the skies aren't safe for avian kind!

This sub is a little bit silly.

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Comments ( 4 )
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November 7, 2013, 19:16
Once again, I'll tidy up that bold issue when i get home. My phone does not like posting subs!!
Voted Moonlake
November 7, 2013, 23:02
Pretty good re-work on the "young children vs old witch" cliche
Voted Gossamer
November 8, 2013, 6:33
Nice, though I don't like the cats dying! Even though it is logical for a bee, that's because they have their insides in the stinger, so they're effectively losing their intestines(I think) when they sting. So that's a bit unneccesary when the cat already has a normal body, they don't keep their intestines in their tails after all.

Also, I would say it's just a matter of time before a mob with pitchforks burn this witch for killing the village children. It would make sense as a kind of urban legend origin story though. (Wonder what cat-honey tastes like, eugh).
Voted valadaar
November 12, 2013, 10:49
Not bad, though it earns its Silly freetext :)

I have to agree with Gossamer - given how witches are generally treated, kids would not need to disappear before the pitchforks came out...

In response, the Japanese Dogwasps were created...


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