As a first rank Captain in the Midlander Navy, Captain Wandern is seldom seem in anything other than his full dress uniform of brushed blue wool fir with ivory buttons. An emerald insignia of rank is pinned to his collar. On rare occassions when he is not commanding his three-master, the Captain favors natural linen shirts and suede pants and boots. He is never without his egret-etched cutlass, or captain's ring.

Like many officers in the Midlander navy, Wandern recieved his education at the Naval Academy of Navigators at Riga. Unlike most other naval officers, after graduating in the middle of his class, he took a commision in the Queen's Guard and rose to the rank of Colonel. When conflict again appeared on the seas, in the form of Caldwellian pirates, Wandern reapplied and was granted a 2nd Officer's commision. He served abourd three ships and distinguished himself in no fewer than nine combat actions against hostile ships.

It wasnt until the second round of battles that Wandern recieved his command. The command deck of his ship was hit by a fiery spell cast by a sea-wizard, taking out half of the on deck officers as well as all but one of his own sea wizards. Wandern took the helm himself and turned the damaged ship to face the Caldwellian privateer. Between bolts fired from crossbows, and the lone wizard, the privateer was badly hindered. The crew was wounded and wasnt able to resist when the Konigsmarine, the King's Marines, boarded and took the vessel. After the battle, Wandern was awarded the rank of Captain and given command of his own ship.

Wandern served the next twenty years with punctuated success. As often as he was decorated for valor, or services rendered to the crown he was reprimanded for excessive force, questionable actions, and not following maritime code. Wandern was a man's man. When he wasnt leading his crew in boarding actions against enemy ships, he was attacking slavers in their home ports, hunting down sea monsters, and the sort of thing that become sailors tales.

Moreso than that, Wandern is a woman's man. There wasnt a female who escaped his attention, be they tan skinned Calcobrinan Dancers, the pale yet beautiful Caldwellian noble ladies, or even the fiery tempered orcish femmes were not immune to his wiles.

Special Equipment
Wandern has captained no fewer than three ships that have all born the same name of Entreprise. Each ship has seen more fleet action that most Rear Admirals, and the latest incarnation of the ship bears the fresh oak and tar scars to prove it.

His Egret marked cutlass was personally presented to him by Phoenix IV, the current Queen of the Midlands. The sword is the second highest honor that can be bestowed within the Midlands, only surpassed by the Order of the Ruby Phoenix.

The Captain's Ring is a minor magical item that allows the captain to always know the location of his ship, and if it is in distress or not. A ship that has had its bowspirit (The lady, or dolphin, or other decoration carved on the bow) shot off looses this function.

Roleplaying Notes
Wandern has seen alot of the world, and has fought with alot of it, and seduced alot of it. In this he is rather jaded, as well as a jack-of-all-trades. Improvisation is one of his strong points as well as his solid charisma. He does talk in a halting fashion when confronted with new people or a new race, slow firm words are prefered with pauses between each.

I Mean you no harm

(I crack myself up)

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