It appears to be a classic cameo, worn upon a tight black choker which is often the style. The portrait is a flawless image of the Queen from some time ago. It has all the appearance of a family heirloom. In fact, most women remember their mother (or loved female role model) having either this piece, or one just like it. (which is part of the enchantment... as the mother might never of had such a piece.)

Magic/Cursed Properties
Upon wearing the Cameo, the victim's dark self is released. It is a second personality, one that is less inhibited, seductive, sensual, hedonistic, greedy/ self satisfying, and frequently power seeking. Speech and mannerisms change, as does the preferred manner of dress. The Dark Self will frequently slip off into the night for secret meetings and other things.

If the Cameo is given to a woman by a man (or a man was the last one to touch it before it is sent to her), the woman will be drawn to that man. The longer she wears the item, the more she will be 'under his spell'. Eventually the female becomes responsive to suggestions or directions the man makes.

The Dark Self knows everything the Good Self (first personality) does. It will sometimes pretend to be the 'good girl', 'accidently' arranging those around her to have cross feeling, anger, fear, depression, or inappropriate lust. The first personality does not know about any of what the Dark Self does, except maybe in dreams. The Good Self is often left with a compulsion to put on the cameo at certain times (so the Dark Self can have its secret meetings).

The Dreams only occur for some women. Those dreams tend to be of a woman, an ancestor perhaps, who was vibrant, alive, and of course just a bit evil. If the wearer has the dreams, these dreams become seductive... enticing the Light Self to be more and more like the Dark Self. Eventually the Light Self will give over completely to the Dark One, and the person she once was will be lost to the Dark.

This is not an item of alignment/ spiritual polarity reversal. If a woman who is already given over to her Dark Self wears it, it is merely a beautiful item. Well that is not true, the 'drawn under the spell' effect is still in play and the few inhibitions the Dark Woman has might fade away.

Such items are made for Cultists by Demons Servants. Trade a soul, get a new item. It is the basic economy of Dark Servatude.

The name of this item comes from its normal use. The Head of the Evil Circle always wants a 'bride' that he can not have. So this item is used to corrupt the beautiful 'Good Girl' so she will be his. Hence, the Queen of the Dark Circle wears the item.

You know. I have been running horror games for way, way to long. I am just too good at making these kind of things. I know what Evil Cultists would need and how they would operate. Hmmm. I wonder if I am being set up to be recruited.

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