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December 31, 1969, 7:00 pm

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Caladin, a country where people hate magic, where the sword is the most reliable weapon and where war and death not a uncommon word

Caladin, a country that has been around for fifteen hundred years, when colonists and immigrants leaving their home countries went East to the Camalini Continent and carved through the dangerous Eastern Jungles a city. The City of Calan, there was only one road into the city and people came for the cheap, but rare items sold there. But war soon came and the first Knights of Caladin came and fought back the invasive hordes of ogres, into the Swamps of the East.

Now The Country has stretched to a small city state, to a land owning, but small country. War ravaged on the east, the Knights of Caladin continue to fight raids of ogres still thratening their life.

To The North of Caladin are the ruins of Kasmir, an ancient people who dabbled in the powers of the Gods, before struck down and destroyed, few people come to this land for they say it is haunted, and fewer still stay. The people of this land are decidents of the Kasmir, who are small people with very small traces of magic, it is in sight and empathic skills, they are usually called desgraces by Caladin officials and are killed off in numbers. The Geography has gently rolling hills and the jungles north, moutians west of this region are high and improachable for the invasive armies

To The West is the coast, where the nonrivaled Caladin Naval Forces protect their warm waters and great Coastal Fortresses. The Dejy are many in this land, but Caladin Natives are suspicious of them and a civil war threatens to break out since the Dejy hold all power over the warships. Beaches and a very warm climate make this very populous place and a great recreational area. The land is flat and may be threatened by hurricanes

To The South is the capital of Calan, the most populous part of Calan, it is guarded to the north of the Fern Delta river while to the south the encroaching Eastern Jungles guard it. Calan is so large that it has enveloped other cities and it has become a megacity, but they keep things clean and orderly with their vast riches. Rivers dart across most of this land and it is mostly flat with a few iscolated moutians

To The East is the fertile soil where Caladin gets almost all their food from, but is threatened by the Swamp of The East and ogre raids, to stop this Caladin soldiers have increased in number in the area, it has a few hills that and small forests dot here and there

The country is an absolote monarchy with the King as the highest in the royal family. Though the grip of the king has lossened up over the years to where he has the Minister of Foriegn Affairs, the person who deals with the outside world and trade. Minister of War, who deals strictly with military. Minister of Domestic Affairs, who deals with farming and industry

Below them are the noble families, who rule plots of land and protect that. They are the driving military force of Caladin and supply the country with soldiers. The highed of them is the High Duke Daedin who is none other, but below the king.

The people are proud of the country and all around you can see the wealth and strnegth of the country. The literacy rate is over 90% with death rate and birth rate equalled out. They are usually shorter then most humans with slim builds and sharp faces.

The educational status of Caladin has not been ignored, and the people in power have made sure to create schools and libraries to increase the intelectual status of their people.

Medical Care is owned by the goverment and they have made sure to make many hospitals and infirmiries to protect from sickness and plague.

Science in the country is almost ignored, yet the King has yet to may decide with chemistry seeing an advantage over his adversaries with potent and dangerous compounds.

The motto of everyone in the region is,"I will work harder." And they show this. They believe it with heart and soul, and the work force are willing and able.

Their philosphy was created by the first King of Caladin, who was named Shaluzaid Meking, who made up where there would be absolote control over the whole continent and to work harder and harder, by pushing your limits. Some of the things that were written done, came true, but absolote control has not happened. The problem: The ogres from the Swamp of the East, The people’s idea of Manifest Destiny has been hampered by the ogres and they would do anything to see this come true.

Games played by the people are usually fensing, and glatatorial games held yearly in the Calan to clebrate the rule of the Kings. The games are fierce and deadly, where prisoners(usually ogres caught alive or other creatures, never humans) are made to kill each other to the death. Held usually in a large ring about seventy feet wide. The people watch on stands around the ring.
Fensing is a less fierce games, but deaths do happen, from usually accidents. It is a game usually played for the richer classes and for only nobles to enter.

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Comments ( 8 )
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September 4, 2004, 17:18
This is a world, not a place... it should be in the setting forge only.

So the continent is a circle?

How can this be an isolated country when there are neighbors to the west, south, and north... and there is a "great road" leading somewhere else?

What is the land like (geologically, ecologically)? What are the people like? What is the technology like? What is the magic like? AND Why should anyone care?

It is nothing more than a mere note, an introduction. There is not enough here for people to use in their world either directly or as an inspiration.
September 4, 2004, 17:33
Okay, will work on it
November 4, 2004, 21:47
I like the changes,but this should be in the setting forge.
November 5, 2004, 14:45
The first king's name was Shaluzaid MEKING. See that? Me-king? Hahah, hilarious!
With improvements...

3/5. You're seeing the light, Sentinel.
November 6, 2004, 3:35
Yeah, its pretty much alright.
November 6, 2004, 7:34
thank you for your help
Voted valadaar
June 16, 2013, 23:10
Interesting details. Some spelling errors - fencing. They seem a little too perfect at everything they do though.
Voted Moonlake
February 3, 2016, 21:29
There is some uniqueness towards the end but unfortunately the majority of this piece is very flat, I think it's what Val calls 'a little too perfect". Another problem I have with this sub is that it feels too dot-pointish as if a list of facts are being regurgitated to me as is.

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