The building was at one time between The Bog and the Moors. The Bog is mostly gone now. The other buildings near it have grown up around it and the path to and from Bogmoors.

From the outside it looks somewhat dingy and disreputable. It is a medium size for a tavern in these parts. it is not any better inside. Though there are many lanterns, it is fairly dark. The walls, though freshly painted, still look dingy. The ceiling is a bit low. The woodwork is dark, worn, and well polished. The floors are the same dark, worn, and beer stained polish the rest of the wood is. The floors often have sawdust spread on them, to help in the cleaning. The brewery is out back, in an equally dingy and disreputable barn.

Bogmoors has been here for 721 years. It started with an ale stop for the Imperial invaders. From there it has been a similar stop for every wave of invaders since then, as well as every local for a good walk's distance. It has had its share of famous and important. Those that the BarKeep has though were important have carved their name on the back wall. Kings (back when they were princes), generals, and the occasional rebel leader have all been here at one time or another.

note: The graffitii on the inside of the stone outhouse walls goes back several centuries as well. If you can read the langauge, they are really pretty funny... for potty humor.

The Brown Beer is above average, the Ales, Stouts, and other brews are merely average. They serve a locally made malt liquor and wines from a ways away (which is hugely expensive). They serve pub food as well: Boggies (beef stuffed in a roll), potato mush, cheese, and crisps. In fact the food they serve is what 'set the expectation' for what is Pub food in this region.

The Staff is nice enough. Nobody stands out. In most cases, their families have served here at one time or another for as far back as anyone can remember.

The place has it share of ghosts. In fact, if you fall asleep in the common room (heck really the private rooms are really large booths with a curtain across them) you will sometimes dream that you are in it a few hundred years ago... being served by people who look like the people who have been serving you now... and you will be talking to the ghosts (and sometimes some historical folks).

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