Full Item Description
Biocircuitry has been a mainstay for rich and powerful organizations spanning both the federal and corporate sectors for decades, but the costs and required space and upkeep has limited such technology to stationary facilities, warships, and mining frigates. But a new breakthrough in genetics engineering and human interface has rendered the benefits of these awe-inspiring systems available to individuals in a portable, low cost form. A new player in the game, Muse Microsystems has spent the last four years in incredible secrecy consulting with experts and professors from fields as diverse as comparative anatomy and metallurgy and inexpressible amounts of resources developing the Bio-Bit 3k personal computational system. Utilizing GenEn tech to develop a plant-like hybrid biological processing core, enveloping it in specially concocted chemical gels to nourish, stabilize, and protect the core, then using modified automated microsurgical equipment to bond the mass to the superconductive alloy shell Muse has managed to produce a manageable, if bulky, processing core that computes more information faster than conventional solid state systems can handle. The downside is that even while not in use the biocore consumes the gel, and consumption increases with activity. This limits the life of the core to a few weeks at best with common use, as when the gel supply is exhausted the biomatter quickly rots and breaks down into acidic compounds that slowly dissolve the casing. But the core will not activate until its first use, so it has an indefinite shelf life. This coupled with its capabilities and low cost will see it used by many. There have already been orders made by several teams involved in the upcoming Tael system nebula racers competition.

Plot Hooks

Endless; PCs may just be trying to get a hold of some to upgrade their ships, they might have to stop a rival company from spreading a two-fold virus (biological and electronic) to ruin the system. Or maybe one of those racers systems never crossed the finish line and search parties are being sent out to look for the missing racer. You never know.

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