The Gun World
From space, Besrodia II looks little different than any other terraformed world. With marginal surface water and large polar ice caps, the planet is largely cold and dry. Most of the water is locked in deep aquifers in the temperate and polar regions. Besrodia II has a single moon, Kremmel, which long ago entered a tide locked orbit.

Heavy Metal
Besrodia's economy is heavy industry with a focus on manufacturing. Unlike other industrial worlds that build their economies around vehicles, starships, or other large long term goods, Besrodia is the largest concentration of gun makers in human space. The eight largest gun manufacturers have their home offices on planet, as well as dozens of production facilities. The freighters that move off planet are loaded down with rifles, pistols, machine guns and almost any other projectile weapon that a man can carry with two hands. Energy weapons are also produced but not near the level of more known and reliable and fixable bullet type guns.

A recent poll determined that out of all the guns in use be armies and garrisons across the breadth of human space, and personal owned weapons, that one out of four guns were manufactured on Besrodia. This number becomes more significant as the number of guns in existance and the number of human colonized worlds increases. With skirmishes common, business is always good for the Besrodian gunsmiths.

A Word on Quality
Not to be spending time advertising for the planetside manufacturers, the majority of guns shipped from Besrodia are generally of good quality or better. The firms that operate there are the leaders in the personal armament field of industry, and the companies and factories that make knock off or generic weapons are not found there. Such operations usually imitate weapons manufactured on Besrodia II and are well away from curious eyes.

The Plot Hook
Copyright Infringement - An offworld company has started producing knock-offs of a new gun just entering production. The mercenary PCs are hired to investigate the source of the fraudulent weapons. The hiring company wants to know where the guns are being made, and really how the imitators got the secret plans for the new weapon when the primary factory is still in the pre-production stages of setting up. After determining this information, the PCs are ordered to shut the operation down. This could be a calm as delivering a cease and decist order to planting satchel charges and other special forces stuff.

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