Plot Description
General Camillus has prepared a trap at the castle of Morengen in the south of Taronia. The castle courtyards have been rigged to fill with Alchemist’s Fire, and he fully intends to use it to ensnare and destroy the newly formed army of Ignus. However, he needs a way to draw the army into the castle, which is out of the way of the main invasion path towards the capital. However, he thinks he knows the thing that will draw many of the Twin-worshipping heretics, and is looking for adventurers to pull it off.

The group of adventurers is to sally forth to the nearby “Holy City” of Arlan, and there, enter the great temple, where rests an artifact precious to the twin-worshippers. They are to steal the item, desecrate the temple, and leave behind a message from Camillus, full of weapons-grade insults and taunts. Then must then return to Morengen, where they will place the artifact in the center of the trapped castle, and wait for the siege.

Unfortunately for the adventurers, the temple is now heavily defended, as it is home to the command staff of the forming army. Penetrating the castle will be difficult at best, and worst of all, the artifact they are to steal is genuine, and the twin gods of Sun and Moon will not be pleased with its theft. Stealing the artifact and desecrating the temple will draw the wrath of the gods, through an assortment of curses and fanatics. It is very possible that the armies will chase the adventurers as an uncoordinated pack howling for blood, driven in a frenzy by their priests and gods. They’d best pray to whatever gods /they/ worship that they can get to the trap in time… and that it works.

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