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February 13, 2015, 12:22 pm

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BND Movement and sub-culture


A 100ish word musical styling sub-culture in Refuge Beneath the Waves

BND (Bongos aNd Drums) is an outgrowth of student and intellectual musical interests. Relying solely on drums for its sound , it is a mix of Scottish, Caribbean and African tribal sounds. A heavy , loud hypnotic type of music. The sub-culture that has grown around it has included experimental homosexuality, small group sex, minor drug use all to tweak The Man's nose. More mainstream dance clubs have been springing up, as well as BND accompanied poetry readings , most typically Poe and Lord Dunseney. these clubs are often THE place for other under sub-cultures to meet up with members of the opposite sex. (or same for that matter) Members of this movement are marked by their old fashioned military head gear and red or purple scarves.


Commodore- skilled musician or respected member of sub-culture

Corporal- member of sub-culture that wears the signature gear

Jelly- older individual or "square"

Grendy(from grenade)- drum

Froggy-high or upset

Spaz- spasmodic dance accompanying BND music

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Comments ( 6 )
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Voted axlerowes
February 13, 2015, 0:32
It is nice piece of culture here. I think what you are saying is that this a music style embraced by the children of the well to do, and that the fashion and style of music started as a very contrived medium. This culture has gone mainstream, and the clubs represent a hip place to meet. This sort of details is nice if you want a quick reference grab-and-gone counter culture club in your story. You have got some slang, some fashion and a style of music. But what are you trying to say with phrase such as the is culture "has LED to experimental homosexuality, drug use and stuff? Are you suggesting that is a widely held of view of this by the culture, like how people blamed Marlyn Manson for school shootings or you suggesting that something about this actually leads people to these behaviors? If you were about this culture from a in world perspective what would people say about it?

What kind of hats were you imaging?

I do like this idea, but I wish you could count to 100 or at least try to count to 100. If you want to write super short subs that is fine, but it is just weird that you would tie 100 word sub to subs that are over 100 words. Sheldon would not be pleased.
February 13, 2015, 5:14
My basic concept here was:mixing Hippies(group sex and drugs) beatniks (experimental homosexuality and gear) and Rock and roll. Removed 100 word thing to please Sheldon(all praise Sheldon).led is poor choice of words.will change.
February 13, 2015, 5:31
I tweaked per your suggestions. These latest couple of additions to Mystic's setting were very short of purpose. while I could easily expand them, I was looking at the practicalities of word count in a source book or the main rules. Adding cool flesh that for the most part should be just side notes to a setting. The other piece I am currently working on is for what I hope to be one of the major baddies, and am putting a lot more into that.
February 13, 2015, 5:38
specificly, I was thinking of the side page notes in GURPS sourcebooks
Voted valadaar
February 13, 2015, 12:19
I think with a bit of work, it would fit in the 100 word submission.

It makes sense apart from I"m not sure what BND stands for.
February 13, 2015, 12:21
oops will fix


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