1. H-1 Hobilar Hovercraft

The Hobilar, an OCP produced vehicle mixes mundane and arcane tech to produce a mediocre fighting vehicle. The Hobilar is a hovercraft that used A-Pod levitation units to float and accelerate to high speeds, and has a turret mounted modular weapon system. The main payload is a pair of guided missile launchers that are typically used as over the shoulder hard point mounted systems for mecha. It can also carry energy weapons, communications equipment and in rare instances, arcanotech weaponry. The vehicle is fast, and sports a moderate amount of armor.

The Hobilar is commonly found in North America and Africa, where the Federation uses it as a support vehicle, and there is a cargo/logistics version colloquially known as the 'Hobbler' which can ferry up to 20 tons of cargo at the expense of being unarmed, and having an open cargo bay. Some security companies use the Hobbler variant as an APC, allowing power armor troopers to be whisked to and from a conflict, while using their own rifles to defend the vehicle.

2. Efreeti Light Combat Vehicle

The Efreeti is a class of vehicles, typically manufactured on a light wheeled or caterpillar tread chassis with light to moderate armor and armed with a hull mounted flame cannon or plasma jet weapon. The vehicles are spectacular anti-infantry and terror weapons as the flames generated by the cannon are indiscriminate in their damage, and aside from the standard pressurized chemical flamers, there are energy weapon based flamers that sometimes also produce radioactive contamination, and have greater range and damage potential.

Efreeti LCVs are not factory built vehicles, but are rather scavenged and rebuilt from the ruined combat vehicles that liter the contested parts of the world. They are commonly found in the third world arsenals, as well as in the motorpools of insurgents, terrorists, and rebel forces around the world. As a salvaged vehicle, they have many structural issues, and are easy prey for anti-armor weaponry and armor buster trained infantry and special forces.

3. Ezekiel Invisible Light Combat Vehicle

The Ezekiel is better known as the Stealth Tank as it has an active camouflage system that provides it a very high level of optical protection, to the human eye and standard camera the tank is invisible. It has a Dimensional heat sink, and as such has almost no thermal signature, and it's blocky angular design and composite materials make it almost invisible to radar and other conventional sensor systems. The Ezekiel lacks heavy armor or a heavy punch like a main combat vehicle, and most Ezekiels are used in scouting and recon operations where they spot for guided artillery, or pass information on to friendly mecha units.

Deployed by Zion, the Ezekiel is predominantly found in the ruins of Israel, guarding strategic points in the Holy Lands, and keeping an eye out for wasteland raiders, Nodite zealots, and other factions that sometimes come out of the desert on raiding missions. To this end, Ezekiels can defend themselves, though typically only with heavy power armor grade weaponry, with a twin mounted automatic coilgun being the most common.

4. TSAR-1 Juggernaut 'Ivan'

The Ivan is a strange looking vehicle being deployed in the western parts of the Eurasian Alliance. It is the odd amalgam of both mech and tank. The body is large and has heavy treads. It contains a powerful d-engine and the electric drivetrain as well. Instead of a conventional turret, the top half is more like the torso and arms of a mech. The pilot sits in the elevated turret and has control of two gun arms that are mounted on the sides of the turret (or tower as some call it). The rotation of the entire tower on the chassis and the full rotation of the arm weapon mounts gives the Ivan an impressive range of fire, rendering it capable of engaging targets on the ground, at a distance, point blank, and in the air.

The most common Ivan configuration mounts a pair of large bore coil guns for anti-power armor and anti-aircraft roles. The Ivan is attractive to EA planners as it is less complex, less expensive, and easier to maintain than a full on mecha. It is less attractive to EA generals and crews as the vehicle is much less mobile, much more prone to getting stuck, and lacking true arms or hardpoints, cannot be loaded out like a mech. Ivan pilots of often morose or have black senses of humor since they know that their machines are likely to be the first ones destroyed in an actual battle.

5. JS-V 'Mirotvorets'

The Joseph Stalin Model 5, the Mirotvorets, or the Peacemaker, the vehicle is massive, powerful, well known and feared by the enemies of the Eurasian Alliance and a symbol of national pride for Russia and the Alliance in general. Unlike many of the illegal tanks in the Alliance arsenal, the Mirotvorets is not a violation of the Tycho convention. The tank is powered by a robust hybrid fusion reactor, and has six sets of treads to handle its weight. It is a siege crawler, with a top speed of 20 mph, staggeringly heavy armor and two massive cannons. The Kodiak is a much smaller version of the Mirotvorets, mounting the same twin cannon turret configuration, but using tank scale cannons. The Peacemaker has a pair of 200mm naval grade cannons. These impressive guns are able to lob shells up to 28 miles away, or fire at near point blank range. The crawler has half a dozen heavy machine guns, and a six barrel rotary anti-aircraft missile launcher. It typically favors a fire and forget heat seeking missile, but it can also fire radar guided, smart missiles, and even optic controlled guided missiles.

The Mirotvorets has been tested in battle, most notably in the defense of New Samarkand when the ACPS attempted to wrest control of Uzbekistan from the Alliance. The six crawlers engaged and destroyed an equal number of Chinese built Han-33 combat walkers and an unknown number of power armor troopers and conventional infantry.

6. GG-1 'Normandy'

The Normandy is an odd vehicle in the Atlantic Federation arsenal. It is functionally a naval craft that can roll out of the water and onto land on a several sets of treads. The vehicle is classified as an amphibious assault craft and are attached to the Federation Navy and not the army. Normandys have heavy armor, a single 'deck' mounted rail gun, and otherwise bristles with small arms. The crawler is very slow on land, pushing a dismal 12 mph, and getting closer to 30 mph on the water. The Normandy features a full command and control center, communications suite, and a berth for carrying up to 20 power armor troopers, the largest capacity of any armored troop carrier. It can carry 80 fully armed and armored conventional infantry if needed.

Normandys are rare, and most are deployed in contested region seacologies and arcoplexes that have water zones. Their main use in is function as command centers for suppressing insurgencies, and few have seen actual combat against a military foe. Of the three that have seen full on combat, two were destroyed in the Caribbean and the third was badly damaged.

7. Boom Buggy

A common sight across the backwaters and hellholes around the world is the ubiquitous Boom Buggy. A Boom Buggy is nothing more than a motorized chassis that carries typically 2-3 fighters and typically has mounting points on the frame to carry heavier weaponry. In the second and third world nations that use these bashed together vehicles, they are typically armed with power armor infantry scale weapons, with a front mounting point for a passenger to fire, and a second 'turret' mount behind the driver that a third passenger can man and fire. The vehicles tend to be fast, which is good, as almost all of them have no armor on them.

The Boom Buggy is built around the twin ideas of lightning fast hit and run missions, and fighting with the tools you have. These vehicles do well in insurgent and rebel camps, but are all but useless when opposed by cohesive power armor units, or even most light mecha will make a meal out of an entire platoon of such vehicles.

8. Nodite Harasser Drone

Drawing on Federation drone technology and stockpiles of forgotten chemical weapons, Harasser Drones are fielded by the wastelanders and terrorist cells operating out of the ruins of the Middle East. The Harasser is a simple wheeled chassis with light armor and no weapons other than the ability to deploy a payload. The most common payload fired off by the drones are cannisters of chemical weapons such as nerve gas, mustard gas, or biological weapons like cultured Ebofluenza. Some more treacherous Harasser drone users have equipped the machines with arcanotech explosives or large implosive devices and use the machines as suicide bombers. Only the regular use of radiological detection devices has prevented Nodite friendly forces from attempting to use a drone as an atomic/nuclear weapon delivery system.

9. Nodite Gunspinner

The Gunspinner is another Nodite enigma. It is a cheaply made lightly armored car, armed with a pair of multibarrel rotary cannons. While this vehicle lacks a heavy punch, it's rapid rate of fire and cheap cost have made it an effective counter to skeletrons and other combat robots, as well as being able to blunt power armor offensives. Against mecha and other heavy vehicles it is much less effective, and it has almost no electronics warfare capability. The Gunspinner is a common armored vehicle in the Nodite/Nomad wastelander arsenal.

10. Nodite Punisher Light Tank

The Punisher is a narrow chassis tank with a turret mounted laser cannon, and is relatively unremarkable in it's performance. It is better known for having a variety of 'gardening implements' as the chain flails, rotating bars, and other bizarre attachments. These attachments are drawn from mine clearing equipment and used for intimidation purposes, as well as their traditional use of clearing mines, removing barb wire, and tearing down improvised emplacements. Punishers are used to support other Nodite vehicles in the field, and it is one of their main armored vehicles. The tanks are vulnerable to anti-armor warfare from power armor, and if separated, easily destroyed.

11. Nodite Mobile Shroud Generator

Utilizing a crawler type tractor trailor, the Nodite faction has a small number of shroud technology equipped vehicles. These large, ponderous vehicles are very rarely found, as they are constantly on the move around the Middle East and North Africa. Unarmed and almost unarmored, these vehicles are heavily protected by the Nodite Templar, and their ABC hardsuits. The truck is powered by an antique fission reactor, and can generate shrouds several dozen miles across.

The Nodite MSG Trucks, also known as Salt Trucks, or Salters, are one of the reasons, along with wasteland mutants, monsters spawned from dimensional fatigue events, and foul weather in the wastelands, that the Nodite faith hasn't been exterminated.

12. Pre-Cog Tank

Possibly one of the biggest anomalies in the Nodite arsenal, the Pre-Cog tank is an armored brain. Inside where the turret would be, there is a massive organic memory core and undisclosed CogNet signal generator. These rare tanks are rolling electronic warfare systems, and are able to hack and wrest control of droid units, mecha with LAI systems, and other advanced tech, turning these machines against their operators and allied forces. More than one attempt to neutralized a known Nodite installation has failed when high tech weapons have gone offline, mecha have gone out of control, and combined with the shroud generating Salt Trucks, none of these failures have been witnessed or recorded.

The Pre-Cog tank has a limited ability of clairvoyance and precognition, allowing the units to anticipate incoming attacks, and predict if their own operations are going to succeed or fail with a good degree of accuracy. Thus far, the majority of Pre-Cog Tanks are sentient, and hold personal rank within the Nodite faith, and military.

13. Habbikuk Flying Saucer

The Habbikuk is another Nodite mystery, combining minimal grade materials and high end arcanotech to deadly efficiency. The craft is large and slow, operating solely through the use of levitating A-pods. Its top speed is close to 200 mph, and it is theorized to carry potentially up to 100 tons of cargo. The ship has SLAB type armor, and mounts a central plasma cannon, as well as a variety of machine guns and short range defensive missile systems. The Habbikuk has also demonstrated the existence of a tractor beam, and have been seen levitating destroyed mecha and vehicles away from battle sites, likely for scavenging and reclaiming their components.

The Habbikuks have been spotted around the world, and it is postulated that these ships have the ability to mount shroud generators, which would hide them from electronic observation. Mundane sightings of the craft are often overlooked or discredited as the ship looks very much like the traditional UFO/Flying saucer. How much of this is deliberate is up for debate.

14. Teppop Sobaka 'Terror Dog'

The Terror Dog is an Alliance military robot. It runs spider like on four legs, and has a central pod body. The machine has a high aggressive LAI control system and it is programmed to attack large machinery like mecha and such. It is equipped with a variety of laser torches, cutting blades, and other tools that assist the small machine in penetrating the components of mecha and the like. Once inside, the Terror Dog goes to work causing as much damage as possible before it is either destroyed, or depletes its power source. The fast moving drones have been found to be very effective at tearing apart conventional infantry, and some commanders will used massed swarms of the drones to penetrate bunker complexes or in building to building fighting in cities.

Varient Sobaka's can carry surveillance equipment, supplies, or even deliver high grade explosives to a target much like a Nodite Harasser.

15. Nodite 'Timsa'ah' Self Propelled Gun

Also called the Crocodile for it's low profile and semi-amphibious ability, the Timsa'ah is a primitive designed self propelled gun/tank destroyer that can be found in the ruins of the Middle East and Africa. The vehicle features heavy armor, and a front fixed 180mm short barrel cannon. It isn't accurate at range, but the sheer size of the shell and its crew's preference for ambush tactics can make this a dangerous foe to face.

There have been long barreled Crocodiles encountered in the past that made for functional if inelegant artillery vehicles and in once encounter, one such vehicle was encountered with a 100mm rail cannon, which made it quite capable of taking down medium sized mecha.

16. Sand Viper Medium Tank

The Sand Viper is a fairly simple tank, with a small profile turret and a wedge shaped hull. The tank is designed with the intended ability to burrow into loose ground and camouflage itself. To this end, the tank is successful, and it can burrow into the ground and become difficult to spot. As such it is a popular vehicle among desert raiders and bandits near urban areas, where it is used to prey on merchant caravans and overland trade not protected by the military, or targets that are only lightly defended.

The Sand Viper doesn't fare well in stand up toe to toe fights as it's armor is modest at best, it's not particularly fast, and it lacks a heavy punch. Some Sand Vipers only mount multiple heavy machine guns, or have small bore anti-armor cannons that are traditionally used by power armor infantry. The vehicles are also of low quality and lack uniform construction as many are as much salvaged and rebuilt from the wreckage of other tank designs.

17. Nodite 'Scarab' Light Tank

The Scarab is a very small, one man tank and is known for its treadless independent suspension wheels which give it an appearance much like a beetle or other insect. The Scarab is deployed in swarms and is mostly used in urban combat where it wins with speed and agility, as it has light armor, and not much of an individual punch. Each Scarab is armed with a gun pod above the hull, and the pod typically mounts either twin linked heavy machine guns, a single light laser cannon, or a haphazard assortment of weapons as diverse as missile launchers, plasma casters, automatic grenade launchers, and the like. It is predominantly used as an anti-infantry vehicle, as in quelling uprisings and rebellions in the regions where the Nodite faith holds sway.

The Scarab is limited by it's small power supply and requires regular support for recharging its battery packs. Vehicles mounting energy weapons tend to be slower as they are conserving power for their guns, or they have extra weight (and incidental rear armor) from additional battery packs carried.

18. Akbar Mobile Fortress

Just one Akbar has been encountered, outside the radioactive ruins of Jerusalem. A mechanical abomination, the Akbar is built like a fortress, moves on giant iron legs like an insect, and has fixtures and appearances like a naval ship. The Mobile Fortress was equipped with a front mounted 280mm conventional cannon, and was supported by several 100mm cannons, 30mm autocannons. There is a good deal of speculation about the machine as it destroyed a Zionist mecha unit, deployed Nodite Tech Priests and raided an old Israeli military archive and retreated.

The Akbar has a mobile shroud generator, and is assisted in it's movement by a number of A-Pods which reduce the overall load on the leg assemblies. Rather than being ponderous and slow, the fortress is disturbingly quick and insectile in it's movement. Like the Pre-Cog Tank, the Akbar has a large OMC, and it is sentient, and has a very high rank in the Nodite faith and military.

19. Assam Mobile Artillery Piece

The Assam is a unique semi-mobile artillery piece that has been spotted in the wastelands of Saudi Arabia. The vehicle is massive, over 100 feet long and likely weighing in in the range of ten thousand tons. It has multiple tread systems, and a hull shaped more like a boat from antiquity than a conventional tank. The centerpiece of the Assam is a massive 400mm cannon, which if functional, would have a range of over 70 miles and be able to deliver a one ton shell with moderate accuracy.

The Assam is an anti-satellite tank, and can shoot down low flying satellites and aerospace craft that enter it's zone of control. The vehicle counters the innate agility and high velocity of such craft by firing self propelling smart rounds that are able to home in on a target, and once free of an atmosphere, capable of adjusting their course and speed. The Assam is currently offline due to a lack of ammo.

20. Djinn Assault Vehicle

The Djinn is a sort of tank that appears with some frequency in the wastelands. Most are built from the wrecks of Alliance heavy tanks, and from centuries old battlefield scavenging. The hull and drive section are extended, and the main turret is moved forward on the body. The turret typically keeps it's standard weaponry, usually conventional cannons. A second assembly is mounted on the rear of the hull above the engine plate. A second gun, typically a howitzer or artillery piece is mounted, and protected with an armored curtain. These vehicles are both tanks and artillery vehicles, but are cobbled together and of at best questionable quality.

Djinn can also be armed with rocket and missile delivery systems, though these are rare.

21. Combat Bike

Combat Bikes are common vehicles used in secondary and tertiary forces. While they are fast, they have limited ability to carry firepower, and even less ability to mount armor. This can be a major issue as most advanced weapons and combat vehicles are designed to engage fast moving targets, a lightly armored cycle is little challenge to hit. However, the bike is cheap, easy to maintain, and compared to foot infantry generally superior. The two most common configurations on combat bikes is a sidecar mounted gun pod which can be manned or remote fired by the rider, or a configuration with weapons mounted over the front wheels, or in a saddlebag configuration where they fire over/around the driver.

The Combat Bike is a hit and run raider vehicle, and armed with the right weaponry can be a very effective anti-power armor weapon, as even the slowest combat bikes are faster than almost all power armor suits.

22. Armored Car

The armored car is an old military concept, and it was revived in the Cosmic Era, drawing on the ease of maintaining a wheeled chassis with basic components, offering light armor protection compared to the fully exposed combat bikes and boom buggies. Rather than being 'automobiles' the armored cars are closer to Hummer infantry vehicles, MRAPs, and other armored vehicles of the modern era. These vehicles combine light to moderate armor protection with low cost, and versatility. Most Armored cars have ports for infantry to shoot out of, and roof mounted weapon systems, with the most primitive having mounting points for heavy infantry weapons and the more advanced having missile launchers or mini-turret mounted energy weapons.

The most common users of combat rated armored cars are secondary and tertiary grade militaries, with first world powers relegating these vehicles to moving officers and such around on bases and other areas where conflict is technically possible, but not very likely. Aside from differences in quality, building materials and weaponry load out, there is little difference between a Federation 'Marshal' armored vehicle, and a Nodite 'Dervish' armored truck.

23. Laser Artillery Crawler

Crude, inelegant, inaccurate, cheap; these terms all very well describe the vehicle that is the Laser Artillery Crawler. Rather ironically named, as beam weapons don't arc and cannot function as indirect fire or fire support weapons, the LAC is a heavy vehicle noted for it's tall and narrow profile and ability to generate laser 'spam' attacks. Little more than a self propelled laser battery, an LAC is a drive train attached to a power generator, which itself is tied into a large laser emitter with a few computers to give it half a chance of hitting something. LACs are noted for their ability to spam, firing multiple bursts of lower output beams, or the ability to intensify and fire a single beam that does 33% more damage. This gives the cumbersome vehicle the ability to engage many small or airborne targets with a wall of spam, or engage a heavier vehicle or mecha with a more punishing heavy beam.

The Laser Artillery Crawler isn't uncommon, and most factions that have a handful of these Alliance exported vehicles and salvaged or kitbashed versions tend to use them defensively, or in final assaults where the heavy beam is used to cut down bunkers and fortifications. The PRC has a high end LAC with advanced targeting capability and a super high output high energy phased laser beam.

24. Wastelander Half-Track

The wastelands are marked by bad and rough terrain, and the Half-track class of vehicles make use of both steering front wheels and a rear tread assembly to navigate the rough terrain while keeping some speed ability on good terrain. The Wastelander Half-Track is a local sourced, frequently scrap built machine that has light to moderate armor, and is available in a variety of models. The most common HTs are infantry transports and logistics vehicles, but more than a few have been converted into weapon carrying vehicles, with anti-aircraft weaponry, and anti-power armor being the most common.

The Half track, much like the tank, is seen as a hallmark vehicle of despotism, barbarism, and generally wastefulness. Built entirely of antique technology, and of limited value on the Cosmic Era battlefield, the Half-track is an anachronism like the boom buggy, armored cars, and combat bikes with machine guns on the handle bars.

25. EMP Runner

The biggest advantage that the first world powers have over the rest of the world is the sheer level of technology that they can deploy. The EMP is a dedicated anti-technology weapon, and it is a very crude one. The Runner is a fast wheeled vehicle that carries a heavy EMP generator, aka a pocket nuclear weapon with limited yield. While the concussive and thermal blast generated by the weapon is at best modest, most of the energy released is in an EM wave. This overloads and shuts down many electronic systems, and while armored and hardened systems are forced to reboot, less protected systems can suffer permanent damage, or be completely shorted out.

EMP (Imp) Runners are not often used, as they are held as aces up the sleeve, and the area of effect is indiscriminate. The most common uses of Imps has been to deactivate groups of skeletrons, blunt aerial offensives against militant bases, or facilitate the capture of mecha patrols, and other very focused operations. The wasteland ability to build the EMP cores is very limited.

26. UAC MA-114 Urban Fortress

The Urban Fortress is on paper nothing more than an uparmored, oversized infantry transport with suitable armor, gun ports for the infantry to shoot out of the vehicle and an assault mounted autocannon. In practice, the oversized vehicle is specifically designed to deploy Federation power armor troopers, and support them in the field with it's heavy armor, and heavy firepower. Urban Fortresses are a mixture of mobile weapon platform, mobile command center, and anti-armor vehicle. Originally designed as a police riot control vehicle, the military adopted the Urban Fortress after it demonstrated the ability to crush hostile vehicles under it's heavy treads, while relying less on expensive computers and exotic weapons, and rather used the often extensive firepower of the power armor troopers it carried.

The Urban Fortress vehicle is a common sight in contested and hostile zones, where it projects an aura of power an authority, along with the full squad of power armor troopers it carries. Aside from the infantry, an Urban Fortress carries a crew of three to drive, command, and man the main gun. The Urban Fortress is available in a number of alternate configurations, with mobile HQ, Armored Communications/Surveillance vehicle, and Mobile Medical being popular.

27. Saint Clement Mobile Factory

The Saint Clement is a very rare machine that has only been glimpsed a few times in the hands of Nodite commanders. The size of a medium building, but sitting on treads, the St. Clement is a rolling processing facility that takes in raw materials at one end, and spits out finished goods out the other. To the misfortune of the enemies of the Nodite sect, these finished goods are typically advanced weapons, power armor suits, and similar high end military equipment. The Saint Clement is a nano-forge factory that uses advanced arcanotechnology and nanotechnology to pull apart raw materials and reformat said materials into the desired finished goods. The St. Clement is limited in how much and how quickly it can form things, which is one of the reasons that many Nodite vehicles are patchworks of cobbled together scrap and hypertech. It takes time to make armor plating and drive wheels that is better spent turning scrap into fuel cells, plasma cannons, and micro-generators for said weapons.

The St. Clement is sourced from the Eden Initiative, and is a demonstration of the level of their technological advancement. While the mobile factory can only produce a small amount of gear, the handful available to the Brotherhood has been sufficient to keep the zealots armed and remaining a viable threat against the powers around them.

Another point to consider, something somewhere made the Saint Clements.

28. Matsumoto 'Yamato' Self Propelled Gun

The island nation of Nippon is heavily invested in mecha, variable frame aerospace craft, and high end power armor. Their armor forces are scant. The Yamato is one of the exceptions, and is as deadly as it is simple. The vehicle is an armored crawler with a six tread articulated body and an elevated turret mounting nothing less than a 600mm naval grade particle cannon. While slow, and considered to have moderate armor not suited for front line action, the Yamato is a powerful and deadly adversary. The range of the cannon is impressive, and can hit targets in low earth orbit, as well as hitting targets on the ground accurately miles away. The Yamato has a low rate of fire, a long cool down time between shots, but it has the ability to shoot through obstacles and terrain features like hills, reinforced walls, and buildings to hit targets on the other side.

The Yamato is principally used as a defensive weapon system, reinforcing static defenses along the Nippon oceanic wall with the ACPS. Yamatos were also deployed in Korea before that nation was annexed by the ACPS. In the Second Korean War, Yamatos allowed for an orderly evacuation of Seoul and the systematic destruction and scuttling of resources that couldn't be removed. After laying waste to dozens of Chinese heavy and assault walkers, shooting down several Chinese warships, and bringing down the Blizzard Technologies industrial arco, the Yamatos completed their mission by remote detonating their power cores. The explosions were visible from space.

29. Amerikka Command 'Westmoreland' Medium Tank

Known in Federation circles and news feeds as the Improvised Terror Tank (ITT or IT2) the Westmoreland is a mediocre armored vehicle with moderate armor, a high top speed, and a modular weapon system in an open turret. The vehicle, while fast, has a high profile and makes an easy target for advanced weaponry (one of the reasons shroud tech is so vital to the AC) and it's open turret offers little protection for the gun grew. Most of these tanks operate in a Destroyer configuration, mounting twin linked autocannons, or twin linked laser cannons for anti-power armor and anti-mecha operations.

Westmorelands are the backbone of AC armored units, and as such there are dozens of variants, including cut down assault gun, self propelled guns, anti-aircraft units, unarmed APCs, command and communications versions, and drone versions. The Westmoreland is rarely encountered in the Middle East, where it is exported under the Enoch name. The Enoch version is typically armed with arcanotech weapons to suit its Nodite customers.

30. ChiCom Hua-33 Hunluan

The Hunluan is best described as a Propaganda Armored Vehicle. The vehicle has an articulated chassis supported by 4 tread systems, giving it good speed and maneuverability, and it is protected with a good deal of armor. It is likewise well armed and has a Destroyer type turret above the body that mounts a pair of linked coil cannons. While this alone would make it a passable combat vehicle, is has a large drone bay in the rear of the vehicle where it carries and launches aerial drones. These drones are connected and have anti-personnel weaponry, and PA systems where they play patriotic music, issue state mandated instructions and orders, and give the propaganda wagon a very large zone of effect and observation. The drone control bay has enhanced communications capability, allowing it to use the drones as attackers, spies, or even as hacking units to penetrate local area networks.

Given the effectiveness of the Hunluans in disrupting rebel organization, countering insurgent activity, and countering urban uprisings and revolts, many other nations are working on developing their own versions of the propaganda wagon.

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