The ArchStreet neighborhood is all the area between the GateWay Plaza and The DiPlaza (Central Plaza), a somewhat triangular wedge of city. It is the most prestigous neighborhood in all of the city, because it is the first. (This is only slightly true, but nobody publicly makes a stink about this claim).

The central feature of this area is ArchStreet. It is a large street that stretches the entire way from the Gateway to the DiPlaza. ArchStreet is technically a divided avenue, with each side of the road (suitable for two carts to be driven side by side) is separated by a thin stretch of flowered garden. There are broad sidewalks that are better maintained than some Imperial Roads.

It begins with a grand arch at the Gateway Plaza (two buildings in at the lesser wall). It crosses the entire street. ArchStreet ends with a grand arch as well as the DiPlaza, the twin of the one a the Gateway Plaza. Between every long block, there is another set of arches. Unknown by most, hidden under the plaster of these arches are sliding door gates (on one each side). Even the garden divide is broken at these points. In times of trouble, someone with a hammer will chip off the thin plaster, and slide these gates across the arches. They are of the same design as the main city door. They will seal the street off, making progress for the invading forces (or rioting people) difficult.

Along ArchStreet are fine shops, a few cafes, taverns (Antioch traditional ones, which are part inn as well) and important businesses and guild halls. The ArchGuildMaster, the head of the guild council, makes sure that only "appropriately Antioch establishments" are along this street. (The only exception to this is the Impressors guild, but they are waiting for an opening). There are strict standards for appearances and quality along the street, but adhering to the standards gives huge tax credits to the business, so it all balances out.

The Magic, Warrior, ClothSmiths, and MetalCrafters (the various kinds of smiths that work metal), all have large union halls there.

One of the most interesting ones is a "StarBucks Cafe", with an odd hand carved green sign. Some Stranger made a Klah shop, rather than cart. This shop serves variations on Klah, some of which are quite good.

Another one of note is The MapSmiths shop. This store, using impressor machines, is the place for functional maps of ALL the Known World. In fact, this is an Imperially graced shop, as the Emperor's son is known to purchase things here. Most large area maps are books with flip pages, using a page and grid system that attempts to handle some of the odd functions of the Biomes. They have hired an Elventi scribe to create a proper Imperial Edition. It should be finished in a few years.

The streets that branch off ArchStreet (DiStreets), and those that branch off those streets (mere streets) fill out the rest of the neighborhood. There are guild halls and standard Antioch shop/ town homes (where the shop is the bottom floor, and the owners/staff live upstairs). This is a prestigous area, so prices and competition are stiff.

Many people would assume that it is called ArchStreet because of the arches across it. In the local language (See the Arth Threads), Arch is a prefix of importance. More than main street, ArchStreet is the Street of all Streets... an egotistical naming of the street, proclaiming that all the streets in the world are a shallow copy of ArchStreet. It is a name of hubris and pride for the locals. It is a bone of contention in certain circles of the Imperial court and the other city states of ThirdLand. Given Antioch's pivotal and growing role in the Imperial in recent centuries, it may be well named after all.

The other two exits (besides Diplaza and Gateway) are the two side gates, clockwise/ widdershins is the Quiet Ward and counterclockwise/ desol is Alley Ward. These gates are heavily fortified, but seldom manned. In times of trouble they will be slammed shut limited access in and out of the district.

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