The Alley District is sandwiched between the Temple district and the Docks district. It has four ways in and out: one goes to the ArchStreet District, the other goes to Makers district, two go to the Docks district. There are always people moving through this district, along its three main streets.

It is a neighborhood that average people live in. There are businesses here, but except for the taverns/ inns, they do not cater to the people here. The main business of the Alley district is moving of things in the city. It is here that the taxi and wagon companies stable their wheels. Many carter companies and a few messenger companies are in the district as well. Since there are carts, wagons, and taxi's here, there are a three metal-smiths and wheel-smiths. Thus there is an odd mix of carts, smoke, furry folk, and a rush of humanti here.

The Main Sail Smiths covers several buildings along the road between the Makers and the Dock districts. The shop is currently run Marcus Excellius the fifth known as Marcus Sail-Smith, the fifth generation in his family to run this shop. His shop is the premiere sail maker for the Northern part of ThirdLand. The trademarked weave of these sails is difficult to do, but makes for intensely strong fabric. Others try to duplicate it, but no one completely succeeds at it. Thus you will find Main Sails across the Known World.

It should be noted that the Guards have a strong presence here, because of the barracks that are part of the Dock district wall.

There is no gate to enter the Temple District, but many of the children here will climb the district wall to get at fruits in the Artha orchard.

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