Anemone Hydra

The Hydra Anemone is a powerful ambush predator found off the hidden Isle of Manjoo. The sorcerous energies there undoubtedly spawning this submarine horror.


The Anemone forms a thick cylinder with a coral-like appearance, between 4 and 8 feet in diameter and height. When waiting in ambush, this is all that is seen and it is easily mistaken for a normal, if large, mass of coral.

Coiled within are five to ten tentacles which end in serpent-like heads. They appear eyeless at a distance, but have several dozen small eyes it uses to independently target each tentacle. The head has functional fangs and delivers a toxic bite while the body is capable of grabbing and entangling a victim. This tentacle is also lined with stinging cells, which while less deadly than the bite, cause intense pain.

The trunk of the creature has a large, beak-like mouth it uses to devour prey drawn to it by its tentacles.

The tentacles can survive for several hours if severed, and will reflexively attack anything nearby, including other tentacles. They are unable to reattach themselves. The Anemone Hydra can regenerate tentacles in roughly a week - faster if near a source of magical energy.

The Hydra is semi-mobile, though it prefers to stay well rooted. When newly relocated its grip on the surface is weaker and so it is less capable of grappling opponents. When moving it can swim slowly and clumsily with its tentacles, or by crawling along with its single large ‘foot'.

These creatures are significantly more intelligent than normal Anemones, and will attempt to escape if severely over-matched. They exhibit other hunting behaviors, such as using single tentacles as lures for larger predators or arranging shiny objects nearby.


  • Hydra Anemone flesh is very good eating, though it has a magic aura.
  • Both types of toxins are useful for preparing Alchemical reagents, and directly as poisons.
  • Pearls tend to accumulate in its gullet, as it frequently feeds on oysters.

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Mess with one of these and you might well end up sleeping with the fishes.

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Interesting mix of danger, ecology, and you can eat that.

Insert anemone hydra fishers, who fish for the creatures, and what countermeasures they have to ensure they bring the creatures aboard without it maiming them or destroying their boats.

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4.5/5 Ugh aquatic environments, my least favorite. Totally sucked me in and def see using if and when I do something aquatic. Short and to the point, just like I like em!

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This is disgusting.