Beautiful red ruby seated in the golden gildwork of a half closed eyelid. A silver chain with a platinum clasp is used to hang it over the neck.

Created by a rogue wizard for a lesser known thieves guild in the south. They would use the magic properties of the amulet to rob stores that dealt in jewelry. They would put a smudge on the ruby forcing the jeweler appraising it to rub the smudge off to better view the ruby.

After only a few heists, word got out in the jewelers guilds about the amulet and the thieves using it were quickly caught in a trap. Nobody knew what happen to the amulet after the jewelers captured it.

Magical Properties:
When rubbed or caressed the amulet acts like a drug and puts the person touching to sleep within a minute. The affects last anywhere from two to forty minutes. (1d20 x 2)

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