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November 18, 2013, 7:23 pm

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Agency 17: Illegal Search and Seizure


The Agents are being sent to Mexico to stop a large shipment of drugs from breaching the US border.

From Ciudad Madera to Kermit with Love

Agency 17 has been keeping tabs on the Los Zetas drug cartel for some time. Thanks to some hastily made bribes to some crooked Border Patrol agents, Agency 17 has learned about a very large shipment of drugs being moved into the United States

Agency 17 would like the players to hijack the shipment so that the drugs can be destroyed.

Miguel Riviera

Miguel is a native of Mexico who caught Agency 17's attention after inadvertently helping one of their operations in Mexico. Recognizing his possible use as an asset, he's been paid (handsomely) to provide information on local drug cartel activity.

Miguel is a talented investigator and has managed to avoid scrutiny during his various forays into fact-finding. He'd make a good candidate for detective if he ever joined a law enforcement agency.

Miguel has the following skills relating to his knowledge of the area, as well as the skills relevant to his investigations:

Skill Name Skill Level
Acting 12
Area Knowledge (Chihuahua Mexico)
Area Knowledge (Los Zetas activity within Chihuahua)
Current Affairs (Chihuahua Mexico)
Fast-Talk 12
Savoir-Faire (Hispanic and Latino Gangs)
Shadowing 14
Stealth 11
Streetwise 13

Specific Knowledge:

Location of the facility where the cocaine is being loaded onto the transport: Only knows which neighborhood of Ciudad Madera it might be located in. (Failed the check by 1)

Location of where the rest of the escorts are being prepared: Unknown (Failed by 2)

Location of the local Los Zetas leadership: Has extensive knowledge of the local Los Zetas leadership structure. Knows their favorite meeting location, as well as the residences of almost every high ranking member in the hierarchy. (Critical success)

Destination of the drug shipment: Miguel does not know where the shipment is heading. (Failed check by 3)

Possible Routes: Miguel knows Chihuahua Mexico well enough to the two most likely routes into the United States. (Exact success)

Shipment Contents: Miguel has found confirmation that the shipment is approximately 25 tons of cocaine.

Identity of Person in Charge of the Shipment: Knows the man responsible is one Hernando Ortega, as well as Ortega's residence.

Identity of Shipment Driver: The driver is an American, one Robert Sampson, who owes a debt to the Los Zetas cartel. He agreed to haul the shipment to Kermit Texas in return for having his debt forgiven.

The Shipment

  • The shipment is being processed at a Los Zetas facility located within Ciudad Madera. The packing is taking place in a massive warehouse, which is guarded constantly by the cartel.
  • The shipment is being loaded into a semi tuck that originated from Texas. It has Texas plates and is registered to Robert Sampson.
  • The garage where the escort vehicles are being outfitted is across town. The garage is frequently left unguarded as it is deep within Los Zetas territory in a particularly violent part of town.
  • The escort vehicles consist of two SUVs and two men on motorcycles.
  • The SUVs are both stolen and have Texas plates as well.
  • Each SUV has one driver and three passengers.
  • The passengers in the SUVs have been issued old AK-47s with armor piercing rounds, while those on the motorcycles are carrying their personal armaments (one sawn-off twelve gauge shotgun and an Uzi). The SUV drivers only have pistols.
  • Hernando Ortega is going to be contacted by his superiors with which route to take the shipment into the United States by.


  • Robert Sampson is open to manipulation.
  • The semi truck is the only easy way of transporting the drugs- disabling it creates a lot of problems for everyone involved who wants them shipped.
  • The escort SUVs have not been altered or modified for increased durability.
  • There are three possible routes to Kermit. Mexico 16 which crosses into the United States at Manuel Ojinaga, and I-10/US-180, which both cross into the US at Ciudad Juarez.
  • Border Patrol Agents are only going to be bribed at one of the two locations.
  • The trip will take around 11 hours, give or take 30 minutes if all goes well.
  • Sabotaging the garage or the packing facility will be possible.
  • If one of the escort SUVs develops engine problems, the convoy might leave with just one escort rather than delay the shipment.

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Comments ( 5 )
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Voted valadaar
November 19, 2013, 9:50
This is an odd one for the series - there does not seem to be any sinister motivations.

Perhaps the drugs _are_ being seized for 'destruction'. They are destroyed, but end up being used as precursors for some other material.

Good details!

November 19, 2013, 10:10
The twist is that the drugs will likely be used to frame someone at a later point in time. I was thinking a federal judge, or maybe a senator. Of course, what's left will probably be sold off to help fund Agency 17. After all, that's what corrupt FBI agents have done multiple times.
Voted Murometz
January 21, 2015, 12:51
Love a modern game with a truly "real" feel, as in this case with Los Zetas, etc Could see this used and/or expanded upon in many different ways. First thought was a high-speed convoy attack/chase. My second thought was detailing a bad-ass eccentric head honcho npc for Los Zetas.
January 21, 2015, 15:37
Nice open ended write up and good clean formatting
Voted axlerowes
January 21, 2015, 15:38
Plus a cool guest star for this weeks episode


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