Full Description
The aegir are an ocean loving race of giants. They are pale and red haired, with wind blow faces that squint in the cold northern sun. From afar they look as their Keirn neighbors do in furs and leather working the waters for fish and hunting the plains for game. They have superb night vision, having grown accustomed to the dark star filled skies; their vision at night surpasses that of their giant kin. They can see up to 60’ in near total darkness with no difficulties. Their day vision is a little poor however due to the glare of the northern sun. They live to be about a hundred and fifty years.

While being too large to have a huge fleet of ships, they live in the northern wastes that line the ocean. They have a respect for their neighbors the Keirn and have learned to build their ships in a manner to carry their heavier weight but match the Keirn’s Knarr style cargo ship. These ships were enlarged to suit the larger sailors but still only could accommodate four of the aegir comfortably. This they have learned in the past two hundred years and have exploited these large ships to hunt the large sea whales of the icey waters.

Their love of the sea transcended simple survival. They fished the ocean for food, as well as hunting the larger whales for their blubber for oil and other uses. They felt and believed that they were born of the ocean, and while their birth god Kiamana lay lost in the icy depths of the foaming sea, they still pray that one day Kiamana would return and bring her children to their palatial paradise under the waves.

Three times a year the whole tribe holds a two day nightly ritual prayer to the lost god Kiamana and prayers for his return so they might at last be shown the way to Himmerige, their heaven of the sea.

They are not a malicious group, but tend to be of a selfish virtue toward those they do not know. They have worked hard for their relationship with the Keirn and respect the hardships they have gone through. They love family over friends, and will protect their homes to the death. They build their homes with stone and slate from the cliff faces by the ocean, given them a protection to the forces of nature.

They have little use for magic but they respect their shamans as one of their ruling caste. While they pray to Kiamana they also pray to Aduivo, who they view as Kiamana’s son. The shaman is seen as a spiritual leader, but also chooses the tribal leaders. Each tribe consists of a family. These families average about thirty members and are under the rule of single leader and one to three shamans.

They use armor and weapons like other intelligent races and prefer to use large hammers, mauls, and axes. They will wear nearly any type of armor that is available to them and have often been known to trade extensively with trolls for their superior weapons and armor.

Aditional Information
They are roughly ten feet tall and are relatively heavy for their size. But what they have in weight is usually toned from the harsh nature of the north. They constantly work to build better family values and fight off the dangers of the north to include the cold as well as the horde of the corrupted that populate the north.

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