Lyuk Bowen was an archer in the employ of Long-Lord Dunlove Strattett of Bone-River. First-ranked among the Long-Lord's two hundred fifty archers, Lyuk Bowen's skills were well known by those who lived during those times. His dead-eye aim was celebrated by allies and respected by foes. After some time he lost his birth and family name and simply became known as 'the archer', by friend and foe alike.

Though the Long-Lord was warned of the vile wizardry in the employ of his greatest enemy, Long-Lord Dayce Kime of Gray-Heap, Strattett nonetheless ordered a full-on assault on the Gray-Heap's main castle.

Such is the fate of most leaders; they do not sew what they reap. While Strattett sat safe astride his mount, a mile away from the bloody battle, issuing orders and gauging the scene, men like Lyuk Bowen the archer, fought the good fight, peppering the castle walls with their arrows and taking enemy fire in turn.

Eventually the wizard of Gray-Heap, a rare commodity in those times, appeared atop of the city walls, and began screaming in some dead language, gesturing wildly like an epileptic on fire.

What spell was cast by that shriveled sorcerer that day is still unknown. Bedlam ensued, as green fire and blue lightning rained upon Long-Lord Strattett's men. Soldiers burned, melted, and screamed as the wave of arcana took its toll.

Suffice it to say that Long-Lord Strattett's army was routed that day. So many lay dead, that the Long-Lord barely escaped with his dozen personal guards, and few else. Many died in gruesome fashion, but not the archer, not exactly.

Lyuk Bowen was instead somehow tossed to the mercies of arcane chaos, as his soul and consciousness was transferred to his long bow of yew and ash. In turn, his long bow's 'soul', that is to say a mindless tool, was somehow transferred into the body of the archer.

Three days later, chasing ravenous ravens away from its own corpse, the bow made the mindless flesh of the archer Lyuk Bowen arise, and quickly kill the scavengers of the battlefields. The body of Lyuk Bowen now walked forward dumbly, as the bow in his hands thought on its next move.

Lyuk Bowen the archer, to be clear, was now in the body of his bow, an 'intelligent weapon' so to speak, and the body of Lyuk Bowen, now a mindless husk of flesh, controlled by the very bow it wielded.

To this day the intelligent bow and the bow's mindless archer-of-flesh thrall, wander the countryside. Lyuk Bowen the bow, is having thoughts of revenge against his former master, Long-Lord Strattett and his wanton disregard for his own men, while the former body of Lyuk Bowen, now a zombie-slave to the bow, walks one step after the other as the bow speaks to it telepathically, moving the shooter along as need be.

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