Harmony Adams suffered from an intellectual and empathetic disassociation with other people. She was extremely intelligent, which made alienating others easy, as well as some idiosyncrasies that seem to plague those of such extreme intelligence. This gap was broadened into an abyss due to the fact that most people would verbally, emotionally, and even physically lash out at Adams. She suffered from stereotypical racism, misogyny, and hostility from the fact that she was both physically unattractive and in her intellectual awkwardness, decidedly unfeminine. This catalyzed into a sort of solipsism and exophobia.


The extreme cyborg modifications available to the Prometheans were highly attractive to Adams. This technology would allow her to shed everything about herself that she despised more than the people who harassed her, everything but her mind. Adams joined the Krang faction of the Prometheans and underwent cybersurgery, transferring her central nervous system into a machine body of her own design. Once completed, she was no longer recognizable as even having been a human being.

Adams' mind was physically implanted into a spherical crystalline matrix, itself encased in several layers of thermoablative material, and lined with layered nodes of computronium. Her mind, in time, would format these nodes, and her consciousness would expand from the meat of her brain to fully inhabit the computer core she designed, with that lump of flesh existing as nothing more than the back up battery keeping her soul tethered to the machine. Owing to the mathematical precision of her new body, she adopted the name Kepler 11145123, after the star of the same name, the most perfect sphere found in the Universe. (Kepler 11145123, at 1.5 million km wide, has a surface variance of just 3 km, Earth, at 7900 km wide, has a surface variance of 21 km, downright lumpy in comparison)

The Conflict Between

Kepler 11145123 still carries the mental and emotional wounds inflicted on it through a lifetime of hostility and abuse. Despite discarding her corporeal body, she still has the residual self image of a homely african american woman. Her intellect has increased, and her hostility to all humanity has likewise been magnified.

Kepler has become an exemplary member of the Krang faction. This includes disassociation from all non-Prometheans, and anti-human sentiment. Kepler has espoused the ideal that the problem with humanity is that the species can command near godlike power, but is still governed by instincts and social behaviors that date back to pre-tool using hominids. Because of this, Kepler has no compunctions about designing weapons and tools to be used against humanity, nor does Kepler care about collateral damage or fatalities. We are not engaged by the extermination of vermin.


Kepler is only as powerful and useful as those who are willing to give their aid. Without the assistance of another agency, it has very little capability on it's own. The machine housing Adams created was a technological egg, not a wonder weapon or war machine, but actually an immobile sphere a meter wide. Kepler has added an arachnotron chassis to tote this around, but other than that, Kepler is just a cymek computer. It cannot fight, cannot build things or use tools, and as Kepler's intellect grows, it's ability to interact even on a basic level with organic beings is steadily decreasing.

Kepler has a hard time mentally downshifting to the point of communicating with humans. It's mind is now in a normal state of REM activity, meaning Kepler thinks and experiences life 20 to 40 times faster than the average person. It can watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy as it's casual pace in 17 minutes. Liesurely.


Kepler is, at it's core, still a human being. As such, Kepler is intensely alone, and has no emotional connections to anyone or anything. In divesting itself of it's humanity, it gave up the ability to BE human. Kepler has been emotionally neutered, and is aware of the fact that it will never be loved, accepted, or otherwise be a part of the human condition. With it's massively increased intellect, Kepler has long realized why other humans treated it badly, and this should have triggered empathy within it, but knowing and feeling were at odds with each other.

The answer to Kepler's inner turmoil was the remove the source of said turmoil. That is the extermination of humanity if it cannot be upgraded or otherwise improved from it's barely super-simian state. More humans must be genetically altered, plugged into machines, or otherwise folded, spindled, and mutilated, until a desirable Improved Humanity is created, or the world is given to the machine intelligences.

Greatest Fear

Aside from surface idiosyncrasies like germaphobia and humano-racism, Kepler's true and greatest fear is that it was fundamentally wrong. That those who bullied her were right, and that she was wrong, and that her intelligence was the real flaw, because if she hadn't been so alienly smart she would have done more to change her appearance, how she acted, and how she talked, and then she wouldn't have alienated her family, the few friends she had. That because of this, she will live for a very long time as a mathematically precise gold sphere with a hateful and hostile intelligence programmed into it, instead of having a life, a family, children, grandchildren, and living and eventually dying as literally everyone she knew as a mortal already has.


Kepler 11145123 is a golden sphere 1 meter in diameter, and of considerable weight due to the armor components of the shell and the computronium components. I has an eight legged chassis that moves it around, and if in space, has a different chassis that allows the sphere to move via a-pods in a ring. It interfaces with all technology around it, and this is how it senses the world. The sphere has no actual external sensors.

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