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February 18, 2011, 10:08 am

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30 Vampires


30 various vampiric varieties

1-The Noble


This vampire is the *traditional* type, a count who owns his own castle and is the leading noble in the area. If his tenants who pay rent twice a year to live in the small town under his castle cannot pay up in money, they have the option of letting him drink some of their blood in payment. He rarely if ever kills anybody and being the leading noble, he has no problems whatsoever with law enforcement in the region. He is popular in the area, with most of his tenants having no reason to dislike him.


2-The Daylight Walker


It is said that a vampire will turn into dust in the light of the sun, but for some reason this vampire is harmed not by sunlight but by moonlight. As such he has not found a problem with finding an office job and noone suspects him of being a vampire, but feeding is a problem, as he has to attack in broad daylight. He only feeds when he really has to, and then he sucks his victims dry so that they will not survive to tell any tales, and then buries their bodies in his cellar. He never attacks anybody that he knows as if he did that the victims would be traced to him.


3-The Were-Mosquito


By night this man takes the shape of a huge mosquito the size of a dog, and flies around looking for people to feed on. He has the ability to split apart into a cloud of small mosquitoes to fly under doors and through any small cracks and holes in a house, and then reforms and his able to puncture mosquito nets to feed on his victims. If he gets into a fight and starts losing, he will split apart again and fly away to make his escape, and as long as even one of those mosquitoes gets away unharmed, he will turn into his human form at dawn and regain all his strength and vampiric powers by dusk. Those that he bites are likely to come down with disease afterwards.


4-The Feeling Guilty


In life he was a holy man, a priest, and a hunter and killer of vampires. When a powerful vampire got the better of him, he thought it would be very amusing to sire the priest instead of killing him. Normally when someone became a vampire it was a lesser demon that took over his body, but so strong and holy was this man’s soul that it drove out the demon. Rather then drink the blood of human beings, this vampire survives on the blood of rats and other such vermin that he catches with his bare hands. Of course, being a vampire, he cannot handle the symbols of his faith or enter any temples, which deeply upsets him. He has made it his undeath’s work to kill as many other vampires as he can, to get revenge for what was done to him.


5-The Blood Bank Raider


Why bite necks and risk being fought off by your victim, or arrested later by the police, when you have access as a junior doctor on the night shift to the hospital’s blood bank? He never takes more then he needs to survive, as he has a firm sense of duty, does not want any patients who really need the blood to die because of him, and really does not want to be found out. If someone found out about him and tried to blackmail him, he would kill the person rather then be exposed, and then try and put the body into the hospital’s incinerator.


6-The Goblin Vampire


Goblins have vampires too, and they look even smaller, weaker and uglier to human eyes then most Goblins do and are often grossly underestimated, a possible fatal mistake. Vampire Goblins have the strength and speed of a strong human, and are as happy to feed upon humans as upon their goblin kin.

They prefer attacking humans, in fact, as they have more blood in them and tasty flesh to eat. Goblin vampires don’t just stop at drinking blood, but are more like ghouls in their habits, eating the bodies of those who they kill.


7-The Child Vampire


Sired at the age of five centuries ago, this vampire by now has the intelligence of a grown Elf, but cannot show it without looking like a freak. Homeless and without any of the legal rights of adults, she preys on the horrible people who would prey on street children like her and murder them or force sex on them. The street children in her area look up to her, and she leads a large gang of young thieves.




This vampire works directly for the boss of a large criminal syndicate and is a made man. By day he hides in a safe house so the rays of the sun cannot harm him, by night he carries out whatever foul deeds of torture and murder his boss demands of him, drinking all the blood from the bodies afterwards before he disposes of them. He is prized by the Family he is a member of, as he is so useful to them, and he relies on them for shelter and for a steady supply of new victims.


9-The Ent


How this tree-man was infected with vampirism is a mystery, but now he is a menace to any humans, deer and the like that he finds in his section of forest, grabbing them with his branches and twig-fingers and pulling them to the fang filled mouth in his trunk, where he bites off their heads and drains their blood. His fellow Ents are divided as to what they think of him. Some fear that he will make humans hate them so much that they reach the point where a crusade is declared against them. Others point out that he does not harm plants and trees and does a very good job of keeping humans out of their forest.


10-The Magic-leacher


This vampire was a witch in life, and she uses subtle spells to suck the life force from people, normally without them noticing she is doing it. If uncovered and attacked she has plenty of spells capable of doing harm to defend herself with.


11-The Secret Policeman


This vampire has joined the secret police in a dictatorship, and specializes in draining the blood from political dissidents. Some of those secret police who he works with knows he is a vampire, including his boss, others don’t, but to all he is an effective member of his unit, and has uncovered one or two genuine plots against the regime.




Captured by the government but not put to death on the spot, this unlucky vampire was enslaved and trained as a gladiator, and is now made to fight other vampires in the same situation, as well as large groups of humans, and various creatures that are judged to be “monsters” in the eyes of the state, being fed on the blood of those who he dispatches. He hates humankind even more then most vampires because of what they have done to him, and yearns to escape the arena for good.


13-Pop Star


A famous pop star, he was turned by a female vampire who was one of his biggest fans. In a fit of rage, as he had not wanted to be turned, he grabbed and staked his sire with a broken-off chair leg. Not wanting to suffer starvation, he revealed he was a vampire to one of his biggest human fans and she willingly kept his secrets and let him feed from her in exchange for kisses, cuddles, sex and the occasional private song.


14-Cattle Thief


Having found out that cow blood is as wholesome for him as human blood, dead cattle drained dry are regularly appearing on the plains, and the local cattlemen are outraged by the theft and killing of their livestock. They have offered a large cash reward for the capture of the miscreant responsible-depending on how wild the region is and how angry they are they may want him handed over to the local law enforcement to await a trial, handed over to them for private vengeance or just killed on the spot. Enter the PCs…



This vampire has found it is just as possible to drink from the bodies of the freshly dead as from the living,and being an undertaker has regular access to freshly dead bodies. Being dead, they cannot fight back and as he is an undertaker he can not only legally bury or cremate them afterwards but is paid good money for doing it, nor will anyone have a clue about what has happened to their dear departed friend or family member. Even when laid out for a viewing, if they seem very pale, that is put down to the embalming process or just the look of death.

16-The Innkeeper

This vampire owns an inn and every once in a while, the occasional traveler or pilgrim far from home and with no friends of family living close by to search for him goes missing in the night. She is very talkative, finding out as much as possible about her customers to select the right target for attack, draining and burial in the inn's wine cellar under the floor and the wine casks. Those who are  in groups or who are famous or who would be quickly missed are left well alone and spread the word along the trade routes of what good value for money her inn is. Everything she steals from her victims is ploughed back into making sure that her inn is one of the best inns around.

17-The Ent (II)

This vampiric and malicious Ent largely preys on the trees around him, piercing their roots with his own to drain their sap, killing some of them in the process, and is more then willing to defend himself against anyone, be they human, Elf or fellow Ent who attempts to restrain him. Often it is not known that you are next to him until it is too late and he attacks with his branch claws to deadly effect.

18-Not who you would Expect

On the surface, this man is one of the last people anyone would suspect to be a vampire, as he is in charge of the Kingdom's Slayer team in charge of tracking down and killing vampires, but one evening he and his bodyguards were ambushed by a large vampire gang and he was infected in the struggle. Rather then make this public and meekly subject himself to death by a stake through the heart for the good of the Kingdom and it's people, he secretly attacks people when he can no longer hold back his hunger for blood, and is often put in charge of investigating the attacks and finding the culprit afterwards, something which he has obviously failed to do. Behind his back tongues starting to wag  about how he always fails to find the culprit in certain cases, even with the teams of Slayers and the funding under his command.

19-The Ranger

Captured after one attack too many and convicted in the courts, this hardy vampire was given a choice-death by the stake or a paid job as a King's Ranger, patrolling a wilderness area where humans were legally barred from entry. As well as the normal pay of a Ranger, he has the legal right to kill and drain any trespassers he catches within the area, and as there is gold within it there are plenty of those, enough for him to feed enough to stay alive without breaking the law. The wildlife has flourished under his capable protection.

20-The Dictator

This vampire unlike most has no reason to stay in the shadows for through his machinations he has gained a whole country and feeds on his political opponents, unwanted beggars, convicted criminals, and prisoners of war. He has made sure his people as a whole have enough to eat and to buy in the shops and is a largely popular ruler amongst his people, who are willing to overlook the fact that their ruler is a vampire in exchange for prosperity.

21-Crematorium Worker

Another who is more ghoul then vampire, he works at a crematorium in charge of putting the bodies into the ovens and raking out the ashes afterwards. When hungry, he cooks the bodies, takes them out, eats his fill and puts the leftovers back in to be turned into ash, leaving no traces. As the bodies died before he found them, nobody is going to ask about them,and unlike most vampires he gets to enjoy cooked food.

22-Royal Torturer

A vampire who works for a very suspicious and nasty king, he tortures those judged to be opponents of the king, then slowly and agonizingly drains then dry and feasts on them. He wears a mask when working to protect his identity from those who would assassinate him out of revenge if they could, as he knows there are many out there who despise him and want him dead.

23-Fairy Vampire

Rather then prey on it's own kind, this appealing looking winged fae a few inches tall preys like a mosquito on sleeping humans. Most humans who do not know it's true nature would think it to be sweet and harmless and so let it live instead of trying to kill it. It is an exile from it's own kind,who exiled it rather then kill it as it used to be popular amongst them and owned up to being turned as soon as it got the chance.

24-Vampric Dog

Not all vampires are human-this ridgeback was somehow infected with vampirism. Fed on the occasional rabbit, not quite enough to end it's hunger but enough to keep it in good condition, it will attempt to attack, kill and drain anyone who dares to break into the stately home that it guards. Despite in it's mind not getting enough food, it still loves it's owner and his family and will happily flip over to be tickled on the stomach by any one of them, or even let them put a hand into it's fanged mouth. 

25-Drainer of Magic

This vampire has found out a way to feed on magic power instead of blood and has infiltrated a magical university where he can feed off the high amounts of magical radiation in the library from all the packed together spell books. He has to be careful when feeding-too little and he will suffer all the symptoms of starvation but if he takes too much his aura will start affecting the spells cast around him and will show up on a thaumometer, and he fears being expelled from the university at best and staked at worst if uncovered as a vampire.He much prefers magic draining to the prospect of attacking people to drain their blood.

26-Orc Chieftain

This Orc for reasons unknown was turned but not killed by a vampire and with his new vampiric strength was wildly popular with his tribe, as his great physical strength was respected as one of the great Orcish virtues. He fought other tribes, slew and drained their chieftains but permitted everyone else to join him, one by one uniting the tribes and clans into one great Orc Nation which sooner or later will seek to expand it's borders into the realms of Elves and Men. He feeds on political dissidents and when he has to, prisoners of war, but only drains when needed or to prove a point, as he wants allies more then meals.

27-Vampiric Coral

This strange sea-coral preys on fish, even large ones, that come within six feet of of it by sending out harpoon like tentacles with barbs that shoot out at great speed and impale the prey. Because it works as one hive-creature it can even kill a human or a fully grown shark that gets too close. A kind of cleaner fish is not targeted by the coral, and both lures in prey for it and keeps it clean of parasites and sediment in exchange for protection within it.

28-Alien Race

Whilst this space-bearing race has long since found a synthetic version of the blood it uses, when in war it's soldiers drain any POW that gets into their hands, and drain the bodies of all those who fall against it in battle, in the process getting a really fearsome reputation and preventing it's own soldiers surrendering in case they are killed out of revenge.

29-Water Elemental turned Vampire

A mage summoned a Water Elemental but forgot to provide proper protection when he drew the pentagram that was supposed to keep him safe, and the outraged and terrified Elemental slew him with fists of boiling water and frozen ice and then drained him dry. Unable to get back to the Plane of Water by itself and hating humans for what the mage has done, confined to a large lake by the heat, the Elemental has begun to regularly make a habit of killing and draining humans for sustanance and out of revenge.


30-Tomb Guard

This luckless Vampire was captured and entombed alive with a couple of bound criminals to drain inside the tomb of a recently deceased king, in the hope that by the time tomb robbers move in the Vampire will be maddened by hunger and will quickly kill and drain them as a *one-shot* weapon in the war against the tomb-robbers.

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Comments ( 8 )
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Voted axlerowes
February 17, 2011, 6:29

My first thought when I saw this list was "Why on earth do we need an accounting of vampires?" Ever since Ann Rand re-wrote the vampire myth (though I think perhaps Blacula 2 deserves some credit for the heroic vampire slant) we (the citizens of earth) have been on a steady diet of vamp revisionist. Our (roleplayers) own little sub-media outlet has also been so heavily immersed in this love affair that it would be hard to shake out endemic from imported concepts regarding vampires in the RPG genres. A work of taxonomy and heredity regarding vampires in the media would be a more thought provoking look at this subject. That said I would suggest referencing specific examples of these vampire "types" from popular media. They are already there, and it just seems to be an obvious misstep not to mention them in your discussion of these archetypes. Except for vampire coral....that was new, well done there.

Voted MysticMoon
February 17, 2011, 9:54

I like the twist on the daywalker - being susceptible to moonlight certainly evens out the benefits. It seems like such a vampire would be more of a loner than most, being unable to associate with the rest of its kind.

The various races were creative, especially the fairy and the ents.

Voted Murometz
February 17, 2011, 14:27

Vampire Coral is a new one for me too. Like it!!

A few entries seem a tad weak or contrived, but overall a good sub to peruse when vampires are on a GM's mind in general.

(Cattle Thief could also be known as "the chupacabra")

Voted EchoMirage
February 17, 2011, 18:30

Can't say I like it. The writing needs improvement, much so - remove word repetitions, correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. Also, several of the vamps could use a total overhaul.

Voted Michael Jotne Slayer
February 22, 2011, 8:12

Vampire Coral, thats what bit me in Thailand! :D

The others have already hit the major points. A few entries seem a bit weak, some could use a total overhaul and so on. It is not bad Cheka, but I know you can do so much better;) Sometimes, when I can not seem to finish a sub the way I would like, I will leave it alone for a while and then go back and finish it. This 30 can seem a bit rushed, if you know what I mean?

Voted PoisonAlchemist
March 22, 2013, 23:46
I liked a few of these, like how the vampiric dog is still loyal to his owners. There were one or two I felt were duplicated in the article, namely the crematorium one and the torturer.
Voted Aramax
September 26, 2016, 12:17
4/5 hunting for monsters for todays game, not found. but I like this quite a bit
Voted Scrasamax
September 20, 2018, 15:16
A fair bit of this was by the numbers, but there are some interesting additions here, obviously the vampire coral, but the essence draining elemental, were-mosquito, and the vampire goblin were some nice new touches. Nicely done.

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