When the mage, Argigore Knightsfell, followed his companions into the rocky crag he never thought this find would be the end of a long adventuring career. The Dragon's hoard was enough to buy titles for all of them across the land. Too bad that he was a little slow pouring the healing potion down his comrade's throat. Ah well, more for him.

With the profits from the hoard and the skin from the slain dragon he set himself up as the proprietor of the Dragon Eye Tavern. Tables, chairs, and the bar top are all covered with dragonscale. A huge mirror, it's size unmatched in the known world, covers the wall behind the bar but the key point of interest is the enormous dragon eye that floats, disembodied, in a glass jar at the end of the counter.

Some patrons love the eye, toasting it's bleary stare. Some avoid looking at it, positioning their backs so not to have to look while dining. Regardless of how revolting they find it, the patrons always stay long enough to say they enjoyed the fine dining at "The Dragon Eye".

Despite it's continued popularity, the quality of the food and drink has diminished since Argigore died. His daughter, Liliaz, cares little for the quality of the fare so long as people continue to patron the establishment. She is more interested in following the local gossip and holds to the adage "Knowledge is Power". Having been raised with riches and pampering, Liliaz wants what money can't always buy...knowledge of everything that is going on in her city and the ability to subtly manipulate people. She can be a powerful ally or devious enemy and her loyalty is as fickle as spring weather. People deal with her at their own peril with mixed results.

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