Fantasy Setting

Society Emblems

1. A fallen down Hourglass with spilled sand pooled on a side- an emblem used as letterheads for the Order of Priori Historicus, supposedly symbolising that everything becomes history with the flow of time.

2.Two duelists shaking hands- an emblem for a martial arts association that brokers duels (it is affiliated with the Church of Peace but is really a cover up for a criminal syndicate)

3.A 'leech' swimming amidst a river (represented by three curvy strokes)- 'These leeches will drain the blood out of ye' ~ Old Ralf

This is how the common people in the Town describe the emblem for the moneylenders' association. The depicted animal in its emblem is really an eel, believed to bring wealth and prosperity in folklore.

4. A Seers' Stick on a starry background- emblem for the Seers' Association whose founder is a orphan raised up by a shepherd. The Seers' Stick is an ornament hung on a chain and worn around a Seer's hips.

5. A lone flower opening amidst wastelands- emblem for The Order of Demicus, a reminder to its members to always believe in hope and miracles

6. An image of a Scavenger on a misty gray background- the emblem for an association of the lowest rungs in society- the Beggars and Thugs. For beggars, the depicted scavenger is a rat (reflective of the fact that they have to be quick in scurrying for left-overs) whereas for thugs, it is a vulture (symbolising their survival of the fittest style of living).

7.A pair of eyes,one healthy (with an orb of scintillating colour) and one Blind (milky white)- religious symbol for the Observer and The Judger (also known as the Lady of Scrutiny). Her domain lies in observing the deeds of mortals and passing judgements on them in the after-life. It is from this symbol that pleads of ‘turning /not turning a blind eye on....' arose.

Shop signs

1. An upside down tea cup- printed on signs hung outside funeral services all around the Kingdom, meaning 'visitors not welcome'. Such a custom arises from the belief that it will decrease mortality rates.

2. A furry ball with a smiling face and stick-like appendages- an previous-edition emblem for the Maid to Order, long out of use. The reason? Well, noble ladies or maids kept dropping in to enquire about dolls of these creatures which quickly prompted the owner of Maid to Order to start a new enterprise in doll-making (and this particular emblem has been transferred over).

3. A jaw-ful of crooked teeth- printed on an aged sign protruding sideways out of the Town apothecary, so worn that the contents are barely discernable. It has been hung there for as long as the town inhabitants can remember and provides one of the noticeable ‘landmarks' in a small town.

4. A pair of eyes gaping open as if in disbelief- artistically painted on a sign hung outside the most bustling business enterprise in town, a one-stop place for all the whims of a ladies ranging from exquisite dining, clothing, jewels to exotic pets. If one looks at it closely, however, there is something slightly odd about this sign.

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