The city is rich and in an area of great natural abundance, it has a well trained military, though inexperienced and is largly self-sufficient. It has high walls and many farms outside. It is ruled by a system similar in everything but name to the feudal system.

The city was once under the rulership of corrupt nobles. 50 years ago there was revolution that overthrew the nobles. It was led by a band of wealthy merchants that took over power afterward. They founded the Society of Prohecy which was formed of priests who were given the choice 'say that it is the will of the gods for us to rule or the people will find out that you are an enemy of the revolution'. The priests did not need much persuasion. The Society became rich because of this and over time this system changed to that which is present today. Anyone who opposed the system was killed or exiled by Soldiers of Destiny. An order of elite soldiers who still act as a secret police.

This in an order of priests who are trained from the moment they are 'chosen' to give confining prohecies. They keep the nobles in power and the commoners in there place. The prohecys are kept on record. The priests decide the following:
1. The name of the person.
2. The occupation of the person and his/her position in that job.
3. The wealth and privileges of that person, determinded by their worthiness of it.
4. Who they will marry.
5. If they will be brought in to the priesthood.
6. The social standing of that person (nobles are 'chosen' but only the children of a noble are selected).
7. Sometimes a person can enter the royle family if his parents are rich enough.
8. If there are no jobs available the person is declared to be evil and they are thrown into a river.

Roleplaying notes
1. The players can either aid the government or support a revolution designed to destroy the Society of Prohecy.

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