The Azure Swords are expert bladesmen and masters of the arts of theatre and infiltration. Their modus operandi is quite simple. One or more members establish a role for a time. Sometimes these roles are long term, for others they are just a night. They get close to the target and engage them socially. By manipulating events in a public setting, they force the target into a duel. The target either loses their honor or must face the agent. Since the agent seldom appears to be an expert swordsman, the target normally engages them in a duel. The Azure Swordsmen then cuts them down. After a while, they abandon the role (especially to avoid reprisal duels). Few are the wiser, not knowing that the target had been assassinated.

The mechanism of contact seems to vary from city to city. Somehow the Azure Swordsmen's network of contacts know when to approach people who need to challenge someone. They may use their theatre and infiltration abilities to embed themselves into noble households.

Note: The Azure Swordsmen do no use blue scabbards or blades, despite the local stories told by bards.

One persistent rumor is the Azure Swordsmen is that they are somehow connected to the King's Spies. This could color their accepting certain targets. Or maybe the whole assassination game is just a past time between their missions for the Crown.

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