The Elven Emperor has existed since the begining of recorded time. A few of the highest posts in the Imperial lands have been held by Elventi almost as old. There is one post that has been mentioned in the annuals for as long as they have been kept. It is unclear if this is a job title or simply the literal translation of an Elventi name.

If there is some obstruction to Elventi Imperial desires/ laws, the Remover ... removes it. Normally this is though killing or making people disappear, but sometimes it is just enough to keep someone occupied for a while. While the Remover of Inconvenient Things is the hand of the Emperor, the Remover takes other people\'s requests.... for an interesting price. At first it was only Elven Nobles. Then it became any Elventi. Now it is anyone who can meet an appropriate price.

Sometimes the price is money. Other times it is items of interest (artistic, historical, or magical). Occasionally it is a promise AND YOU DO NOT WANT TO BREAK A PROMISE TO THE REMOVER... it gets ugly.
So far, The Remover has never failed to finally complete a request (though sometimes the timetable was a bit off). Some people search out the Remover. But only those the Remover wants to work with are the ones who are approached.

No one every sees the Remover (except the Elven Emperor that is) and is aware that it is the Remover or lives to tell the tale. Any negociations are carried out with a twisted farie (small, bat-winged, with two different color eyes) named Hoth. Hoth\'s ability to be unseen, unsmelled, and travel great distances in a blink, makes him a perfect messanger.

This idea was rippped .... errrr inspired by a really good book.

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