A squat cylinder approximately 1.5 meters tall, its glossy black surface studded with pillbox like red orbs that serve as optical sensors. Movement is done by means of magnetic repulsion, with the segmented body capable of rotating seperate rings in different directions as needed by tool arm or sensor cluster.

In ages past, a small organic race decided to expand their sphere of infuence by means of a race of servant robots. This idea took generations of work, but once complete, these were the finest robots that they ever created. Now, being that they were xenophobic and had barely survived their first contact with another race, they were quite good at building robots and synthetic intelligences. During those times they learned the danger of hive mind control, and of reprogramming by enemies. To this end, they made each of the 0xf02 an individual, one with its own functioning ego/consciousness.

The 0xf02 learned to recognize their masters by means of bioelectric glands that they possessed. The Master Frequency would cause the 0xf02 to become docile, and servile to those who bore the likeness and vibration of their creators. The interesting thing is that the frequency and associated facts are built into the subconscious level of programming, and the 0xf02 simply explore and colonize worlds, replicate and expand without a first or second though about their masters.

The 0xf02 do not consider themselves to be a machine servant race any more than a human would consider himself a simian/monkey. They see robotics and androids as similar to themselves, but generally as tool creations, no different that the ships that the 0xf02 themselves build and explore the galaxy in.

Those who would think to 'hack' a 0xf02's brain will be sorely dissappointed to discover that their intelligence is as delicate as a humans and too much invasive proding can cause machine death, a cascading collapse of the ego/electron network. The intelligence is also self-correcting, able to eliminate various bugs and attempted hackings that might enter it.

The Prime Initiative
The 0xf02 have a single racial driving goal. They expand through the galaxy, surveying worlds, and preparing them for the future inhabitance of their organic creators. In addition to terraforming suitable planets, the 0xf02 have been tasked with operating as intermediaries between their xenophobic creators and other organic races. Rather than waging a galaxy wide campaign of organic cleansing, the 0xf02 create alliances and trade partnerships with alien races, and only battle those who are considered overtly hostile and dangerous.

The last thing the the 0xf02's creators want is a superior technological race tracing their creations back to them for starting wars across the galaxy. Thus, the 0xf02 were designed/programmed to be decent neighbors, and by proxy, amke their creators decent neighbors.

Special Equipment
The 0xf02 are rather well known for their hardware, which is rock solid in design and usage. Their ships, the most commonly encountered being the sleek and fast Z0.06 'Corvette' and the stubby but powerful X0.28 'frigate', are capable craft.

The Z0.06 has wing swept design, and high power ionizing plasma-jets. Lacking soft organic parts, these craft are able to accelerate at mindbending speeds and make maneauvers that would crush a human being. Unlike most star ships, this craft is unpressurized, its interior is armor plated, but as hard a vacuum as the space outside of it. These missle touting Corvettes are the primary scouts of the 0xf02 fleet.

The X0.28 Frigate is much slower, but has a signifigant amount of cargo space, as well as a larger crew capacity. Unlike the Z0.06, it has a pressurized compartment for organic lifeforms to occupy. The Frigate mounts potent batteries of plasma cannons and long range ion bolt cannons.

The 0xf02 Factory-Ark is one of the least common ships, and is unique as it is capable of building the individual 0xf02 species. The 0xf02 will protect these mammoth craft with a zeal that is nearly unrivaled. At five kilometers each, they are among the largest ships in the sector, and at last known count, there was only one in the sector.

ST.4R Terraformer is the workhorse of the 0xf02 fleet. These bulk craft have large crews, large power plants, and powerful tractor beams and mass drivers. With these tools they can and do manipulate volatile rich comets into collision courses with prospective planets to be terraformed. These barrages bring massive amounts of water, trace elements and hydrocarbons to uninhabited worlds for the first steps of century long terraforming timetables.

Roleplaying Notes
The 0xf02 are a sentient race that happens to be mechanical in nature. The have no concepts of religion, and find most such notions to be very abnormal to their point of view. They have a signifigant fascination with puzzles, riddles, and other mind benders. some think that it is a sort of mechanical mind evolution driven by a desire to avoid logic loops and date deadfalls that often hinder synthetic intelligences.

Plot Hooks
To Boldly Go... - The 0xf02 are explorers, and will likely volunteer to serve aboard and alien ship on an exploration mission. Though strange looking, the 0xf02 are excellent engineers, scientific officers, and capable soldiers.

Droids, sir - A space tycoon wants to control the 0xf02 since they are a self replicating race of robots, and by his definition are not an intelligent species. He wants to find a way to bring the entire 0xf02 collective under his control, but for what purpose?

This one has a Bad Motivator - The PCs encounter a lone 0xf02, a survivor from a failed mission. Quite to their surprise, this robot is now afflicted with strange notions of depression and robot angst. He/it would be a valuable addition to the crew, but can they stand the droll robot complaining to the ship about its feelings of worthlessness? (Marvin there, for those who know about the Hitchhiker's Guide)

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