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L3 Wiz

As I walk through devastated landscape only one thought burns in my head. Revenge.I was a normal adventuring wizard, dungeon delving and putting out innocents fires. Ha, fire.After years of trying to find out what happened, the truth is unfolding for me, a second word has entered my vocabulary. Castinlig. a name put to the scorched earth. The one who did this.

He was too powerful and too greedy.He summoned the king of the djinn and a supposedly perfect wish w incredible power behind it. Fire ball now has a 100 mile radius and is locked at 7d6. I didn't know this when I cast it for the first time in days. My party was wiped out and I would have been too except my ring of total fire resistance saved me. But not my friends.

I scavenge for food and a potions, really all I can and have to do.I will find him.

( a solo game for a l7 wiz)
Encounter - Any
April 9, 2020