VIEEU Boots By: Pieh

With a twitch of the leg and the push of a button; Houston's boots emitted a massive amount of steam and he was sent headlong into the air.

by Pieh
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Steam gloves By: Elbin

Set of steam-lined gloves with in-built warming circuit.

by Elbin
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Footpaws By: MoonHunter

We were quite the motley band, even for adventuresome sorts. Yet being in a party can bring even the oddest people close. Let me tell you a story.

We were on the road to Maltrell and had been for a week. Tempers were short. We had been thrown together by various guilds, temples, and noble houses, and few of us wanted to be here. We had not come to know each other at this point, let alone trust each other. I personally was thinking about breaking my contract. Then I saw it.

Sitting on a log by the side of the quick camp we had for a break were our two of our oddest members. Ton was a bald holy man of the Ancient Dragon Temple. His ways were odd and nobody truly understood him. He was the only man who could act like a servant, yet still have an imperious superior than thou attitude. Sitting with him was good old Darren. Darren was his opposite. He was a cat folk, and very city, very Parisian, if you know what I mean. He was a total dandy, with tons of clothes, foppish snobby attitude, and pretenses to nobility, honor, and station beyond his station. Gods know, I miss that cat.

Anyways, the two were sitting together, had been for a bit I guess. They seemed to be hitting it off, smiling and talking. I could not see what those two could have in common, the most austere and the most...umm worldly.. of our party. When I came up to ask, "What was so funny"? They both leaned back and showed me their feet, wiggling their toes, though they were wearing something shoe-ish. When I looked at them perplexed like, they both burst into genuine laughter. Darren made some comment about only they wore the finest footwear. There was some joke that I did not know. It annoyed me at the time, but to be honest... it was that laughter that held us together. It showed that even though we did come from different places and had different positions, we had things in common - even if they be shoes- and could be as one. One by one, we came to know each other and realized that, as a party, we could complete our mission.

by MoonHunter
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Gravestompers By: Harvengure

Some say you can't keep a good undead down. They've obviously not come face to foot with these boots.

by Harvengure
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Field of Silence By: manfred

The product of anti-sound research, the Silence Field or "Silencer", became arguably one of the symbols of 21st century.

by manfred
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Enchanter's Djellaba By: Scrasamax

only peasants and commoners call them wizard's robes, those of the art know their true name.

by Scrasamax
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Mask of The Monarch By: MoonHunter

'The Monarch is Eternal. We care not what he looks like. He gives up himself being himself to be the ruler of the country. '
Chancellor Richelius at the Court of Aldophus IV 1620

by MoonHunter
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