Full Item Description
Gravestompers are a pair of calf-high boots made from a glossy black leather. On the outwards facing side of each boot is a series of clips which one adjust the leather straps through in order to tighten or loosen the boot, but each clip also holds a silver bullet which can be removed by firmly tugging on the "bottom" of the bullet, which is facing upwards.

At the top and in the centre of the boot is a silver mechanical clip (like a seatbelt) that has a cross or other holy symbol engraved on it.

On the toe and heal of the boots is a silver plate that has a similar symbol on them. Though the metal plate does not cover the whole sole of the boot, there is enough of the plate on either end of the boot that clinking can be heard when someone walks in these boots.

(by on the heal of the boot, I mean that it is on the back of the boot as well as the bottom of the boot where the heal is)

Orignally, these boots were made by someone who wanted to make a quick profit by selling these boots to warrior priest , paladins and the like but they become so popular that before too long religious organizations were making them themselves.

Magic/Cursed Properties
No real magical properties, however one could easily adjust the boots to effect the undead or enchant them to give them bonus damage op top of what is given by kicking or stomping with these boots.

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