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January 31, 2006, 2:30 pm

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The Royle Quartermasters


Most Vampires get their own feed and don’t care who they get it from. But for the highest Lords of the Vampire hierarchy they have little time to go about the process of obtaining blood and prefer some of a good source, so they get their Quartermasters to take blood of good quaility from important victims.

The Royle Quartermasters are an organisation of Vampires that swear a blood oath of allegience to a vampire lord. Usually to a high ranking Vampire such as one of the 13 First Vampires. These Vampires can afford the services of the Quartermasters.

Joining and Training
These Vampires are elite that either choose to join the order or are Choosen by their future master. Once Chosen you either join or suffer a great punishment, however if you refuse with a good reason then you are spared for the time being, and if you are of an important bloodline you are asked not Chosen. The Chosen are probably already experts at killing and feeding or brilliant assasins but they are taught many important skills once they gain entrance to the order. Sometimes human assasins can be Chosen and they get no chance to say no. usually the humans become Vampires but there are a known few who prefer humanity, not that they live long or have an etirnity to enjoy it.

The training includes the following:
1. Arcane skills like Shadowclinging(making yourself look like the night), Mesmerising(A limited form of hypnosis), many killing spells(for guards)and a numifying spell which leaves the victim helpless while his blood is drained(blood of the living is always best) to name a few.
2. Fighting skills(obviously)
3. Skills of an assasin.
4. Finally they are taught how to bottle blood, choose targets and organise missions.

After several years of training they are sworn servants of their chosen lords. They swear an oath on their family honour(their bloodline). In return for the blood they give they live a life of luxury with as much refinments in life as they could possibly want. Quartermasters are in many cases the most valuble servant of a Vampire Lord.

Life of a Quartermaster
These elite vampires first choose a target (they know how much blood their master will need a month and set themselves a target). The target will have to be completely healthy and of good lifestyle, she/he will have to be of great skill. The target must be strong, fast, supply or smart (as in genius).

The Quartermaster usually chooses people that have all kinds of protection as well as many that are masters at protecting themselves. They have even been known to try and kill magicians, and to succeed as well.

Sometimes Quartermasters are directed at targets picked by their employer. This is because the Vampire Lords often make use of the Quartermasters’ killing ability to kill an enemy and get a meal at the same time. This has made the Quartermasters into master assasins as well as suppliers of what the Vampire hierarchy calls ‘purple wine’.

When the blood is drained from a body it is then put in containers made of Freeze Glass which is an Alchemists’ invention that keeps the blood cold and fresh. It is then sent to their masters.

There is a First Quartermaster who has Seconds for subordinates and Thirds as teachers. Everyone else is a normal Quartermaster.

Roleplaying notes
1. The players are chosen as targets for the Quartermasters
2. They are drawn into a hunt for a Quartermaster inorder to use him or her as a link to a Vampire Lord.

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Comments ( 5 )
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Voted Scrasamax
January 29, 2006, 11:12
An interesting organization, but I tend to think that any vampire worth his fangs isn't going to delegate control of his blood supply to another vampire. Among the undead, blood is power, and giving that power to another would roughly be selecting who you want to betray you.
January 29, 2006, 12:05
Intersting idea. Much better fleshed out than some of your other posts. However, the language is making it hard to read. (Is English your primary language?) Several statements are contridictory. We need you to be more careful with your writing, to read through it and make sure everything follows in an orderly pattern.

A couple of points of confusion:
You can choose to be one (if you are elite... and how is that determined) or you can be volunteered by your master (which you don't have yet?)

Where and how are they trained? Is there a school? Is it a mentor arrangement? Is it downloaded into your brain?

The whole vampire universe actually. You are writing under a number of assumptions that the rest of us do not know. Since we are not telepathic, you will need to explain all these concepts as we are not familiar with the foundation/ setting behind the vampires here.

And why is this a codex?
Voted manfred
January 29, 2006, 14:05
The points mentioned above aside, it is an interesting idea.

An important assumption is, that vampires need the blood itself, not the feeding. Even if it isn't so, the Quartermasters could do the actual hunt for the victim, and let the boss feed.

As I imagine it, really powerful vampires could have human slaves, and feed on them regularly with their consent (or without). The Quartermaster would then be the 'caretaker' of those slaves.

The question of trust is diffilcut, too. The truly powerful would likely have a better means then a simple oath (or is that blood oath really that trustworthy?) - charming, bonding magics, etc.

Interesting, but missing a few things.
January 30, 2006, 18:03
Updated: No, English is not my first language but I am dyslexic so I have difficulty with writing. I know it is hard to understand a world which I haven't even started to explain but I will get to that soon enough. To Scras, it is like this: a King or Lord does not have to get its own feed so why should Vampires. The Vampires' Blood Oaths are as good as magically binding. As for Manfred I think several ideas can be taken from this but I can only see my one right now.

To Moon: You are right as usual and the codex is for the assasins page.
Sorry about having to write in update notes but I just can't comment with this account.
Voted valadaar
July 1, 2013, 20:57
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