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November 20, 2005, 10:19 am

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The Lost Marbles


This wizard had unlimited power, until he lost his marbles…

A once powerful wizard had a brilliant idea on how to control the most powerful magics in all the world.
He was quite young and had aspirations to know all things. He found a way to enchant a marble, and carry that marble in an also enchanted necklace. The marble would read off of his mind, and it would record everything he learned while wearing the pendant.

He would wipe his mind nearly clean, and then learn the magics of fire. Only the fresh of mind can learn as quickly as he wished. It wouldn’t take much time for him to learn, and the marble took on the color of the images he would see in his mind. The marble obviously became red.

He did the same thing with lightning, earth, trees, death, golems, ice, wind, water, air, void, dimensification, space, time, reality, illusion, atral, mental, and spiritual magics. When he would keep the marbles in a sack at his side, each marble would become a mind attached to his own, and he would have all of the knowledge they possessed. The sack was special, and only it could release the mind melding capabilities of the memories stored in the marbles.

Yet, when he was cornered and his sack was taken away by a fiercely quick warrior, he used all of his magic to create one last Marble, one that he knew he would create one day, and labeled it in his lost journal that explains the magic of the marbles, “The Key.”

This caused his death and he perished away, leaving the marbles then scattered about, as they were taken from his corpse by animals, and now they are lost to the world.

Magical Properties:

All of the marbles contain intense magical capabilities. To unlock them, it’s best to find the Journal and the Sack. Otherwise they are most likely useless.

The Key is a dangerous marble, as it is unclear what he did to create it. It’s supposedly both the most powerful and the most perilous. It’s unknown it’s effects…

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Comments ( 20 )
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July 16, 2003, 16:07
Some things:

1. So these marbles contain the all possible knowledge about their specific kinds of magic? A little too powerful, don't you think?
2. I noticed that among the types of magic, there was one called "dimensification". What is dimensification?
July 16, 2003, 17:02
It's a type of magic I sort of made up...
Trust me, the curse of "The Key" makes up for the rest of their power...It's just, I don't like to come out and "SAY" it...
July 16, 2003, 17:04
But what does this "dimensification" do?
July 16, 2003, 19:20
Ok, so the marbles were all in this sack that let him meld all his minds together so he could have all the powers of all his knowledge. And this master of damn near all known and a couple unknown (and, as of yet, undefined) magics got robbed by a really fast fighter.

If all that magic doens't stop you from getting mugged, it's not worth it.
July 16, 2003, 19:53
I speak of Lance Darkmoon...The legendary Apocalypse Angel...
Dimensive means "Without limits". That might help.
July 16, 2003, 22:27
No, it doesn't help. What is Dimensification? The removal of really heavy objects? Getting walls out of the way? And who is this Lance Darkmoon?
July 17, 2003, 4:09
Hmmmm... Marbles... Orbs... Corvus?
Barbarian Horde
July 17, 2003, 12:24
...You people are so needy!! Anyway, Lance Darkmoon is the purple winged apocalypse angel. The single fastest combative being I've ever known of. Dimensification is the ability to make something that's there into something that isn't there without changing what's really there.
And by the way, if you use "The Key" the wizard's mind takes you over and your mind is wiped and his true memory replaces you. He is resurrected and you die.
July 17, 2003, 13:16
It's our place to ask questions. My first post, the Sword of Unattainable Glory, got a lot of questions from Agar about it's uses and powers and all that. It's what we do. So don't feel bad, man.

....Corvus.....Marbles, Orbs.....Difference?
July 17, 2003, 15:39
Wow, I'd forgotten that sword. Once it was clarified some, it was good for the purpose it was intended for.

I should assume that Anonymous was Dimensification but he forgot to log in. Anyway, we ask the questions we ask so we can have the information we need to be able to use the ideas in our own games if we want to. That's the point of sharing ideas, the ability to spead the idea and share it.

So why was this angel of the apocalypse after this young wizard?
July 17, 2003, 16:33
Well, I should write down the whole story.
Lance Darkmoon was the character of a friend of mine, Matthew. Where I'm from he's a big time legend, and everyone reveres him...He sort of just does stuff...He's got purpose and all, but I'll have to write it all down. He is where I learned the void magic idea from. Since his specialty is making things not exist...
July 17, 2003, 23:57
Void magic, yet another tool of the munchkins, hack-n-slashers, power gamers and god moders.
July 22, 2003, 12:55
So, what do we have here?

A set of variously-coloured marbles, each with a bond to a special type of magic. But how many marbles are there? Are there 10, 20, 50, 200 marbles?

Current status:

a) All are still together, except maybe the last marble. No wonder, because this is the best way to study them.
b) Separated into smaller groups. Some keep various wizards, hoping to get those powers, some are lost.
c) Were purposefully separated, each one somewhere else, so no one can get this amount of power. Still, someone may be willing to gather them all. Instant campaign here: go to (n) dangerous places, and get those damn marbles together!
4d) The little boy around the corner plays with a sack of nice marbles...

Immediate usefulness:

Useless. Look as ordinary marbles, coloured, but who cares. May radiate great magic. Will need much time to fully control its powers.

Theoretical usefulness:

'Gives complete knowledge about a field of magic'. What does it mean?
Does it give knowledge about all spells from that field of magic? Does it give you actually power to cast them? That would be way too much.

Making it work:
A wizard deposited his knowledge into these marbles. How to unleash the powers?

a) Is not possible anymore, the knowledge will fit only into the mind of that long-dead wizard. Makes a cruel joke for the poor players that hoped for unending power...
b) The process must be repeated. The wizard studies, wipes his mind clean, and binds the respective marbles to it. Will take a very long time.
c) The wizard must form a bond with each marble. While this will take long at first, it will require shorter and shorter amounts of time to bond with the others. This process will change the person in minor ways, make him/her more and more like the creator.
d) The wizard bonds with all marbles at once. Too powerful this option.


The last marble shall be cursed. In what way?

If anyone activates and uses the marbles, does it travel through a series of accidents to him, and drives him crazy? Maybe it lets him see that incredible power he wields, and as he looses the control, he commits suicide, or turns to madness. Makes for one more adventure, to kill the wizard-gone-wild, or find out why the suicide after a spectacular increase in magical powers.

Destroying the item:

Unknown. It may be necessary to call upon the spirit of the wizard, and make him remember at least a little bit about every type of magic. This may in turn produce a spellcasting spirit, but hey! You have destroyed powerful cursed item!
July 22, 2003, 17:35
mannie just gave this item a less Munchkinish tone.
Barbarian Horde
June 8, 2004, 0:59
Lance darkmoon, Matthew.....This boy wouldn't happen to be angst ridden or sanything, stern? IRL, blonde hair, blue eyes? I need to know! I need to get a hold of him. If you are still in touch with him, tell him Meagan needs to talk to him.
Barbarian Horde
June 8, 2004, 10:36
^ I really need to know. I'm the person that put that last comment.
June 8, 2004, 13:02
Well, Anonymous, I don't know who you are, or what you have in connection to Di-munchkin-fication, but he doesn't come here anymore. We asked him not to return after the Unpleasantness.
Barbarian Horde
July 2, 2004, 18:53
After the Unpleasantness? My name is Pyrotess by the way. I'm sorry, I can't figure out how to post as my name. I joined and everything. *frowns*
Sounds like Lance. He can be quite unpleasant. And arrogant. That prat. Oh well. I guess all leads are dead now. *sighs*
Voted valadaar
November 26, 2012, 19:23
Interesting. Drama.
Voted Dozus
February 5, 2014, 15:33
The item itself is a half-baked idea that needed some more time to develop and explore. But +.5 points for the entertaining thread discussion.


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