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February 9, 2013, 12:52 am

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The Kingmakers, Session 21


Woo boy. Where to even begin?

The Kingmakers

The Cast:

The Heir, Sylvie Blackburn: The illegitimate heir to the throne, Sylvie is finding herself in the middle of intrigue and danger now that she knows that she is at the center of the succession crisis, not Reginald.

The Spy, Valen Aventura: A mystery to his companions, Valen proves slippery and untrustworthy the majority of the time. Can the party trust their talented but immoral friend?

The Drunk Blacksmith, Ruz: Finding himself becoming concerned with the plight of the workers on Frond's estate, will Ruz become a champion of the downtrodden and poor?

The Blind Girl, Adriene: Ruz's adopted daughter. Blinded in an accident in the past, Adriene takes a constant dislike to Ruz's alcoholism.

The Huntress, Bretia Faulkner: With a fear of magic, Bretia is having a very hard time acclimating to the presence of Rowena, the Witch.

The Ranger, Althalos Yerel: Althalos has spent the majority of the last sessions talking to trees while his player deals with school.

The Witch, Rowena Foxglove: At a loss to get to know Valen and befriend Bretia, Rowena is finding herself in the middle of some unfriendly group dynamics.

The Disgraced Captain of the Guard, Albert Nash: Albert's player will never see the twist concerning his character coming.

The Heir Pretender, Reginald: <-Just click his name, it's a link.

The Retired Historian, Morano: The now-reclusive historian has raised Sylvie since her birth, and now hopes to place her on the throne. Captured as of the end of session two.

The Ultimate Archer, Lenny: The perilous triggerman of High Baron Fruit, Lenny is finding himself pulled into the group Morano originally hired.

Session 21 Gameplay

  • Ruz started the day off with a conversation about forming a guild. Reginald expanded on the idea, trying to expand it past just doing a worker's guild and purposing the group towards help Sylvie achieve the throne.
  • Althalos talked to the man who tried to burn down Corbin's inn. He prompted the incarcerated man to tell him the location of a dead drop where he receives his orders. Althalos took the box, and Ruz managed to open it without anything getting hit by the trap within.
  • Bretia and Lenny found a vantage point for overlooking the Valewarden estate and did some basic recon.
  • Valen picked some pockets for money.
  • Albert visited Obyn, feeding him a bare minimum of information on Chucky
  • Kimber read from his journal, revealing more of what happened the night Boyd died.
  • While trying to find Omig to confirm what Kimber revealed to them, Albert and Valen failed to stop a Locust Assassin from shooting Omig in the eye with a fairly advanced arm-mounted crossbow.
  • Rowena managed to keep Omig alive, even as his fear of death causes him to incriminate Obyn of Boyd's death.
  • Duke and Duchess don't show due to a 'fever'
  • Nathaniel is interrupted mid-speech by the appears of Corran
  • Corran causes quite the stir showing off Corran's Flame.
  • Corran reveals a few personal details about himself, including who he is and that he has a wife.
  • Adrienne has her sight restored as a gift from Corran. She immediately sees the Court Mage Solomon Varas, the father who abandoned her, and reacts. This causes a confrontation that Agravaine does his best to diffuse.
  • Bretia and Lenny stop a local bandit from reporting back to a group of thugs that are going to try and ambush the party after they leave the Festival.


Bretia- Bretia can be important to a plot
Sylvie- There are things that need to be done before Sylvie can take the Throne
Rowena: Rowena' Religion might be closer to the truth than she thought
Valen: I like pickpocketing people
Albert: The bard keeps interesting company
Ruz: Magic is awesome

Bretia to Ruz: (Everyone wanted to give Ruz' player points for this session.)
Rowena to Bretia: For staying true to her character
Valen to Rowena: For keeping Omig alive
Sylvie to Valen: Joining the discussion at the beginning with Sylvie and Reginald and Ruz
Althalos to Sylvie: For listening to Ruz's idea about guilds
Ruz to Albert: For being very protective during the squabble with Solomon
Albert to Althalos: For being very witty

MVP: Ruz

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May 8, 2013, 21:29
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