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December 31, 1969, 7:00 pm

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The E'grole Mistlands


And behold the fabled mists of the necromatic sorceror, E’grole. Fifteen square miles do they span, the unnaturally thick, eerie fog instilling a sense of dread in even the most hardy of adventurers.

And behold the fabled mists of the necromatic sorceror, E’grole. Fifteen square miles do they span, the unnaturally thick, eerie fog instilling a sense of dread in even the most hardy of adventurers. Though E’grole has reportedly long passed on, his magics remain to this day Therefore retaining this fog throughout the centuries. Even the brightest day cannot pierce through its murkiness, and the living are unable to see more than some twenty meters in front of them at the best of times. Torches will be snuffed out in seconds after their lighting due to the moisture in the air, and breathing is more a task than a leisure.

The terrain within these fogs are smooth, straight, the damp, brown grass always an inch high. Though some may find this a good thing (easy travelling) It’s, in actuality, very dangerous - there are no landmarks to trak back too unless you mark one of the sparse trees in the area, and therefore it is very simple to get lost.

The fog also has necromatic powers, though, and any creature slain within it will rise once more 24 hours later as either a skeleton, revenant or zombie. As a result, adventurers may find skeletal rabbits biting at their feet. Undead Wolves, their flesh hanging loosely on their animated bodies. And of course, the risen corpses of other foolish adventurers. All these creatures are hostile, of course, as the victims are invading the land of their master, even though he is supposedly dead.

The fog itself can be a danger to those who travel within it - open wounds will quickly become infected with a wasting disease, Causing bruising around the site of the wound, and intense pain with pressure applied to it. It is not lethal, but can be quite detrimental.

It is rumoured that somewhere within these fogs lie the Mansion of E’grole, and within it lie his many secrets, spells and discoveries. Of course, Once someone has managed to get in there, they will be safe. After all, E’grole is supposed to be dead, right? .... Right…?

Summary of Mistland properties

-The mistlands instill a faint sense of fear into those who enter it. Not terror, just the faint feeling that something sinister seems to be watching from just beyond the view of the fog.

-Breathing is found slightly more difficult within the fogs, due to the heavy moisture in the air.

-No light, no matter how bright, can penetrate far through the mists, and fire will often snuff out within minutes of bieng set alight.

-Anything slain within the mists will be reanimated as an undead slave, and seek human flesh; however, those risen there are unable to depart the mists.

-The mist will give small infections to any open wounds left to breathe, Making the wound more painful and tender than before, and have a slower healing rate.

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Comments ( 2 )
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Voted manfred
November 10, 2005, 8:03
Every fantasy setting needs mysterious mistlands, where people can get lost in search of treasure. Undead and a potent curse are of course a bonus. I would see powerful wizards in want of such a means to protect their mansion... not necessarily with the curse of course.
Voted Silveressa
May 4, 2008, 17:01
This kind of place works perfect for a "lost valley" on the outskirts of the explored territories.

(I can also imagine someone trying to "bottle" the mist for use in magical experiments.)

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