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January 19, 2007, 6:51 pm

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In life, the mage E’grole was feared and respected - as most magi are - Unfortunately, E’grole could not accept death as bieng the ‘period’ of the book of life, so he decided to write a sequel.


All flesh, sinew and muscle has been stripped from E’grole’s body, leaving nothing but his skeletal form. The only difference between any other human skeleton and this one, was that just above the forehead was twin spires of bone - small horns, it would seem. Whether E’grole had those horns in life, or whether he modified himself later, may never be known. Barring that odd bone structure, he is very much the typical image of a Lich. He wears Blackened robes, with a golden inlay at the ends of the sleeves, and collar, and the only jewellry on his body is a single necklace, An ornamental golden claw hanging off it.


What E’grole lacked in raw power, he made up with ingenuity and finesse. He was certainly adept at his art, which consisted mainly of transformation - altering body structures of beasts and people alike - to form the ‘perfect bieng’. Yes, as with any brilliant idea, there were many who opposed it, calling such ideas ‘inhumane’ and ‘cruel’. Of course, E’grole grew tired of these accusations, and it eventually grew to the point where he could not bear to see another accusing person shouting profanities at him. Why did they have to do it? He was trying to enhance life for everyone. So there were a few unwilling subjects for it? He would be thanked in the long run!

So, to stop this incessant meddling by humankind, the mage purchased a manor along the path that connected two of the greatest cities in the country, and then shrouded the lands with magical mists, to prevent people from finding him. Years passed, and with barely any strange occurances for the general populace, apart from a few missing persons. Those mists, however, which once covered only about a hectare around E’groles lodging, grew steadily in size and density. Within ten years, they had grown some fifteen miles wide. Any magi attempting to blow away the mists, found that their spells had no effect on it… Odd.

Everyone grew to accept these mists, though, and a new path was created around them - a much longer path surely, but safer, for lately there have been stories of evil things within that mist. things which hungered for human flesh…

E’grole was already old when he had bought that mansion, and after a good ten years longer, the local populace labelled him dead - nobody had seen him for so many years. And as a result, the memory of E’grole faded into nothingness - just another eccentric person in the history of the world.

In that mansion, however, E’grole was still alive, now in the late seventies of his life, and he worried that he may die soon, and before he had made any real progress in his work at all! So the old mage decided to delve into necromancy, to study the much debated art of becoming a Lich - immortality at the price of life… How he managed to perform the rites, gather the materials and complete the spell all alone, none will know, but he succeeded, and now that everyone had thought him long dead, he was finally allowed to continue his experiments in peace. His newfound love of the necromatic arts had addled his mind further still, of course, and so there are now many strange occurances within those gloomy mists.

Roleplaying Notes:

This is a character designed for the E’grole mistlands setting.

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Comments ( 4 )
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Voted Zylithan
November 11, 2005, 9:47
I like it. Not just a lich, but a lich with a little backstory and motivation. Maybe he'd try to capture the PCs instead of killing them and experiment on them.
April 29, 2008, 22:00
Very nice, I've been needing a lich for an upcoming adventure and this one fits the bill nicely. Given he is so close to a human skeleton I can imagine him posting as just another corpse in a dusty corner of his mansion, or one of the mindless skeletal horde he doubtlessly controls.
Voted Silveressa
May 2, 2008, 16:24
Only voted
Voted valadaar
September 16, 2015, 14:49
This is a great backstory for a lich. Cool beans!

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