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June 8, 2007, 7:29 pm

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The Deck of the White Sorcerer


This is a combat system for those with magic deck of cards. It allows PCs to utilize their card playing skills to resolve RPG combat.

If your character has access to such a deck, you will use these rules.

The Controller of the deck will draw for Cards ((The main character will be the only one controlling the deck. Therefore he will be the only character drawing cards. Since this is meant for a turn based game I am thinking about making the main character have a party, however the party will not have or use the deck.)) You will be given the option of using the cards as magic or as a weapon. No matter the choice, the character will draw four cards. If the drawn cards are all of the same suit, the attack power of the four combined cards will double. If he draws cards each of a different suit, you will be given the option of keeping that hand or redrawing a different one. However if your hand consists of two matching suits or any of the following: King, Queen, Jack, Ace, or Joker, You will not be given the option of a reshuffle.

If you choose the option of weapon, the attack power of each card becomes 10 and you will be allowed to throw the cards as razor sharp daggers in which that is how they will feel. To recall your cards you must say "Reassemble the Deck". Once stated the deck will form back into a deck fully shuffled and you will be able to draw four more cards. ((In game play this will be a turn based game and you will get to draw four cards during your next turn. The cards will not reassemble unless you choose the option reassemble during your turn.)) Once you run out of cards, you are powerless. It will take one turn to reassemble the deck, so you will after endure one turn from your opponent to do it. The deck contains 54 cards like your standard playing card deck. So you will be able to go 12 turns with out having to reassemble and you can choose the option on any of those turns, however on the 13th turn, if you do not choose the option to reassemble the deck, you will loose the entire deck and probably the match if you do not take him out with the last turn.

Card Power Moves:

The controller of the deck draws four cards. The four card numbers are added up together ( Jack = 11, Queen = 12, King = 13, Ace =14, Joker = 14) to determine the attack power of the draw and is then inflicted on the opponent. Then depending on the draw, a move is decided accordingly:

Slice and Dice Spades - When the highest numbered card of the four is a Spade: All of the suits with Spades fly from the deck at an enemy and fly towards the enemy resembling throwing daggers. ((Doubles the original Attack power of the draw, and deals it three times ))

Restoring Power of Hearts - When the highest numbered card of the four is a Heart: A Large Red heart will appear and hover over head causing you to restore your life points (( Doubles the original Attack Power, however won’t double the damage inflicted, of the draw and heals your Life Points that much )) and reshuffles the deck for a second draw.

Double Trouble of Clubs - When the highest numbered card of the four is a Club: Makes two other clones of you. When you attack the two clones also attack. The two clones of you hold two large blunt clubs. ((The Attack Power of the clones is the same as the Attack Power of the draw))

Impenetrable Force of Diamond - When the highest numbered card of the four is Diamond: A large impenetrable shield forms around you and your party and will protect you and your party from danger. ((Will nullify any attack and stop and will stop any damage directed at the opponent))

Lucky Draw of the Ace - If you get four Aces, any of these four powers will activate ((Randomly chosen)) followed by the summon of the Ace; A spirit which will possess the opposing foe and leave him immobilized for a short while. ((Target opponent will be unable to move, cast spells, attack, or use items for a short duration of time))

Joker’s Mischief - A joker will summon from the card and will perform one of the following depending on the order of Jokers drawn:

Black Joker - Unleashes a barrage of mallet attacks on the enemy. ((Attack Power = 160))

White Joker - Will perform a magical disappearing act making you and your party invisible and intangible for a short while making you incapable of sustaining damage.

Royal Summon - A King, Queen, and Jack will magically appear and order for their Knights to charge the enemy. An army of cards will then attack the target opponent all at once. ((Attack Power = 160))

Royal Ace - This will rarely happen. If you draw a Jack, Queen, King, and Ace, you will summon the sword of the cards. It resembles a wide sword, with the symbol of the hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades along the side of the blade. You will then be able to use the blade for the rest of the battle. ((Attack Power = 190))

Royal Suit of the Ace - This is the best of all the moves. If you get a Queen, King, and ace of Spades, followed by a black Joker you will receive an instant kill on whoever you are fighting. This option in my game will only turn on after you’ve beaten the third to the final boss. When fighting the final boss and taking him down below 16hp, this will be scripted in as the final move that defeats the final boss. It Summons the spirit of the Ace, only his spirit goes into you and you will be holding a sword holding the four symbols of the deck((Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, and Spades)) will appear on the blade at the very top will be the Spade. The sword will glow with a golden aura, the same aura surrounding you. You will run at the final boss and jump up and bring the sword down through him. The spirit of the Ace will then leave your body and fire at him the entire deck. Then you will back away and the spirit and sword will disappear back in the deck.

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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted Mourngrymn
November 9, 2005, 15:10
This is something that took me a while to figure out once I read it. I don't care for it personally but it is very detailed and can be followed. I will try to use it with my gamers to see if they can follow the rules with ease.

However. After reading it more than once it hits a familiar ring to my ear like I have visually seen this before. The floating heart makes it seem that much more like I have seen this before, yet in an actual video game. Perhaps it is just coincidence.
Voted valadaar
January 25, 2007, 11:32
Quite interesting, but I think it needs a little more work. I'm having a bit of trouble following it completely.

Some of the new formatting options would greatly help this post.
March 28, 2007, 10:03
pegged for weirdo character fix-up

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