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January 19, 2007, 3:18 am

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Sharp as a sword, light as a dagger, and easily concealable.

Full Item Description
Splinter is a one handed wooden sword. It has a small hand guard, and tree roots for grip. The unatually sharp blade is rather thin, perfect for stabbing.  

Splinter was created out of a tree in the Sertan forest, home to vicious gnolls. A few hours outside the deadly forest was the small village of Veida. The people of Veida lived off of crops, and where a farming people. They also practiced the basic principals of swordmanship, as they were frequently attacked by knoll raiders.
One year, a famine had struck, and the small village’s crops were dying. So, a group of men went to the forest twice a week to hunt for food. It was some time during this period that an unknown farmer chopped down a small tree, and upon returning to the village gave it to his son, Simon. Simon was told to whittle himself out a sword to practice with. It was to be standard size, with a dull edge for safety, and a long handle. Simon was fourteen, and hadn’t even started to practice with a sword yet.

Within a few weeks Simon had crafted a shoddy looking sword, the blade was too sharp for safe practice, as well as thin. It was not very heavy, and would easily slip out of Simon’s hands due to it’s lack of grip. But he refused to make another sword. So his father added on a root grip. The root was twisted and glued on with a unique and sticky tree sap. Simon became quite attached to his sword. He even named it-Splinter. 
Years later Simon still carried his sword, and started to study enchantments. One day he was looking through a book when he saw an enchantment to increase the durability of an object. He cast it on Splinter and saw it could withstand sword blows, and even inflict damage equal to the steel swords of the village. Many thought the sword would be the death of him, and told him so, but he ignored them. He often neglected his chores to practice with splinter, and developed a strange stabbing style to accomadate Splinter’s strange shape.
During another famine years later Veida was attacked by a group of gnolls in larger numbers the town had ever seen before. A good few months were dedicated to defend the village. This battle would later be known in the village’s history as the Hero’s War.
Simon was now of age to fight, and was led into battle by his father. The first encounter lasted hours, and Simon noticed that his sword had a strange effect. When he thrust his sword forward in anger thousands of tiny splinters erupted from its blade. This was not fatal, but it did blind most of the the gnolls when aimed in the face. Simon used this technique very effectively, but the town was still overwhelmed.

Months passed, with more bloodshed ever seen to these simple people. The village moral was running low, strong words no longer moved the men, women prayed every so often, and children became conscionce of the deadly reality that awaited them just outside the walls of the village. As the battle waged on, Simon noticed the food supply was running low, and the gnolls kept coming closer towards breaking through the village gates. He saw the doom of Veida, and so, unknown to his superiors, he took drastic measures.
In the dead of night he snuck out of the village and headed into the gnoll encampment. He was able to kill the gnoll cheiften, but was spotted by night guards. He fought bravely, taking down many as he could, but he was eventually slain. The gnolls started to fall apart without a suitable leader, and combined with the now fierce force of the village, they retreated into the forest.

Simon was found dead near the forest, his sword was drenched in blood. He was buried in the center of town, under a huge stone statue of himself holding Splinter up to the sky. He became the greatest hero of Veida. As for Splinter, it was passed down to each new village leader as a sign of compassion and sacrifice. 

Magic/Cursed Properties
Splinter can withstand attacks from any weapon, and is faster due to its light weight. Unfortunately, the weielder is usually open for attack when they parry an attack. When thrust forward in anger it releases tiny splinters that dig into the opponents skin.

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Comments ( 10 )
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Voted Scrasamax
January 17, 2006, 0:24
Hmmm...interesting post. It has merit and shows that it has been thought out by the writer. There are quite a few things I like about this post, and a few that I dont.

There are not enough non-standard versions of weapons. Wooden swords, training or otherwise are going to be common in a sword weilding civilization. I also like the look of a sword with a knotty, knobby root-ball like haft.

Now for the bad.

A knoll is a grassy hill.

Swords are not heavy, unless you are swinging a claymore or zweihander, which were intended for killing mounted warriors and their horses in the same swing. The weight of the weapon is only important for crushing weapons. This is mitigated if Splinter weighs a ridiculously small amount, like a twig.

A splinter pierces the skin, rather than slashes it.

How do you make a wooden sword too sharp?
Voted manfred
January 17, 2006, 7:19
As for the name, Splinter is a good name for a thin wooden sword (or an insult, for that matter). On the whole, it is not a bad idea, but the question about sharpness stays.

Side note: it could be an interesting option for a wooden sword to leave tiny wooden splinters in the wounds it makes. We all know that a festering wound can be certain death. An easy enchantment with ugly consequences, fitting some cruel forest folk.
Barbarian Horde
January 17, 2006, 7:54
I will try to modify this post as soon as possible. I will take all the advice and improve on this. I'll have to write as barbarian horde for a while though, this stupid bug wont let me post when I log in.

~Sydney Cain~
Cheka Man
January 17, 2006, 9:13
I'll hold my vote until later.
Barbarian Horde
January 17, 2006, 16:35
There, all fixed. I hope.

Voted Cheka Man
November 19, 2006, 11:40
Good but it could be better.
November 19, 2006, 11:58
Still could handle some editing. possibly even some re-thinking of its exact shape and use, but it is good for the inspirational value.
Voted valadaar
January 4, 2007, 11:28
Needs a bit more work I think, though the evolution from a wooden practice weapon to a true weapon of war is an interesting concept.
Voted Mourngrymn
January 4, 2007, 12:25
Strangely enough I find this compelling. As said previously it does need work, even now after the edit. The gnoll and knoll content should be fixed for obvious reasons stated.

I think that the too sharp description should have been described after the enchantments were placed on the wooden blade, however I don't feel that it should have been enchanted by the boy, as even after it was enchanted and he used it for the first time it is hinted at that he is still a young boy.

Perhaps later it to say that a shaman or a traveling merchant had it enchanted, giving more belief into the history of how it happened and why it was such a surprise when the splinters were released.

Just a few thoughts.
Voted PoisonAlchemist
October 18, 2014, 20:36
Still has some typos. A decent idea which just needs more love.

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