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November 12, 2005, 11:41 am

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Cheka Man

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Sovereign's Finest


The Sovereign’s Finest is The Crown’s Personal Unit. They are not only elite fighters who have distinguished themselves in service to the Country (Caladania), but they are trained to be envoys of the crown and capable of special duties.

Sovereign’s Finest were created in the First Liberty War. They were the Crown’s trusted friends, those that fought beside him. They were his advisors and self assigned bodyguards. In the lull between the First and Second Liberty War, they assisted him in building up the country, being his eyes, ears, hands, and mouth.

As the Second Liberty War was beginning, just after Culber’s Gap, their numbers were expanded. Initially those new members were the sons (and one daughter) of the initial members and some nobles who proved true in the peace. When the battles began, the numbers expanded more as young soldiers proved their bravery, prowess, and intelligence, upon the field. (As their numbers swelled, becoming a full regiment, the core of the group became the Gryphon Knights, dedicated to protecting and advising the Crown directly).  

Since the Second Liberty War the Sovereign’s Finest have been the envoy’s of the Crown, to the Sovereign’s people and to foreign lands. Their distinctive weapons are the symbols of their rank and position. To ensure their capabilities, those accepted to the order (especially in these peaceful times) are trained at the Crown Colleges in the arts of diplomacy, warfare, magics (mostly battle magics), philosophy, and law. (They receive training in woodcraft, horsemanship, the shadow arts (stealth, breaking entering, tumbling), dancing, and courtly grace).  Those that fail the training are normally accepted into the Army, Cavalry, or Naval Regiments as officers (since most were military personnel before and non officers, this is still an advancement).

On duty, most ride their circuits in groups of two to four, making judgements, officiating at events, hunting bandits, and scouting for possible border activity. (Some have stationary circuits based out of towns or even wards in the larger cities). They are also used to escort nobles and royals, accompany Embassies, guard the Gryphon Home (The Palace Grounds), and other “jobs that require a special touch” for the Sovereign.

In times of war, they normally on detached duty, being messengers, supporting officers, and performing “heroic and hazardous” missions. However, given the Claxon’s Call, they will form up in their regiments and march forth.

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Comments ( 10 )
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Voted Iain
November 12, 2005, 11:54
A nice description and goes well with the swords. I particularly like the way they are trained in philosophy, law, dancing and courtly grace - clearly the Sovereign's Finest are more than just soldiers. The description of their duties also makes this clear. How is one selected to train for the Sovereign's Finest (in peace time that is)? Do you apply or are you picked?
Voted MoonHunter
November 12, 2005, 12:51
Okay this compliments the Swords and the Knights is a nice edition. As you have has said before a "Hodgepodge of good ideas to make a new whole". This is Valdemar Heralds plus Three Musketeers. Not that such a combination is a bad things.

It gets a better score because it is a better post than the Swords post, and it gets a plus because it is now a set of posts.

If you could answer Iain's questions. They are good ones. (I think they are choosen from the Military and Nobles, and since you have yet to mention white horses, magical animals, or special devices, it is done by their officers or other Finest... correct me if I am wrong)

Okay things you need to do: Caldania, Gryphon Home, The Empire, and something about the general people. You will have all your setting material set up.
Voted Zylithan
November 12, 2005, 16:23
I like the details you gave about their training and their weapons (in the other post) because without those details it would seem like a generic elite guard. Do the finest wear armor - is it standard issue, or not? I'm surprised they have so much training in stealth and breaking and entering. Often kingdoms may have a separate force for the... more sundry needs. Interesting to have one elite force for both (or maybe there are different wings within the force?) Your posts make me curious to know more about this kingdom.. who are they fighting in wars and why?
Voted Cheka Man
November 13, 2005, 13:16
Every Kingdom or Queendom should have a force like this.
November 13, 2005, 18:19
Something else I thought of: a lot of stress is given to being "of the line of the original finest", both in this post and in the Gryphon Knights post. However, especially as they are quite numerous, many "of the line" people will not be in this guard. Some may be other soldiers, some nobles, but some perhaps have just become ordinary commoners. I could see being "of the line" to being something to be proud of and giving some status (similar to the way being descended from the Prophet is for Muslims). You could see a situation like this:

"Daniel was only an ordinary carpenter who had never held a sword in his life. However, he was of the line of the finest and he knew what to do when the marauders came." Being "of the line" would not only give him the courage he needed to act, it would also give him the status to inspire his fellow villagers to rally to put up stockades and defend their village.
Voted CrimsonShadow
December 2, 2005, 16:20
Very nice post and I definitely agree with Iain on the growth issue. There diverse training is a good way to keep them thought highly of by the public too.
Voted Pariah
January 9, 2006, 22:34
Okay,I slap myself on the wrist for taking so long to read this. Good job, and Im editing my Swords vote too.
Voted axlerowes
January 12, 2013, 18:34
In the reality of the game world, one has to wonder if like in the real world there is gap between the ideal or intended product and the real product.
March 17, 2014, 14:37
Since this is obviously a Romantic Fantasy inspired post (You know, Lackey, Pierce, LeGuin, McCaffrey), so there will be less "realistic gap" and more ideal.
Voted valadaar
February 27, 2014, 13:27
Only voted

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