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June 16, 2009, 12:43 pm

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Relentless Kiss of Molten Rage


A black sword, blessed with elemental power, and tainted with hatred and rage

Zawor's Gift

Most elementals of fire and earth, those molten beings whose forms shift and appear more like demons than elementals, are known for their fierce temper and endless ability to bear a grudge. Zawor, a prince among the molten kith of lava and stone is a paragon of anger and vengeance. The elementals have long been in contention with one another, and when the Primerian gods were cast into death or bondage this grew into violence and destruction. The molten stone elementals gained many victories in the wars, many of these were sudden victories, their foes overrun and destroyed often barely knowing they were under attack. Such success forced the other elementals and spirits to form alliances with one another. Soon, beset by frost and storm, smothering earth, and even renegade firelings the Molten Elementals were in retreat.

Arrogant in the extreme Zawor refused to see his demense fall before the onslaught of spirits of seawater and stormwinds. The prince gave an ultimate sacrifice, granting his living being into the capable hands of a demon smith. With a brass hammer the demon took Zawor and reshaped his physical form, resculpted his spiritual form. In the end, Zawor was slain and perished, but his nigh immortal essence, his connection to elemental power remained. In the place of the Prince of Molten Stone was a sword.

Relentless Kiss of Molten Rage

Relentless Kiss is a two handed sword easily five and a hald feet long. The blade is an impressive three inches wide at the base and tapers to an offset point. The sword is single edged, and thick enough to survive even the most rigorous of combat, even if it wasnt innately magical. The metal has a glossy black finish, and there were hints of color and movement deep in the steel. This is the actual elemental force within the living weapon, and prolonged observation reveals the steady movement of reds and oranges within the glossy depths of the blade. There can be no doubt, looking at this weapon, that it is a thing of power.

Created through self sacrifice, arrogance, rage, and tainted with demonic labor, Relentless Kiss is a bringer of sorrow and suffering. As a sword, the weapon is exceptional. Metal armors provide little defence from the sword, unless those armors are specially forged to withstand not only impact, but heat as well. Leather and other natural armors provide no protection against the blade. Magical armors and protective spells retain their magical protections, but gain no bonuses from the base materials. On a side note, spirits that are vulnerable to heat and flame, such as anima spirits (totems) ghosts and undead, and wood spirits suffer maximum melee damage from the weapon.


Relentless Kiss has several activated abilities beyond it's power to cleave through metal armors and bonus damage against oppositional elements.


  • Boiling Steel

Invoked against water and ice elementals, Boiling Steel causes Relentless Kiss to become superheated. The wielder of the blade is immune to this heat. The weapon inflicts maximum damage against water and ice elementals, and deals double damage against mortal foes.

  • Zowar's Bottomless Hatred

This power channels the now mindless rage and anger of Zowar into a powerful blast of volcanic power. This blast deals a significant amount of heat/flame damage as well as creating a pyroclastic explosion. Short version - violent fireball, can be used as a ranged attack.

  • Stone Cutting Grace

Stone Cutting Grace turns the edge of Relentless Kiss into a line of molten stone. This edge makes the weapon ungainly for use in combat, but the blade can be used to cut through stone and metal with great ease.

  • Fury Invoking Mantle

Fury Invoking Mantle is the greatest power of Relentless Kiss. It is difficult to activate and generally only works for masters of the blade who have caused much carnage in the name of the elemental princes, or destroyed many foes of molten stone. The mantle surrounds the wielder with an elemental aura of flame, and allows them multiple attacks, an incidental flame gout attack of opportunity, and when the mantle collapses, it creates a massive pyroclastic explosion. The wielder is not immune to this blast, and as such it is only ever used once. Then the sword gets a new bearer.

Yet Another Uber-sword, Sigh

Super-powerful weapons are a dime a dozen, even if there are only a few of them in any given game setting. What could possibly set Relentless Kiss apart from this plethora of munchkin-esque weaponry?


Zowar was a prince, but he was not without an elemental Princess. Nyurna was the name of his princess, and she was the embodiment of dancing flame and mysterious smoke. During the worst of the elemental wars, Nyurna was captured and placed into bondage by the arch demon Arrkrash. This was one of the many losses that pushed Zowar into destroying himself to become a weapon. His spirit can know peace if one of two events occur, one is if he slays the arch demon himself, the second is if he is reunited with Nyurna. Since Arrkrash has since been slain, this avenue is forever and completely lost to Relentless Kiss.

The Quest

Relentless Kiss is slowly drawing closer and closer to where Nyurna is languishing in bondage. The PCs can come across this awesome weapon, and be drawn into it's millenial search for it's soulmate. A basic long term Hide and Seek campaign can be built around researching the potential location of Nyurna, the fate of Arrkrash, and fighting the foes who are routinely drawn to Relentless Kiss.

Nyurna's Fate

Arrkrash found Nyurna beautiful to look upon, but the gorishly ugly arch-demon was constantly denied by the maiden of flame. Prisoner or not, Arrkrash could not force himself on her for she could turn her entire body into liquid flame, and even an Arch-Demon can be painfully burned by such. Arrkrash, in a twist similar to Zowar's, had Nyurna shaped into a weapon. But the Arch-Demon's skill was greater and though Nyurna exists as a blue-white spear named Wolih, or Longing, she still retains her intellect and living spirit. This weapon can be found in the ruins of Arrkrash's flooded Hell Domain. Her aspect as fire prevented the minions of Ma-O from siezing her weapon form.

Should the two weapons be brought together and simply touched together, the love of the two beings will overcome their reshaping. Nyurna will appear as a tall naked woman strongly resembling an elf made of blueish white flame, her voice is light and sweet and her manners are coy and shy. Zowar will revert to a brutish form not unlike a troll or ogre made of slowly bubbling lava. Nyurna will protect the PCs from this exposure if they are not already protected.

The Prince of Molten Stone is in a deep coma-like state, and Nyurna will offer the PCs her thanks and perhaps a token from her body, a ring forged of an unknown white metal. After this she will depart with Zowar's body. The Ring can be used to contact Nyurna, who will be willing to help the PCs for their assistance, after a fashion. She is willing to share what she knows, some bit of fire aspected spellcraft, and the like. she can also send a few fire elemental servitors if the PCs did exceptional service to help, to coming herself if they used means to restore Zowar to his sentience (Wish spell, full restoration spell)

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Comments ( 9 )
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Voted Pieh
June 16, 2009, 15:40
A beautiful tale of lost love; also a nice twist for an uber-weapon. I was halfway through thinking, "OK, lots of nifty uber-powers with truly epic names, but why would Scras write this? I would expect a poorly worded version of this from any newbie, but Scras? No; there has to be more." And I was pleased with the outcome. You have written a campaign arc here, and I love it! I have always been a sucker for elemental powers, and the "in-between" elementals (Ice, Magma, Ooze, Smoke, Etc.) only sweeten the deal.

You have made my day, Sir.
Voted valadaar
June 16, 2009, 19:15
Very cool - and the reference to Arrkrash is very cool too.

Excellent ubersword! Nicely done!

Voted Cheka Man
June 16, 2009, 20:21
Very good. Can Zowar be healed?
June 17, 2009, 8:33
Zowar can indeed be healed, but this would require some epic hocus-pocus, since he has been technically dead and sword-y for several thousand years. I would suggest very high level magic ala the Wish spell, or a circle of efreet djinni doing some exhaustive fire dance, or the divine intercession of a healing god, fire god, or benevolent god of death.
Voted RGTraynor
June 17, 2009, 13:09
It's a hell of an entry all around; just the "it's" where "its" should be prevents highest marks. I absolutely plan to use this in my campaign.
Voted Siren no Orakio
June 17, 2009, 20:33
Never be ashamed of a good story. This is very good. It is not how I would have told the story, but that is immaterial to the fact that this is a good submission. Don't be ashamed that it is strong if it has a reason to be strong, and a world around it where it needs to be strong.

Personally, I would write the story, interleave it with the story of a wielder that demonstrates the powers and why they are necessary outgrowths of the story, and leave a neat little block of 'here's the powers I suggest, have fun', but that's just my approach to the high power level - it may or may not work for you.
June 18, 2009, 0:18
That's the kind of story I would have put into the fluff text if I had used any in this submission. As for shame, I'm not sure I follow you.
Voted Redgre
January 14, 2010, 9:25
Very, very nice. Like the weapon, like the story, and I like how it all ends. Golf clap.
Voted MysticMoon
March 28, 2011, 16:40

Nice. I do enjoy elemental creatures and powers and this delivers, while also adding in characters that feel rage, loss, pride, and love.

My favorite part is the Fury Invoking Mantle: The wielder is not immune to this blast, and as such it is only ever used once. Then the sword gets a new bearer.

A sword that can vaporize its wielder in a suicide attack has crossed over into a new class of uber. :)

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