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December 31, 1969, 6:00 pm

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Pulca Underground Ruins


A mystic ruin that is well guarded by the family of Dro’Hizzir a great upper class of Shadow Warriors.  This is unknown to everyone except for Dro’Hizzir.  Knowledge that is only passed down from his forefathers and ancestors alike.  Well underground in the city of Pulca. The entrance is found in Dro’Hizzir’s office in his ancestorial vault (that has riches in it as well).  In the back of his vault is a narrow tunnel way big enough to fit a normal man in that leads to a ruin of his dead Ancestors and riches of the deceased.

A mystic ruin that is well guarded by the family of Dro’Hizzir a great upper class of Shadow Warriors.  This is unknown to everyone except for Dro’Hizzir.  Knowledge that is only passed down from his for fathers and ancestors alike.  For Dro’hizzir sadly enough is the last of his family line.  This information will pass on sadly to the new ruler of Pulca, but his family tradition will not. 

Well underground in the city of Pulca.  The entrance is found in Dro’Hizzir’s office behind his ancestorial vault (that has riches in it as well).  A ruin of his dead Ancestors and riches of the deceased.  The ruin is lined with gold and has bronzed hallways.  The hallways lead to his ancestors catacombs and also thier family’s riches.  This is no ordinary tomb it is guarded by many enchantments and spells.  It also has a series of booby traps and pitfalls.

The riches consist of gold manily, a diamond bigger than a guantlet, and a family heirloom sword that is mystically enchated.  This sword was used to kill off the Chaos that invaded Pulca 1000’s of years in the past. 


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Comments ( 2 )
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September 23, 2003, 5:47
Interesting. It adds a new level to the whole Pulca scenario. What were the ruins originally? How extensive are they? Does anything still live there? Why was Dro'Hizzir's family assigned to guard it?

September 25, 2003, 20:18
Good questions. The ruins were originally a great city of the old world also named Pulca. Yet after many years of war the city was leveled beyond belief and the rubble was buried by weather and the Earth basically itself. The rebuilding process came in and the city called off treaties with all thier enemies and also rebuilt it this time smaller and overtop the ruins. This making the city to small to be a threat and big enough to hold population. They are actually bigger than Pulca. They are vast and have small cave creatures and I am thinking of adding maybe a big creature to guard what treasure I am about to add. The Dro'Hizzir's have been there ever since the city was built and founded. The family was sworn to protect the city for the rest of thier family line. I will add this and more later I have been very busy lately with school work and otther things and am sorry for not adding more so quickly my sincere apologizes will be done in a week or so porbably in a few days give me time and I will give you a stroy of eternity.
Thank-you hope I helped out with any question.

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