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October 16, 2006, 4:56 am

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The spy starring in Sabotage, part 2. He may be a double-edged character.

Special Equipment:

Most important is the Ruby Ring, a token of kings favour. All people know this item and it is a matter of pride to meet such a person and possibly help him/her. That said, to avoid not-needed attention, it is mostly hidden under his gloves, shown only when the need is. (the ring may be a fake, see below) As an adept forger Procca rarely carries forging equipment, but usually has documents to support his current mission and convict those, that dont believe so easily. Usually has a short sword, should the need be, but as a merchant or even a diplomat can be expected to have bodyguards around.

Appearance and Behaviour:

He dresses for the occasion, but mostly wears somewhat conservative looks. May touch the Ruby Ring gently and show it around, IF he chooses to show it at all. Sometimes a merchant’s sense for bussiness comes to surface, but dislikes haggling and will avoid it if possible.

Personally, he is not very assuming - lightbrown hair, medium tall, more sinew than muscle. He stays somewhat in shape, more the remains of high-action years, than any recent working out. Preferring to be cleanly shaved, the ladies he approaches for information would also notice his green eyes, a rarity among his folk. Not so unassuming anymore, with his charm and attention he can become an amusing companion.


For young Procca, life never seemed to offer something exciting. His future was clear. His father was a merchant with all kind of foods, and he could expect the same job. Even the occasional travels of his father made not too interesting stories. But something was there, something HAD to be out there in the wide world. The job for a boy of his age was but counting of packs of fruit and meaningless wares.

A slight improvement was the school he was sent to. The Academy made boys to men, or so it intended. Included were the dreaded History, the much craved Basics of Fencing, and many things neeeded (or less needed) for sons of merchants, clerks and others of the middle class. Procca enjoyed the World-lore seminar (Geography), learned a few languages, discovered a minor talent for Calligraphy and even Acting. The true paradise reigned behind the walls of his college. Forbidden card games (sometimes for real money!), occasional fights, a few friendships, sneaking after the closing hours, scary stories at midnight, all was possible.

A wonderful time has passed. Procca returned to his father and enjoyed it all, for a time. Bussiness here and there, boredom returned, though a journey to another kingdom promised some change. And uncle Tim showed up again. Giving the usual half-humoured advices, he also recommended to keep an eye on movement of soldiers, for they sometimes make the merchants life harder. That was strange, even for his favourite uncle Tim. Tim was an old family friend, that always enjoyed fathers long boring stories about his travels, and still asked for more details. Occasionally he came up with an idea good for business, or a rumour to stop his fathers journey. And he never failed.

The journey took some time, thinking about uncle Tim took more. But getting information on troops, weaponry, movements, plans and some weak points took surprising little time. Uncle Tim was surprised and glad, till the young man asked what is it all for…

Roleplaying Notes:

Procca is now about 30. He is already behind the “James Bond” phase, with action expected behind every corner, but has a deep liking for the job: playing with people, making them do what you want and working with important information.

A trained and tried spy, Procca can take on the form of a diplomat, be polite, tell as little or as much as needed. Also, he has no problem to play a merchant expertly, even if he detests the little haggling and bargaining. These are his two most used guises.

Uncle Tim may be still around if needed and would help if Procca would call. While over 60 and out of active service, experience is still there. May play a father, other diplomat or a mentor (he was Proccas teacher afterall).

Procca is not the spy of the kingdom he appers to be…
This option includes a great deal of lying. But Procca likes it most when he has not to lie, but merely let others think what he wants. So if he says “I serve the King!”, he is absolutely true :-) Hiring people to prevent a war may happen without a single lie, so even magic may not help against a cunning tongue.

In this case the Ruby Ring is surely a fake, even if of high quality. Procca will be doubly careful who to show it, and to avoid people who might really know about the real ring, or would speak about it freely.

In this case are all missions given by Procca double-edged: help someone other then expected…

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Comments ( 3 )
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November 5, 2005, 15:43
Three years, 1373 views, and no comments? Tsk. Tsk.
October 15, 2006, 20:12
Good NPC, but a few details missing.

What does he look like?
October 16, 2006, 5:21
No need to quote, a question would be enough - seems I concentrated more on the Behaviour part of Appearance and Behaviour, so corrected. Also gave me an opportunity to link the subs. Thanks for the reminder!

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