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May 3, 2009, 9:56 pm

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Natasha Tchakov


Because someone must come up with new ways to kill.

A relatively young woman for her profession, Natasha Borisovna Tchakov comes in at perhaps her early-to-mid-thirties. She is of medium height, standing at about 5’3", or 160 cm, and has black hair which hangs down to her shoulders, though she almost always ties it up (a necessity in her line of work). 
Schooled at Cambridge, she has only a hint of a Russian accent when speaking English, though her background is not something she tries to hide. When conversing, her normal tendency is to talk over the heads of whomever she’s speaking to, though her awareness of this can lead to her treating others almost insultingly like children.
While she has not fully inherited her mother’s good looks (a fact which does not overly upset her), she is moderately attractive, possibly by virtue of her devotion to keeping herself fit.
Noteworthy is that she almost always wears gloves to hide her left hand, which is a mechanical recreation. 
Born in St. Petersburg to the famous businessman Boris Tchakov, owner of Losibelka Industries, and his trophy wife, Natasha grew up in a wealthy family. Never particularly fond of her mother, Natasha spent most of her time as a child with her father, at least when not at school. Natasha’s brilliance was noticeable even in her childhood, and she was quickly removed from public school and assigned a private tutor. She excelled in the maths and sciences, and was accepted to Cambridge at a reasonably young age.
While there, Natasha studied primarily biology and chemistry, specializing particularly in human anatomy. After graduating, she spent a number of years with various teams of scientists before returning to her father’s company, Losibelka. She has since worked in the research division of the weapons-manufacturing corporation.
While at Losibelka, she has devised a number of biological and chemical weapons, many of which are manufactured and sold. She at least tries to keep her developments humane, if not pleasant. While doing her research, she occasionally happens upon compounds which, while not usable for violent purposes, may have some other applications, and she generally tries to forward these to her comrades in other fields of science.
The loss of her left hand was relatively recent, an unfortunate result of an experiment with chemicals which she had expected to have less explosive results; it was only by calling in a few favors and lending out her knowledge of anatomy that she was able to have her replacement hand manufactured. Though the replacement works just as well as her real hand, the accident has nonetheless served to remind her of her own vulnerability, and she has become almost paranoid about the possibility of losing her other hand.
Special Equipment
Natasha has little in the way of unusual equipment. She generally carries only a few safety measures with her - a can of Mace, some disinfectant, maybe a gas mask, and possibly a bit of antibiotics. 
Her most significant piece of gear would be her cybernetic hand, which functions generally similarly to a normal one, though it can exert considerably larger amounts of force. It is otherwise connected to her nervous system, and functions generally just like her right hand, though she tends to favor her left hand for any task which she perceives as dangerous. Noteworthy is that she is capable of detaching the hand from her nervous system without touching it, for the event that she accidentally spills something unpleasant on it.
Roleplaying Notes
Natasha is generally a friendly person, in spite of her unpleasant field of work. She generally enjoys conversation, though as mentioned before she can have a difficult time acclimating to the proper intellectual level of a given individual. Usually willing to lend others her scientific knowledge, she has a number of friends among her peers, and should she not know something, she can almost certainly get in touch with someone who does. It is noteworthy that, though she specializes in Biology and Chemistry, those are by no means her only fields of knowledge.
Natasha is extremely fond of her father, and working at Losibelka is in large part her way of showing family loyalty. She is considerably less fond of her mother, more because the two of them have almost nothing in common then because of any active dislike. Boris is one of Natasha’s favorite people to speak with, both because she loves him dearly and because his expertise is in one of the fields she has relatively little knowledge of. Unfortunately, when her mother is present, she generally feels that she has to dumb down her conversation, and this has not improved her feelings for the woman.
Indeed, Natasha’s favorite woman to be around would most likely be June Sherman, an American entomologist with whom she roomed while at Cambridge. While June isn’t as intelligent as Natasha is, she is smart enough to be an intriguing conversationalist for Natasha, and the two of them have at least vaguely similar scientific backgrounds. June is one of the two people whose advice Natasha will almost certainly listen to (the other person being her father).
In general, she has few to no qualms about doing what she does, considering weapons development as essential a field of science as medicine, and since she works for a company which supplies professional soldiers, she has been known to argue that it is better for the professionals to have her weapons than for terrorists or irresponsible citizens to be the only people who have them. Remember that she grew up the daughter of a man who makes his living manufacturing and selling weapons.
In the unfortunate event that Natasha finds herself in a fight, she can rely only on a few self-defense courses, whatever weapons she may be carrying, and her remarkable knowledge of how the human body works and how to make it stop working.
Plot Hooks
At her core, Natasha fits neatly into the brilliant scientist archetype, and that is probably the most obvious way to use her. Other plot hooks:
1. Most Obvious One first: Natasha has been kidnapped by terrorists/a rival company/some other group of people who shouldn’t be allowed to have a world-renowned weapons designer. The PCs need to rescue her.
2. Use her James Bond style: The bad guys have some horrible weapon, and her scientific knowledge is the only way to stop it (or the only readily-available way, at least). The PCs need to get her to the weapon, and, hopefully, back away from it again, without either her or them being killed.
3. Natasha may be a weapons developer on the losing side of a war. Now she is to be tried for war crimes. Perhaps the PCs need to catch her for the trial, perhaps they’d prefer to help her escape, or perhaps they merely need to interview those who worked with her to gather evidence one way or the other.
4. Being the daughter of a wealthy businessman, Natasha attends large social events relatively frequently. A PC attending one could meet her, and potentially be shocked when he later finds out that the young woman he spoke with only the night before was also the one responsible for creating the virus bomb that destroyed that city the other week.

5. In a supers game, Natasha could be one of the parties responsible for the accidental creation of a superhero (or supervillain, of course). In either case, she could become an important contact for the PCs, and someone whom they can’t allow to fall into enemy hands.

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Comments ( 10 )
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January 18, 2009, 13:18
Updated: I feel like this needs:
1. More
2. Something to make her less generic

Any ideas on what's missing?
January 19, 2009, 11:39
Her motivation? She doesn't really have any obvious drivers apart from not wanting to lose her other hand.

Why such a field? She needs a real motivation to enter such a baleful business.
January 19, 2009, 22:11
Other than the chemical reaction and the Cambridge degree, she sounds like an ex-girlfriend of mine :)

I like some of the subtle personality touches you gave her. She is understated and solid. Mayhaps another motivation is her love for her father? Also, any relationships of note?
January 21, 2009, 17:27
She also fits neatly into the brilliant evil mastermind archetype. I'm not saying you should make her one, but it would be extremely easy to frame her for something like that. Speaking of... does she have some enemies? (If she doesn't, the company may have.) Sometimes it's the quality of enemies that tells the most about a man - or a woman.
January 26, 2009, 20:33
Updated: Updated: Alright, I think I've hit on the questions mentioned.

I've left out enemies because any enemies she has are going to be a bit on the dull side - they'll either just be people who dislike her for her work, or they'll be business rivals, and either way there's not much to say about them.

So I think she's basically done.
Voted manfred
January 27, 2009, 15:34
Understated and solid, that is a good summary, a character that will hold a part of the plot. I would still point out, that she is easy to frame for some major evilness, so the PCs may need to investigate her for this reason as well.

Perhaps there is something in her work she would love to achieve - the perfect non-lethal stun weapon, the ultimate gun detector, anything - she should dream of achieving something exceptional.

I like that you have left out her mother's name. It tells a lot.
May 3, 2009, 21:56
Updated: Updated: Fixed some typos which were bugging me and added a new plot hook.

As a small challenge, the vast majority of the names in this sub (and the related Putnazad Armor) are homages to one particular television program. Guesses as to which (it's not that hard)?
Voted klauston
May 13, 2009, 1:49
Interesting character. I like her although the only motivation I see is her dedication to her father. I like the idea of using her as an evil mastermind in a supers game.
Voted Scrasamax
May 13, 2009, 8:47
Not bad, a good lead for a Evil Overlord's lieutenant scientist or weapons master. The family side and vulnerabilities give her a James Bondian weakness that I like. All and all, solid.
Voted Silveressa
January 30, 2011, 22:26

A solid support NPC to fill the necessary role  in  with enough human touches to make her believable and rather likeable. 

I do agree with others though the gal seems to be lacking a bit in any ultimate dreams or goals. Perhaps she desires to see her cybernetic marvel of a hand enter more wide spread use among  amputees? (Veteran soldiers especially)

Also, perhaps putting a space between each plot hook in #1-4 would help break up the wall of text and make that area a lot easier to read. 

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