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November 2, 2014, 11:35 am

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NPC List For 1640s Demon Hunting

Time for me to give another crack at listing out NPCs for my campaign. A work in progress as the game is ongoing.
Table of Contents

    Galway, Ireland

    Murchad Ua Brian:
    Son and Regent of Earl Rory Ua Brian, Murchad is the highest ranking noble currently within the city of Galway. Murchad is a military man, commonly cited as one of the best soldiers in the entire nation. He remains a bachelor despite the consternation of the Catholic Contingent within Ireland. Aware of the supernatural, Murchad is a Dhamphir bastard who is not his father's trueborn son- a fact that he jealously hides at almost any cost.
    • One of the strongest fighters in Ireland
    • Capable administrator and leader
    • Cold, calculating and analytical
    Rory Ua Brian:
    The Earl of Galway, Rory is a strong Catholic supporter who is currently in Dublin attempting to deal with the problems presented by Protestant settlers. There's a high likelihood he may end up very high in the command structure of any army that attempts to revolt against English rule. Rory is aware of his son's supernatural nature and has raised him as his own anyways.
    • Benevolent
    • Failing heart
    • Effective politician and orator
    Lars the Undertaker:
    Lars has been the undertaker of Galway for longer than anyone can remember. All estimates are that he's well over 80 years old and he shows no signs of slowing down.
    • Is horribly deluded about the nature of undead
    • May be unaging/immortal
    • Isn't lying when he says nothing undead/spiritual has risen out of his graveyard
    • Gives one of the PCs access to bodyparts and bodies upon request.
    James Corwin
    Local monster hunter. Corwin stands to inherit a barony in England upon the death of his father, who is currently convalescing in the countryside. Corwin is an avid hunter of the the supernatural, even spending a ridiculous amount of money on a prototype breach loading rifle. Corwin aggressively buys and sells 'Indentured Servants' (effectively slaves), having a special fondness for Lycanthropes.
    • Protestant and wealthy
    • Is frequently contracted by Iscariot for jobs
    • Sends his Lycanthrope manservants out to hunt monsters without regard for their safety
    • Jealous of other monster hunting groups, especially Magnus von Tyrsson (A player character)
    • Is best friends with Asmund, a Norse Mummy.
    • Tried to shoot Sir Sinclar (Another Player Character) while he was in the middle of a duel.
    Father James Michaels
    The local head of Iscariot for Galway, Father Michaels is known to be on the outs with the Catholic church in general- except for his strange capabilities when facing supernatural threats. Fond of drink, women and gambling, Michaels usually delegates his sermons to a deacon, and frequently misses mass.
    • Ridiculously lucky
    • Very good at seeing the big picture
    • Good with money despite his debauchery
    • Has fathered 10+ children
    • Been on more than a few monster hunts that went Sideways
    • Genre-savvy
    Mother Rebecca
    Mother Rebecca is the librarian of the Iscariot Library within Galway, a good resource for information on the supernatural.
    • Never helps anyone find books in the restricted section of the library (which composes 95% of the library)
    • Is most likely an Angel
    • Dislikes Magnus
    • On surprisingly good terms with Father Michaels.
    • Unemotional and efficient
    Warden Nolan
    The head jailor for the Iscariot prison within Galway, The Warden has worked tirelessly for forty years to ensure that the prison remains secure and that no potential escapes succeed. Nolan wields his power with an iron fist over his domain, being fully willing to clash with Iscariot if their wishes run counter to his goal of keeping his prisoners contained.
    • Was once human, and has been warped by the ceremony that created him as Warden.
    • Very Single-minded and unwavering to his mission
    • Not a strong believer in rehabilitation
    Ultana "Twit" Mercer
    A rival to Siobhan's (A PC) design on James Corwin, Twit is a local Irish/English noblewoman who has wealthy parents in both countries.
    • Amoral, devious and sadistic
    • Totally willing to resort to hired thugs
    • Genuinely likes James Corwin
    • Totally in the dark on the supernatural.
    James Corwin's best friend and confidant. Asmund is about six hundred years old, being born right at the end of the Viking Age. Asmund is a formidable warrior, helped along by the fact that he is in truth a Draugr, returned from the grave to exact revenge on the man who originally killed him almost six hundred years ago.
    • Apolitical, lives on the fringes of society and remains uninvolved whenever possible
    • Frequently hunts with James Corwin
    • Does a good job of blending into society so as to avoid suspicion
    • Not adverse to murder or other crimes, but doesn't have any particular compulsions to commit crimes
    • His soul is linked to his axe, which he always carries with him.
    • Numerous supernatural capabilities- increased strength, durability, weight and so on.
    Bishop Saul O'Hara
    Current religious head of Galway. Was part of a conspiracy with Barrister Selmy. See full submission for details.

    Barrister Jarlath Selmy
    A Barrister who moved to Galway a few years ago, Selmy is in fact a demon who has set into motion a plan to take over Ireland and eventually invade Scotland and England at the head of an undead/demonic horde.

    Harvey Macfinn.
    A well respected hunter originally from Scotland. Harvey is generally serious and reserved, not getting to know others easily. This is due to his curse as a Loup-garou, the most deadly extant form of lycanthropy that exists. Every full moon Harvey turns into an unstoppable killing machine- a curse that he desperately hopes to have broken at some point.
    • Believes he is responsible for the death of his family during one of his transformations
    • Moved to Ireland to escape people who were getting close to learning his secret
    • Hunts monsters whenever he can to help attone for his actions.
    • Extremely capable archer

    The village of Letterfrack


    Father Smith
    The local priest. Devout, pious, and utterly unsuited to any kind of leadership or command role outside of church affairs. Cowardly.

    Blacksmith John Smith
    Local blacksmith, Catholic Englishman who moved to Ireland to escape debts. Husband of June, father of Henry, Hugo and George.
    • Strong sense of duty to his community
    • Prior military duty
    • Strong but starting to decline in agility as he grows older
    • All three of his sons are capable fighters, although green and a little overconfident.
    Gael Oak
    Herbalist and midwife. Friends with Niamh, wife of Muiread (Player Character Alchemist).
    • Questionable knowledge about fairies
    • Decent cures and tonics
    • Local busy-body, gossip and snoop
    • Has a very public affair with a married man


    Dracula (Yes, that Dracula):

    Supposedly killed by Magnus, in truth he still lives. Dracula is widely rumored to be the originator of all vampires, as well as the strongest specimen alive. Due to rumors of his death being greatly exaggerated, Dracula is currently laying low and forming plans while he's likely to be uninterrupted. In his absence a power vacuum has developed, which threatens to cause war among the ancient vampires. Those in the know fear such a war could cause a great deal of collateral damage.

    Abaseth the Tailor:

    A Bone Stitcher who has been summoned to Ireland by Barrister Selmy, Abaseth currently goes along with the Barrister's plan because it is convenient. Once working with the Barrister is no longer convenient, Abaseth intends to use his body for multiple experiments he has in mind.

    Zepar the Seducer:

    An incubus whose affections strike women barren. Zepar is jovial and friendly, with a bad habit of seducing Catholic Irishwomen because he finds it amusing.
    • Supernatural good looks and charisma
    • Subtle mind control powers
    • Skilled combatant
    • Most other denizens of Hell consider him childish and insignifcant
    • Not actually evil, despite his nature
    • Seeks a way to escape the curse of deviltry

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    Comments ( 8 )
    Commenters gain extra XP from Author votes.

    Voted Murometz
    November 2, 2014, 1:10
    Doesn't get more "flavorful" than this. You're forcing the reader to transport to your world. Very nice. Very specific.
    Voted Aramax
    November 2, 2014, 7:02
    4.5/5 Very good list
    November 2, 2014, 11:33
    Update 1. Added a few people to Galway, Added Letterfrack and the Monstrous section in their entirety (thus far).

    To do: I should blurb about the PCs right at the beginning I guess. Need to fill in more gaps, especially within Galway and the various political organizations that exist.
    November 2, 2014, 13:17
    Is it just me or is the formatting all fubar?
    November 2, 2014, 16:05
    The top of the submission and the table of Contents doesn't look great but otherwise it doesn't look that bad on my end...
    November 3, 2014, 17:31
    A Bone Stitcher, a 17th century priest from Galway, an Incubus(!), and Dracula walk into a bar...
    November 3, 2014, 22:30
    Don't forget the angel. (Although Mother Rebecca is the least of the party's worries on that front- not that they know that yet!)
    Voted valadaar
    November 4, 2014, 14:44
    Great details! Excellent characters/ Good stuff!


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