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February 23, 2012, 1:20 pm

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Decepticon Military Scientist ca  1987

Partial Field Report from Special Agent Dale Cooper FBI, filed April 1st 1987



I hope you are enjoying the Pagan New Year, and tell your son Joshua congratulations on the chess tournament; a mind that masters chess is…well…moving along. Before we get to today’s report I want you to take a Letter.

To Agent Chester Desmond,

I was able to visit the “Pie and Sky” bakery that you recommend in Portsmouth Ohio on my way back from Indiana. Thank you very much the recommendation, it was a rare treat to find a fresh baked minced meat pie on this side of Atlantic.   Yet, Chester I would feel remiss if I did not mention that while the minced meat was well prepared and spiced, the crust was somewhat uncommitted. I had a dozen examples sent to your field office in Seattle enjoy.

My Thanks,

Dale Cooper           

Okay Diane on to today's update for the field report.  It is 7:32 am March 31st, 1987 I have had four cups of coffee and I am one my way to the CIA headquarters in Langley Virginia to brief the joint FBI, NASA, CIA committee on Cybertronian affairs.  The intelligence and law enforcement communities have been in good spirits ever since the planet Cybertron left the earth’s orbit, and I share that enthusiasm.  It is an odd joy, the joy that comes after watching the horrible spectacle of your species approaching precipice of extinction and then be carried safely away from that edge by giant alien robots.   But as Carl Jung said, “the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness” However, my recent discoveries in Indiana may tip that balance toward the darkness.  The cattle mutilations in Indiana, and missing persons were not a hoax nor the actions of some fringe cult.  I have several consistent and detailed “eye witness” accounts of an unidentifiable flying object hovering in the vicinity of all the disappearances. What is even more disturbing is that, in cooperation with local law enforcement, I was able to locate several of the missing people’s remain. Their remains, and I feel I must call them that, were fused with some type of Cybertronian technology.  We uncovered what appeared to be a make shift laboratory that I believe was being used by a yet unidentified transformer, or transformers, to carry out experiments testing a fusion of human biology with Cybtertronian technology. Full report to be delivered along with these tapes. 




Mutatron's Background

Mutatron has not been on Earth long.  Millions of years ago he was designed as a military scientist by Deceptiocn Engineers as part of one of the many failed attempts expand the Decepticon influence beyond Cybertron.  He was part of the Decepticon attempt to invade and subjugate the world called Vengar, a lush geologically active planet, populated by a race of intelligent reptiles. With the assistance of the Autobot advisors, the Vengar managed to repulse the Decepticon invasion.  Mutatron returned to Cybertron as part of a disgraced and shared force, but he took away from that experience an interest in biological combatants.  His interest was not shared or respected by his Decepticon superiors, but his programming was not the type to keep his ideas restrained.  Over the centuries he saw his share of energon decreased as was his role in Decepticon military action.  By the time the Earth bound Decepticon’s contacted Cybertron he was like most transformers on Cybertron:  surviving on minimal energy in a state of near hibernation.  Yet news of another biological world excited him.  When Cybertron was freakishly pulled into Earth’s orbit, he took his chance, rewrote his principle program and since he is capable of space flight made his way to earth independently.     




March 25th 1987, the events discussed herein took place on March 24th 1987

“To  be honest, I wasn’t surprised when I saw that thing.  Earth is being overrun by robots.”

Interviewer asks if he saw a Robot

“No, I saw this flying futuristic space ship thing, it looked kind of like great big guitar pick, with a big dark red globe or marble shoved in the middle.  Or wait, more like a marble with a guitar pick shoved in the middle, you know sort of pushing through

Interviewer suggests a word

“Yeah bisecting. Any way it was reddish and gave off a very faint glow. But there were blue lights at each corner of the pick or triangle and that is what I noticed first. In the back there were three cylanders, kind of like jet engines but with out air intakes, kind of evenly spaced, bisected by the pick, but sort of sticking out too.  The end of cylinders  were kind of sticking away from the back, those gave a off blue light kind of just like a bright butane flame.”

Inverviewer ask him to describe the action of the object

“It passed over me and Vern, we had our boat up by the side of the lake kind of undersome trees, and it was flying sort of parrell wit the lakes surface like this”

Interviewee hold his hand out flat over the table top

“We watched it go pretty far, Monroe is a big lake. The sun was coming up soon, so we could kind of see, and watch it. Then it stopped, and float there above the lake.  The bulb or marble got little brighter and this cone of bright orange light shot of from the bottom of the thing onto the top the lakes suface.  From where we were could see the figure of man being taken up the beam, like floating up , going into the thing. Then it just took off, moved higher into the sky and headed east.  Well we took our boat out there, and sure enough we saw where that beam hit, there was empty bass boat with nobody in it floating out there, the cooler was full of ice and beer, baited hook still in the water."


Since arriving on earth Mutatron has yet to rejoin the rest of the Decepticons. Instead, after harvesting enough energon from relatively small sources, he began to travel rural north America looking for human subjects.  Mutatron believes that human cyborgs will be the future of warfare, and that if the Decepticons are going to effectively mine earths resources they will need a labor force made of earthlings.   He has managed to build  small laboratory which with he tests his cyborg designs on kidnapped human subjects.  Thus far he has been unsuccecessful at producing a subject that survived the procedure.  He is reluctant to try and rejoin the main force of Decepticons on Earth until he has succeed in developing a successful cyborg model.  He is worried in part that the higher ranking Decepticons will force him to stop his research, but he also want to impress the Decepticon leadership with a finished product when he does return. 


Mutatron's Capabilities: 

Mutatron is a class Two Transformer, and thus is small and low powered compared to the average Deceptiocn.  (The average Decepticon is a Class 3 or 4 Transformer) He has an unusual class 4 alternate form.  Decepticon class 4 alternates are almost always combat vehicles but Mutatron’s alternate form is a “Planetary Survey Yacht” that does not have conventional weaponry.  Instead, of a coventional primary weapon Mutatron is equipped with a Hypno-Tractor beam. The beam paralyzes the mental functions of any intelligent being and can be used to lift them into the Yacht, assuming they fit, or carry them about. The beam only works on single being at a time and if the being is disturbed by a third party while in the beam the mental paralyze effects of the ray are undone.  Mutatron is fond of the Space Yacht form and as such has not taken on an Earth type alternate. 


Mutatron is also an effective engineer, biological surgeon and inventor.  He is still learning the nature of human anatomy and physiology, but taken as a whole he has a very developed skill set with regard to the hard sciences.  In his robot form, his right arm is equipped with a universal tool system that is capable of very quickly fabricating new devices to the fit the job at hand.  This is a particularly useful asset on Earth were Cybertron level technology and tools are scarce. The universal mutli-tool system is what allows him to carry out his research. 


Mutatron's Programming:

Like most AIs, Mutatron has several programming directives.  And like most Transformers he wrote his own primary directive.  This enigmatic ability to imagine a program directive different from the existing programming directives and implement that directive into their programming is what makes the Transformers true independent life forms.  Yet the self-written directive, called the motto, does not replace the hardwired directives.  If presented with an option that satisfies all of his directives than he must chose that one over one that satisfies some of the directives.  If the transformers perceive an even split in among directives will be satisfied by choice, than the option that satisfies the highest-ranking directive is selected.      

Mutatron’s programming directives:

Motto: This replaced his previous motto of “The Biological Model is flawed, I exploit those flaws.”

#1 “The human design is flawed but I shall improve it.”

Decepticon Objectives: Every Decepticon is programmed with these three directives. 

#2 Subjection to Authority: Follow the Commands of Higher Ranking Decepticons

#3 Logistics: Find and secure resources

#4 Self-Preservation: Preserve thy self

Quirk: Over the millions of years of his existence Mutatron's programming has evolved an eccentric directive, which also affects his behavior

#5 Braggart:  Mutatron is compelled to proclaim his greatness, and remind any that will listen of his past successes. 


Mutatron’s Decision to come to Earth:  At the time he was not under direct order not to fly to Earth and he had no direct contact Decepticon superiors.


Mutatron Logic Log entry 2.3283212 x 1011

“Flying to earth is potentially risky, but earth is energy rich and will allow me to research biological material directly. Earth is where my potential utilized and recognized”

Directive One: The human design is flawed but I shall improve it=Full Filled

Directive Two: Subjection to Authority=NO DATA, NOT APPLICABLE

Directive Three: Logistics=Full Filled

Directive Four: Self Preservation=AMBIGOUS DATA, NOT FULLED

Directive Five: Braggart=Full Filled


Current Mission: Blast off for Earth, and improve human design so that they may better serve Decepticon interests. 


 Mutatron’s Next Episode: 

His programming will not let him be content carrying out these experiments in isolation. He wants success, in a large part so that he can rejoin the main Decepticon force and achieve recognition for his success.  He envisions a Decepticon held Earth with an army of human cyborg slaves serving their Decepticon overlords.  Moreover, he envisions telling everyone that he was the one responsible for that world.  




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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted Murometz
February 23, 2012, 11:46

A new Decepticon rises! I will run him by my kids today, see what they think :)

But on a serious note, i like the format, his background, and of course the cherry...braggart.

Voted valadaar
May 30, 2014, 9:13
A well described decepticon. I like it and the interview.
Voted Aramax
February 16, 2015, 7:47
Solid 4/5 Saw goofy name on Commenting Challenge and ran to it. Names not goofy ,its very Decepticon! brought me back to younger days!



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