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December 31, 2005, 1:43 pm

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Magistrate Delgarius


I believe I need to contemplate this further. However, I know that I can reach a proper solution that will resolve the issue. It will take a little time. Not too much mind you. But every piece must be contemplated in turn. Now if you would excuse me.  Oh and if you could allow my Man to look around, I would greatly appreciate it.

Human/ Male/ 60s (he looks older than he is)

The Magistrate is a tall, gaunt man, who age shows in the thinning and sagging of his once powerful form. His features have become stronger and sharper over the years due to sagging and stretching skin. He is almost a caricature now. His eyes are still green, but have lost much of their luster. His greying brown mop is in a bowl cut that was once the height of fashion. It was ill suited for him then as it is now. His clothing is fairly new, of his station, and impeccably kept up.

History/ Background
Magistrates are agents of the State. They help enforce the laws, pass rulings and judgements, make sure the local governance follows the laws and opinions of the state, and take accountings of local wealth and taxes. Each district’s magistrate helps keep the district running well.

Magistrate, all anyone really ever calls him anymore, came from a minor noble family. His superior education and connections allowed him to succeed at the Magistrate’s Test and secure a position.

He has served well for a number of years. His strengths are oration, etiquette, a near perfect memory for noble lines and orders, and the ability to work through the red stamps (bureaucracy). While these are helpful, they are not always enough to complete his duties.

It was true, his first few years as a magistrate were rocky. However, over the years, his prestige and reputation have grown (especially since gaining his assistant). He is well known for his wisdom, reasoning, and ability to find solutions. He is quite well known for it across the land. He is often called in for special cases and events.

Special Equipment
Signet Ring of Office

Several Traveling Trunks

Roleplaying notes
He seems a bit off, like he is not really here.

He has a grand fatherly air about him. Sometimes that can be annoying, as he treats full grown adult men as young children.

He is always polite and usually diplomatic.

He always has a wise saying or carefully chosen phrase ready for every situation (look up a book of quotations). He will often be quoting historical and legal references.  Sometimes the relationship to what is going on around him is vague.

He often spends a great deal of time in contemplation, sitting or standing out of the way, his fingers templed and touching his lips. He can stand there for hours, ignoring most of what is around him, all the while his assistant is scurrying around.

The secret to his success is actually Grisus. Grisus’s keen logic and observations provide the best answers in most situations. Grisus has almost no diplomatic skills (except the wisdom to know when to listen), so it takes the Magistrate to take in what Grisus has deduced and present it in a politically and legally appropriate way.

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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted KendraHeart
December 31, 2005, 14:57
January 1, 2006, 5:31
Alone, he is a just the average wise NPCc. But with Grisus they build an interesting pair, both knowing their strong and weak points.

Like them.
Voted manfred
January 1, 2006, 5:32
Only voted

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