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December 14, 2009, 1:57 pm

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Magehunter Blonde


Blonde is one cool dude.

Blonde: More than a man.

Sergio Moler was a mortal, running and gunning on the streets for extra cash, doing odd jobs that no one wanted, and trying to make a name for himself in The City. He was a crack shot and had that attitude, and that look. He just looked so damn cool in everything he did. Riding his motorcycle down the street or shooting up mutants in the sewers, there was just something about him.

As it turns out, he's a Dragon. Yeah, a freakin' Dragon. Now, he didn't even know this until his 30th birthday. Thats when The Order came for him. They explained everything: His heritage, his nobility, his duties... He took to the new life like an drunken Ork to a urinal, dove right in and vomitted his mark all over it. Now he has a name for himself, they just call him Magehunter Blonde. That's what he is, and that's his hair color. Simple as that.


Blonde is one cool dude. He stands about 6 feet tall, and has short cropped bleach blonde hair. With his fade-out shades, long leather jacket, durable denim pants, and worn-out shit-kicker boots: He is one cool dude.

The Order

The Order of the Ever-Bright Serpent, that's The Order we are talking about. Dragons. Yeah, freakin' Dragons. They can't keep their scaled paws out of our world; damn them. But, yeah, thsi Order: They're Magehunters. They believe that mortals have no right to wield the powers of magic, through shamanism, sorcery, or whatever else, they want them dead.

Blonde makes them dead.

Special Equipment

Dragontech. Yeah, freakin' Dragontech. Some of the most crazy shit you've ever seen. From Mana-Sapping Grenades to Blood-Infusion Guns, Blonde has access to it. Here are a few examples of his ususal arsenal:

Blood-Infusion Gun - Sure, it looks like a chrome-plated shotgun. That ain't crhome, it's mithral. This gun has an blood-drawing needle going right into Blonde's right arm. When he fires the gun, the shot takes some of his Dragonblood with it. Dragonblood has proven to be very effective at countering magical effects. You do the math.

Betsy Blue - Blonde's ride, a dusty blue motorcycle. Custom built design with some bitchin pin-stiping and a few fancy Dragontech gadgets. It comes fully equipped with a couple drop-down side-mount Mage-Seeker Missiles. Missiles! On his damn motorcycle!

He also carries a large assortment of regular weaponry and always wears a kevlar vest under his coat when "On duty."

Author's Notes

This is a new venue for me. I think it came out well. Heavy Shadowrun inspiration with some of my own twists and tweaks. I look forward to your comments.


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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted axlerowes
December 15, 2009, 20:58
This is good idea, but its not a character. It is part character, part plot and an lot of chrome.
I think the style in which it is written communicated the flippant and shallow tone you wanted to convey, and in that since it is success. You also convey the imagery involved with your character in a very successful manner.

But you give us no since of the character is and maybe that is intentional. Maybe the character doesn't have a much personalty outside of his personal style, but you can convey that in a more subtle manner. For example you could discuss all the time he spends, trying on pants, the way his method for removing his glasses after a entering room speaks more to how he looks in the room than to what he looks at in the room.

Also, if somebody is truly a cool dude, you don't need to tell anybody that, it should just be evident. Unless you were being ironic, which was not evident.

Overall I liked it, it is a nice starting point.
Voted Redgre
December 18, 2009, 4:23
I echo what axlerowes said to start. In short, if he's one cool dude, what makes him cool besides his clothes? Clothes are not enough.

More on his special equipment might be nice. You've mentioned the motorcycle, the mage seeking missles, the mana-sapping grenades, and the blood-infusion gun, all serving to destroy mages. What about other threats? What about protection from spells? What about dealing with mage summoned creatures and constructs? I would also assume most mage-types have buddies. If you are in the shadowrun world (I immediately thought you were talking Rifts when I started reading your submission) wouldn't it also stand to reason that the mage also carries technology that needs to be surpassed to be a good mage hunter. These a just thoughts on further development of your idea.

Also can he shapechange back (and forth) into a dragon at will? If so does he only retain human form to keep the locals happy? Why not do his hunting in natural form? Just wondering.

It seems to me technology always becomes the enemy to magic in the end. Good stuff.
Voted valadaar
June 11, 2014, 12:11
A good start, but he feels like a cartoon character - a cross between Johnny Test and Buffy.


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