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August 23, 2009, 9:37 pm

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Highwayman's Flintlock


The ornate flintlock pistol of a highwaymen, consecrated to Nahrem, God of the Crossroads


This pistol is simple and solidly-made, lacking the ornate decoration of a nobleman’s dueling-gun but with strong and skillful construction which makes it above-average for a weapon of the lower classes.
It belonged to a highwayman, that is clear, but it is welltaken care of, and is not in the state of decay of most bandits’ equipment. It appears that this particular brigand knew his way around guns. This familiarity with guns makes it probable that this highwayman was a renegade soldier from the Ipsarican army; another clue to this is that the pistol’s design is that of an Ipsarican lower-officer’s sidearm (with the peculiar curled pin which is common in Ipsaria).

On the side of the pistol is enscribed a consecration- it is a tiny image of a robed man with a bandanna on his face, and a few words:
“Starless night, darkened mist, the body swings from the tree”
It is a common simple consecration to Nahrem, the God of Crossroads and patron of highwaymen (among other, darker brotherhoods).

It is a serviceable piece, and will be a fine weapon for an adventurer, particularly one who is suited to and capable with firearms. However, the maintenance of the weapon, as well as the procuring of special gunning alchemy (such as delayed agents, gunner’s mercury, or anodustic acid) can be moderately expensive, though not, by any means, beyond a somewhat successful fighter’s abilities to recompense. The consecration to Nahrem may attract unwanted attention- in some places, a sign of devotion to such a deity will gain a person immediate arrest or even lynching under suspicion of being a bandit or sorceror.

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Comments ( 11 )
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June 21, 2006, 3:04
Hmmm... The picture didn't show up.
Voted Cheka Man
June 21, 2006, 10:23
I like it, a simple and useful item.
Voted MoonHunter
June 21, 2006, 11:03
An interesting idea, not up to the level of execution I expect from CP. The write up is not very clear in spots and seems jumpy. If edited, I will review and change vote.
June 21, 2006, 20:31
Cleaned up the spelling. I'm not sure what else you mean.
Voted Incarnadine
June 21, 2006, 13:49
I agree with Moon. Compared to the Minotauri, this post just sort of lacks the level of flair I normally associate with your stuff.
June 21, 2006, 17:39
I don't understand why this is bad, but the Pictish Axe is not?
June 22, 2006, 13:07
Well for my issues, read it aloud. Then adjust as you would say it, rather than as it is written.

As for the flair, it is just not there. This is a good solid average post.
Cheka Man
June 21, 2006, 21:36
I like it a lot.
August 23, 2009, 21:12
Update: Updated graphic
Voted axlerowes
August 24, 2009, 19:08
I think this is solid, it contains at least two ways this could be a jumping off point to a subplot or an adventure

-it is the side arm of an the officer the bandit, did the bandit steal it from the officer,

-it has devotion of the god on the side

-it could also be a combination of these two facts that lead to something of interest.

I have said this before, but I think post of items and such for gaming suggest more than they say. I think this does that.
Voted valadaar
May 1, 2013, 23:20
Only voted


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