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April 8, 2011, 4:30 pm

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Followers of Kasal


The time has come, our Fathers’ child, to release yourself to His whim and enter into our warm and loving arms. He awaits you on the other side for judgment. Hush now, there is no worries once in his realm as pain and sorrow are no more.

- Priest of Kasal, speaking over a dying soldier.

The Followers of Kasal - Watchers of Spirit -

Kasal dwells in the deepest shadows of the sky and has his minions go down to Hewdamia to gather those who he feels are past time to be embraced by him. He controls the realm of the dead and spirit world, and while he is as strong as the other Gods of the sky, he sometimes has an upper hand when dealing with the others since his power to take those key important people of the others and embrace them unto him. The other Gods walk on silent ground when dealing with the uncaring Kasal. Kasal looks to no mortals as better than any other, all their souls will eventually come to him and he is patient.

Kasal brought the first mortal souls that now walk the world. Rumors say that he is from another world that died, and the first souls he placed here were the remnants of that world. He is the Lord of the Spirit world, the Lord of the Dead. He rules his realm with an iron fist. He hovers over all. He circles the sky above the world seeking out those he deems it is past time for them to return to his realm. He is viewed as the night sky as it is mysterious and dark, like the God that rules it. Those that are sick and wounded, he awaits them patiently for their soul. He may not be the strongest in power, but he has an advantage over the others that they walk on quiet ground when dealing with him. Everyone comes to him sooner or later. Most of his followers are fanatics and crazy. They worship death in all forms. There is not hate or pain in His realm. No sorrow, no happiness. It is just a step in the scheme of the Universe; a time to move on to something better.

Doctrine - Most of the Followers of Kasal are fanatics. They take their faith a step beyond the norm. They believe that they are enforcing his will and will systematically seek out and kill people in the world in their God’s name. Not all are like this however. Others wait to hear the call of their God to see who He wishes to embrace to His realm. The exact balance between male and female shifts constantly. However, even His followers are not immune to His choosing. They simply embrace it when it is time. Not fighting the inevitable.

Major Religious Centers -

Breakdown of the religious Order - Each of the Three Covens (Apostles, Devoted, and Watchers) has a distinctive purpose. Everyone has their assigned task given to them by their God.

Apostles are a group of organized followers and not always priests, that spread the word of their God. They are the people who practice the Rites of Passing for any who would wish it. They normally do not travel, as they are placed in one city and teach the ways of their God. They try to show people that He is not an Evil God, but one that must be embraced to continue on to the next realm.

Devoted are a smaller group of followers that travel the lands doing their God’s work. They are given incite as to who will die or who needs to die. If they are in the general area of that particular person that their God chooses, then they must seek them out and give them entrance into their Gods realm where He can embrace them. Some cities and cultures see this as a part of the religions right, others see it as murder. Some places they are held in acceptance where others are held with disdain and hatred.

Watchers are the smallest of the Three Covens. They are specially chosen for their path. They are chosen by Kasal as an oracle of sorts. They know who dies, when, and by what means. With this information, they scribe it all into large tomes that are kept deep within the tunnels of their main library. They will stay at this task until their end comes, then another takes their place until the end arrives and nothing is here but the next realm.

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Comments ( 2 )
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Voted Scrasamax
March 4, 2006, 7:41
The God of the Dead, strangely I can see his apostles working in hospitals and asylums, rganting the rite of passage as mercy to the terminally sick, and the insane. Well done.
Voted MoonHunter
March 4, 2006, 10:34
Most excellent. It is interesting that the god of the spirit is a god of the sky. I also like that he is the bringer of souls to the world. The followers are strange, but most death god followers are.

Where did the other souls come from, if he brought the first ones?

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