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December 31, 1969, 7:00 pm

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Far Tragin


This village is at the far northen extent of civilized lands. Far Tragin is within the Northern Wastes and is constantly plauged by danger. The folk who survive here are the hardest you will find.

Far Tragin is aptly named as it is very far north. There are a series of towns that border the Northern Wastes, of which Far Tragin is the northernmost. The Northern Wastes is a vast area of tundra where there is litte vegitation, little of anything but danger. At the center of The Northern Wastes is Frost Land, a hilly region full of terrible beasts that few leave alive. The system of eight towns near the wastes is known as the Northern Reach as they reach into the wastes along the western coastline. Seven of these town are near to each other, about a day’s travel. However, Far Tragin is four days north of the closest town, well withing the wastes. The wastes are filled with hoards of Goblins and bands of Ogres. Frost Giants come out of Frost Land to roam the wastes, as do Frost Worms. Some people even claim to have seen White Dragons circling the peaks of Frost Land.

Far Tragin is actually little more than a village, housing about 500 people. It is built on the west coast so that small trading ships can dock and supply the village. Many of the villagers are fisherman, fishing for a unique kind of fish that can only be found in these northern waters. It is difficult to do any farming in the surrounding area as the growing season is so short. As a result, most villagers are hunters and gatherers. By far the majority of townsfolk harvest the Quilla Bush for a living. A strange plant that grows only in the northern wastes, it seem the more northerly, the more plants can be found. It has great value in civilized lands to the south as it can be used to make a potent healing potion. The town sees few travelers, except adventurers heading into the tundra. Small trading ships come every few days from the other towns of the Northern Reach to supply the town with food and refined goods.

The village has all the amenities that a normal village would have, a blacksmith, a few trading shops etc. The local Inn is called The Frosty Cave. There is a wooden stockade around the town that extends down to the water. There are 30 full-time guards who patrol the wall, scout the area around the town and patrol the town. There is no militia to speak of because the entire village is the militia. Every man, women and child can weild some kind of weapon. People in the town are friendly, especially to adventurers as they frequently bring news of what they encounter beyond the town gates. There are several adventurers who live here themselves along with some interesting characters including a wizard who is facinated with the north, a group of druids, and a plethora of fighters, rangers, and barbarians who have become quite attached to the town and its tough inhabitants. The mayor is the son of the man who founded the town 40 years ago. There seem to be several stories as to why the town is so far north. Some say the town’s location because of the abundance of Quilla Bushes in the area. Others say it is because the founder got lost on the initial expedition. Some villagers have more farfetched reasons.

The town does experience occasional attacks from Goblins or Ogres but they are always repelled by the battle-hardened villagers. However, deaths in the wilderness are common. The townsfolk can only defend the outlying areas to a degree and roving bands of monsters frequently attack hunters Quilla foragers. The villagers are used to this and are adept at avoiding the monsters, but some fall victim nonetheless. Far Tragin seems to have accepted this as part of living in the Northern Wastes. The exact reason why the monsters have never formed an army large enough to destroy Far Tragin is unknown. They certainly have the numbers out there. Regardless, there is constant danger to the folks in this region. The amazing ability of these villagers to survive, the uniqueness of the people, and the attitude they share is quite refreshing.

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Comments ( 6 )
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November 21, 2003, 19:38
I love the whole feeling of the small, rough town. Reminds me of the cliche rough western town. Colorful inhabitants, small population so anybody new is immediately noticed. Very secure because of the constant threat and the idea of everybody always ready to defend themselves puts an awesome atmosphere on the entire place.

That is is backed with believeable resources and a reason to exist as well as an excellent background to describe its creation.

November 24, 2003, 14:35
"This town ain't big enough for the both of us."
"Of course it's not! We're Frost Giants!"
May 28, 2004, 16:51
The contrast is wonderful - warmth and safety within, yet marrow-freezing cold and unfathomable danger outside. Venture forth at your own peril, lad! (But I must! I have to find the Asperous Sceptre of Spectre Sparking! - Then do so, but we nay be fetching yer frozen butt outta the wastes, got it?)

This town is a perfect setting for a horror setting: the sea frozen, and blizzard cutting visibility to a mere five feet, the cold shattering stones, something has come over the ice, and it hungers...
Voted MoonHunter
November 8, 2005, 0:18
A great location. It has so many applicable hooks that it makes inserting it into a setting and into a campaign quick and painless. *Golf Clap*
Voted Scrasamax
March 29, 2006, 12:26
An interesting frontier community, and tied to the Mystery of Far Tragin, worthy of a read. Everything else seems to have been said.
Voted valadaar
March 4, 2015, 12:44
A nice location - I like northerly places like this.

Easily a backdrop for adventure - good stuff!

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