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January 12, 2007, 12:17 pm

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Deathgold Island


Many who have landed upon this island’s golden sands have never escaped alive, hence it’s name.Only fools, it is said, will attempt to take the island’s gold.

To the casual observer, this mile long island would seem to be a piece of heaven.The sands are soft and golden, the jungle has a beauty all it’s own, and the mountian top that rises appears to be made of solid gold.When the sunlights shines upon it, the gleam can be seen from miles away, and the moonlight is enough to make it glow softly, like a candle seen from far away. However, all is not what it seems.

The sands that appear firm, are in fact quicksand that can suck an unwary man down to his chest, and as if that was not nasty enough, there are creatures upon this island that have long since vanished from most of Acqua, either exterminated by humans or outpreformed by crocodiles and other creatures. They are Sandkoi, known to most humans as Sand Sharks, huge amphibians with sticky tonuges, sharp teeth and a surprisingly tough greenish-brown skin, and they can be up to eight feet long and three feet wide.Their feet are huge and flat, supporting their weight over quicksands where any other large creature would be bogged down.

They can and do eat almost anything-insects, fish from the island’s streams, plants of various kinds, rats and mice, but their favourite food is human flesh.The struggles of a trapped human will bring them out, two at a time, and they attack at the same time from different directions.They are fast movers and their mouths are full of germs which, whilst harmless to them and their teeth, mean that even a little bite will infect the wound. Within an hour, the toxins will cause first a great thirst, then dizzyness, vomiting, hallicinations and death.

After biting a human the lizards have learnt to withdraw and wait until the human is dying before ripping the body apart and eating it, leaving only splintered bones and broken skulls behind.

Should someone avoid the lizards, they have mosquitos, Trapper Ants, fist-sized spiders and other such pests to worry about, and if they do reach the gold, they will find that it is iron pyrite, fool’s gold, and worthless.

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Comments ( 5 )
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Voted Murometz
May 1, 2006, 20:04
Not an island I'd care to visit, unless of course that mountain shined just right as I glanced upon it. :D

I like the Komodo-esque bacteria filled jaws of the Sandkoi!
Voted Scrasamax
May 2, 2006, 11:53
Not bad man! I would like to know why the mountain shines like gold though? If it that big of a heap of pyrite, that is a prime grade iron ore.
Voted Dragon Lord
May 3, 2006, 9:52
I agree with Scras – that much iron pyrite is definitely worth going after

However, there is still the problem of the local beasties, which will have to be neutralised before serious mining operations can begin – possible scenario there

Alternately, could do a “Jurassic Park” type scenario – you know the sort thing: PCs get ship-wreaked on the island and must survive long enough to find a way off and/or get rescued

Not brilliant but does have potential – 3½ / 5
Voted Mourngrymn
May 3, 2006, 10:04
Again another good, yet horrific, island.

The land sharks ae a nice touch, far different from the land sharks of other games. This seems like bad nightmare infested island that I would hate ot be ship wrecked on, however.

Living on an island for a majority of my life and working on an island a mile long island is not very big. In junior high I could run a mile in 4 minutes... this seems like a very small island. I live on a mile that is seven miles long it it is much larger and seemingly when your trying to achieve.
Voted valadaar
September 25, 2014, 10:46
This really is more about the creatures than the island. We know it has a lot of quicksand, and that there a mountain that appears to be gold, but that's about it.

Needs more to deliver on its promise,but a good idea.

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