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December 6, 2005, 1:21 am

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City Image - Walkabout Creek


The City of Walkabout Creek is based within the only pass in the Mountians of Quartz. All around it is a sixty foot wall of solid but perfectly clear quartz.

The City of Walkabout Creek is based within the only pass in the Mountians of Quartz. All around it is a sixty foot wall of solid but perfectly clear quartz. Looking through it is like looking up through the most pure water you can think of. The houses are made of Milky Quartz, as nobody in their right minds wishes to live in a see-through house.The windows are of clear quartz and are very hard to break.Inside the houses there are tapestries, curtains and carpets made of the skins of buffalos, giant trapdoor spiders and wrappers.The rest of the furniture is traded for with the many traders from other cities.The worst that a fire can do(apart from causing death & injury) is to burn all the furniture in a house.

About half the population works in the mines, quarrying not only different types of quartz but also diamonds, which are traded for food, furniture, and all that the city needs. The diamonds have to be given to the Mayor and City Council, but the miners are paid well for them in silver coins.

To the West is the Bushland National Park, a region teeming with game.Limited hunting is allowed but only with expensive permits, or if an animal kills a human or makes a real nuisance of itself.Game hunters pay large sums to be allowed to hunt in the region,  which helps to pay the mine workers.

The Ruddy River runs through the city and water is piped using windmill power to people’s houses.The sewage is dealt with using other pipes and other windmills to maintain suction and is dumped into a volcano which is a mile away.

To police the mines and the National Park there is a large force of Ranger Police. One in every ten people is a policeman, to keep the smugglers and poachers in check.This has it’s good side however as crime within it city itself is low.Despite a high Ranger presence and hard labour without pay in the mines as the punishment for poaching, poaching still happens.

The Council Chamber is the only building made of wood-black ebony, with real glass in the windows.

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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted Scrasamax
December 6, 2005, 16:40
A few questions to consider.

How active is this volcano one mile away? If it is a cinder cone like the Cascades of the western US, one mile is sitting at the very foot of the cone itself, and that is certainly to close for comfort. I'd move the town a little bit further from the volcano and possible drain the sewers into a volcanic vent, rather than the mount of the volcano itself. Otherwise this is a very unique post. In can imagine that the stone-cutters guild is very powerful in the city.
Voted KendraHeart
December 9, 2005, 15:27
That much quartz would require magic. Much too close to the volcano without mucho magic. Kind of neat, but way to many questions.
Voted Dossta
March 15, 2013, 14:11
A couple of things:

Fantastic imagery in the first paragraph, but it gives way to a more general discussion of the culture in the rest of the sub. That's not bad in and of itself, but it means that this isn't really a City Image sub either, as outlined by MoonHunter.

Two, the naming conventions are odd, and make me wonder at the setting. "Walkabout Creek" and "Bushland National Park" makes it sound like a semi-modern sub, perhaps set in an alternate universe Australia? You could help clarify the choice by hinting more at the general setting within your city description.

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